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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #34

This is a recap of the Univision telenovela Alborada. In order to read the whole post, you click "read the rest" at the bottom of this summary!

If you are new, please visit the recaps in ORDER - they are listed to the right under a picture of Doña Juana and Modesta. See the bottom of this post for more information.

Change of schedule for this, the last week: I will post the Wednesday and Thursday recaps on Friday, and the Friday (final) on Saturday. Jean will recap the Cristina show that features the Alborada cast - and her post will appear on the new blog,

For an advance article on the visit of the Alborada cast to the Cristina show (with picture, click here! Did you know Colunga has made porno videos???

Monday: Isabel, wearing a technicolor dress, comes in to see Juana. "I'm her sorry I wasn't at Diego's wedding, I was at Marina's." "How is Sara?" "Good, they moved to Monforte." Did you try to convince her I didn't denounce the family? "Yes, but she didn't believe me." "And what was said about Luis?"


"That he's very handsome and looks an awful lot like your brother Carlos." Undiplomatically, Isabel continues: "I saw Eloise this morning, couldn't you have done better?" "Diego chose her." More unflattering remarks. Finally: "Juana, my love, isn't it time to tell Luis who he really is?" "I did." "No, you didn't." "There isn't more..." Disappointed, Isabel leaves. And Juana soliloquizes: "And if I were to tell the truth? I'm going to die - Diego will be judged and ridiculed - I can't allow that - I'm the only one to blame."

Team Luis discusses the terminated duel - and the trip to Valverde to find the old dude who can testify that the true Count has a burned leg. Cristóbal tells them that in the midst of all this sadness, he has his greatest happiness - his wife is pregnant. Manly hugs all round.

Diego is out at night again, throwing money. He stops to invite Antonio to go to the whorehous with him, but Antonio says no. "YOu keep rejecting my invitations! I insist you come! " "Yesterday you married..." "She's a horror - at night, I can't get it up with her - Why do you think I hired you? To keep me company and be my friend." "I thought you hired me for my business acumen." "Oh, well, that too .. I know what the problem is, you're saturated with women. I know your lover, she was Luis's before..." "I don't meddle in your private life and I expect the same respect from you." Diego proposes a three-way with Antonio, Perla and himself. This sort of disgusts Antonio, even if it's a joke. Diego: "It's no joke, but maybe my proposal is a bit sudden. Think it over... it would be fun... OK, I have to go to the whorehouse now." He says he knows the way to Antonio's "little house" which I assume is Perla's...

In the whorehouse the girls are chattering, as requested, about Hipólita, Antonio, Rafael the "bastardillo," and Luis. Diego chuckles: "Then Antonio is a perfect, absolute cuckold."

Hipólita can't sleep and scolds herself for having lost the courage to say no. "Laws, papers, what people say, I don't care! I want to live with him..." Luis, in his laboratory, is similarly brooding about her and Rafael.

Diego is carried home by loads of servants. He he says "The Fat One is waiting for me - I don't want her - take me to my study and bring wine! I want to embriagarme till I lose my reason! I'm so unlucky and it's all my infernal mother's fault!" [This guy needs an intervention or an encounter group of some kind -- Ed.] The servants muse that Diego's mother, Aurora, has been dead a long time. They say, something unusual has taken place here, and His Excellency is going crazy!

Asunción is saying goodbye to all and sundry at the Palacio de Lara, in floods of tears. She dreads going off to the new hacienda with her awful husband. She and her daughters promise to see each other - if Don Francisco allows it ...

Eloise waits for Juana and reports that Diego didn't come to her room in the night, and was in his study in the morning. "You know that's the way men are." "Yes, they go to the whores, or take lovers. But after only two days of marriage?"

Finally, the meeting to dissolve the partnership. Malaquías, Antonio, on one side; Luis and Felipe on the other. Diego, on his throne, hungover...

Hipólita tells her sister, "If I weren't such a coward I'd ask Luis to take me with him." Catalina says they were raised differently, but she will never reproach. Hipólita: "Our granny was a sincere, open, unprejudiced woman who believed we should follow the heart's impulse." "Very different from our mother!" "I got here, where everybody is a hypocrite, and I have to do what's expected, even if the cost is to feel lost inside." "I think we have to be honest with ourselves." "You weren't, in the convent." "But I was resigned..." "I don't want to be resigned, it isn't fair for me or my children.... if some day I do something crazy, don't reproache me." "Never."

In the street, Ramon and Arcadio stop Hipólita saying they have important information for her. She refuses to pay but Higinio shows up with a money bag - they say Perla is expecting Antonio's child!

Hipólita tells Ada she's happy to hear it, hopes Antonio will go live with Perla, but she's angry that ... (we've heard it before and we'll hear it again). She writes Luis a note saying she wants to see him at Felipe's house, then goes and has the same whole conversation with Antonio that she just had with Ada.

Felipe tells Malaquías it's now time for Luis to get back the money he's owed by the partnership. "The problem is, Diego doesn't have cash and needs a long payment period. "No!" Diego: "How am I supposed to pay?" Malaquías: "You want him to pay with property? He owes so much, you'd end up with most of his places." "I don't care." "I beg, in consideration of his parentage, give him time, two or three years?" "No!" "You want me in ruin, yes?" "Yes." "I'll die first!"

They leap up and there is a great fight with swords, shrieking, overturned furniture, slashed candles, jumping [I bet many business meetings are full of men fantasizing about treating each other in exactly this way...] ... "I'm going to prove you're a liar and a fraud."

Modesta comes in and, trying to stop them, gets in the way of Diego's sword and gets slashed. "What have you done, you imbecile?" "That lousy Indian meddled..."

Luis calls for a doctor and the wounded Modesta is carried to Juana's rooms. Diego looks mildly surprised with himself. Antonio is incredulous. Juana is horrified, even though Luis says the wound is not serious. Luis says that once again Diego tried to kill him, and now Luis just can't see hold back any longer...

Antonio scolds Diego - "You shouldn't have taken out your sword, that doesn't resolve anything. Besides, if my accounting is correct, Luis is right. "He's a bastard!" Luis busts in and says: "I'm not a bastard - you know well who I am. Many times you've tried to kill me, too bad for you you didn't succeed, I'm going to Valverde and when I get back we're going to have a confrontation."

Then, excellently, after Luis stalks out Felipe reminds Malaquías there's business outstanding: "The money, or the properties." Infuriated by this unpalatable choice, Diego draws his sword against Felipe! Felipe holds up his own hilt and says "Don't mess with me - maybe Luis holds back but I won't. I *will* kill you." Antonio takes his sword away, then growls in his face the very mild and anachronistic observation: "You are being irrational."

They were all great in that scene!

Ada delivers Hipólita's note and goes back in her sedan chair. How those sedan-chair bearers stagger! They are not going to get even as far as the street if you ask me!

Juana tells her son she doesn't want to talk to him. He asks, "Who's in Valverde?" "Someone who will bring our end - that's why you should reconcile with Luis." "Reconcile with that idiot?" "YOU are the idiot!" She starts hitting Diego with her cane - he pushes her down and she coughs up blood and tells him she's dying of cancer. She says: "Luis knows, and that's why he's gone easy on us, but I'll be gone soon, and I don't know what will happen with you. In Valverde is an Old Dude who can prove you aren't the count, because of the scar." He kisses and holds her. Great scene.

Diego tries to order one of his servants to take a lot of guys to intercept Luis on the road to Valverde and kill him. "Don't fail like those idiots of Gasca. You work for me, it's an order." "I'm not a killer." Diego's ordinarily persuasive ways fail him, the guy continues to refuse, so Diego fires his ass and then drinks more and then crushes his wine glass right in his hand! Just the power of Pure Rage! And then wine dribbles out of his mouth and he looks happy about it!

Antonio scolds Malaquías, saying: "I had no idea of the real situation, and I'm angry because Diego betrayed me and so did you." "Understand, I work for Diego and Doña Juana and have to follow their orders." "What will happen with the vanilla plantation?" "It's such a small place, Luis will probably overlook it." "And Diego is ruined?" "For ordinary people, no, but for rich folk like them, yes." "Why did Luis call him a fraud? [No answer.] It's true Diego's tried to kill him several times? [No answer.] Antonio continues this conversation later with his new right-hand man Dagoberto. "Why Valverde?" "Well, people there have known the Guevara family for generations, and it's near where the fire was..."

Hipólita comes in and asks whether Antonio plans to recognize and maintain his bastard by Perla. Yes! "Then why won't you allow Luis the same opportunity?" "It's different, because you're married and have a spouse!" "Well, Antonio, [duh] so do you!" "Luis is in love with you and Perla doesn't mean a thing to me!" "We're not talking about sentiment, but the rights of a father." He says he doesn't want to talk about it [usually a sign a person knows he's in the wrong], the business is closed. She tells Ada Antonio is a vengeful egotist.

Isabel to Luis: "Everytime you go on a trip, there's a disaster." "I hope not this time." "Does Diego know you're going?" "Guess so..." She says:

Las patadas de ahogados, son las peores: "The kicks of drowning men are the worst!"

Felipe reassurse her that he'll watch Luis's back.

They leave for Valverde! Ah, those guys on horses! Sigh. (Diego follows behind in his coach.) They go to say goodbye to Cristóbal but he doesn't want to miss the fun and says Catalina is healthy, she'll be fine without him. He suggests they swing by Monforte and pick up Sara, who can also testify about the burned leg of the "real" Diego.

Luis tells his team he has to go to Felipe's to talk to Hipolita - he'll meet up with them out of town...

Tuesday: Having failed to get his own henchmen to murder Luis, Diego goes to the eminently corrupt and bribable Captain Nicholas Pardo (he who was complicit in the kidnapping of Rafael). However, even Pardo thinks this is too dangerous. Even though Diego threatens to go to the regidor and rat Pardo out if he doesn't comply, Pardo stands firm and generously offers to forget the whole conversation. At this point, half the men in town know Diego is trying to kill his cousin. How imprudent.

Since Antonio has gone to visit the baby vanilla plants at the nursery, Hipólita bolts with Ada and Rafael and goes to Felipe and Carmela's house, where she has a dull review of the situation with Luis. He, in turn, tells her he is the Count of Guevara and she needs to be patient till he gets back from Valverde with the old dude, his proof.

The whores continue gossipping about Hipólita's adultery as requested.

Cristobal's sister comes to congratulate her brother and his wife on the impending baby. Cristobal says el hombre propone y el Señor dispone, (man asks and God provides) which makes an interesting contrast to the Yiddish saying, a mentsh trakht un Got lakht, (man thinks and God laughs). There's got to be a dissertation in there somewhere.

Diego shrieks to his mother, this is all your fault. Juana: "If Luis finds the old dude, I'll take all the responsibility and say you didn't know a thing." "I don't want to lose my position or my title, I want to go on being Count!" He flounces out, leaving his wife Eloise, perplexed, choking on his dust.

Having failed to get Pardo to murder Luis, Diego orders Vicente to find Ramon and Arcadio and bring them in. He waves gold at them and Ramon happily takes on the challenge. Diego: "Luis will have his two servants and Cristóbal with him, so you better get a lot of guys."

Luis and his team get on their horses, ahhhh, I wouldn't mind having one of them thangs myself. Cristóbal rides up, giddy that Catalina didn't mind his coming on the expedition. "She's a queen!"

Perla massages Antonio, who muses: "Diego lies, and I can't stand his gross jokes and insinuations, I'm going to quit .. I can do without the money, I got a bunch of bucks from Panama, and when the vanilla crops is harvested I'll get part of my investment back." He plans to buy a ranch where Perla and he and the baby can live. She doesn't look too happy about becoming a hayseed, but he doesn't want her living in the house Luis, her previous lover, bought for her.

When he comes home (by the way, he has gotten to be SUCH a jerk and a hypocrite, for a while they wanted us to like him but that's all over) Hipólita tells him she's been to see Luis. "YOu gave your word, and so did he." "I just promised so he wouldn't kill you." (Huffily:) "Well *I* could have killed *him*!" "Either way!" "If he'd come humbly and begged, maybe I would have considered letting him see Rafael, but he came with arrogance... I'm going to forbid you to to out AT ALL!" "You're locking me up? You want Rafael to grow up within four walls?" "You use any pretext to see that jerk!" She says Luis is away on a voyage so the issue is moot for a while, and that Antonio had better think carefully about their future - "It's going to be an inferno, because I will never stop trying to get the best for my two kids, don't forget there will be two..." "WHORE" "Well, maybe, but the mother of your child is a whore too!" He throws stuff and says, "God, I made a big mistake." He fondles his whip.

The excellently competent Higinio, who saw Ramon and Arcadio when they were summoned to the Count the previous evening, now sees them collecting men for the upcoming assassination adventure package, ten men altogether including Higinio, who signs on after talking with Isabel in the plaza and realizing the target must be Luis... the ruffians plan to ambush Luis's team on the way back from Valverde, next morning.

Antonio goes to the palace, where Diego is still fencing and falling, and quits his job as adminstrator. "Are you afraid that wretch Luis will leave me penniless?" "It's not that, I'd just prefer to work for myself." "No, you're a coward." "No, just looking out for myself." Diego says he heard at the bordello that Hipólita was pregant by Luis again. Antonio denies it but then goes and yells at Perla, who denies spreading the rumor. Perla, of course, is lying.

Eloise complains yet again to Juana: Diego never shags her, he just comes home very late, drunk, and just sleeps. "How does he expect to make a baby this way?" Juana tells her, you've had a man before - just convince him...

Isabel comes to see Juana and beg her to confess, ask for mercy, have Diego step down voluntarily and avoid scandal. "Fat chance," says Juana, then: "When you go to Hipólita, please ask her if I can see Rafael."

Isabel hears that Hipólita and Catalina are both pregnant and is ecstatic, asking to be godmother for both babies. Hipólita doesn't want to bring Rafael to see Juana, but Isabel says: "Think of it as a last request. She's dying."

Luis and Felipe successfully collect the old dude, who had been sitting idly under a tree with his niece or his young wife, thusly: "Come with us to Cuencas!" Old dude puts on his hat. He's not too well, we hear. Meanwhile, Cristóbal and Marcos collect Sara. They all rendezvous and leave for home.

Antonio leaves for the vanilla plantation. Hipólita goes to the palace and sends Rafael to Juana with Ada - she herself can't bear to see Juana. While she waits in the hall, Eloise sweeps through and makes probing, semi-polite conversation. Tren Diego sweeps in and says, "Why is my wife talking to the official adulteress of Cuencas, my cousin's little whore?" Hipólita, incensed, barks impetuously: "Your sins are much bigger than mine, you're a fraud, a usurper, you're not the real Count - when Luis comes back he'll squish you like the worm you are!" Diego, who had fallen on the floor, says: "I'll squish him first, and you too, bitch!"

Ada whines, "Why did you do it? He's still the Count!" But wait, here come the marching automaton monks of the Inquisition! They've come for Hipólita, the Adulteress! They won't say who denounced her! As she is dragged sobbing through the streets, Ada, that moron, pushes Rafael in Hipólita's face! The better to see her anguish and be powerless to prevent it! Is Ada trying to give this kid a psychiatric problem to last his entire lifetime?

Perla and her friends are aghast, they never thought it would come to this! Isabel is aghast too at the thought of Hipólita in that horrible dungeon, she collects blankets, food, and wine.

Eloise, who is (a) a day late and a dollar short (b) in the wrong place at the wrong time, just piteously keeps asking what's going on. Just as she asking Juana why Diego would want to squish Hipólita, Isabel busts in and tells them that the very same Hipólita they are discussing has just been taken by the Inquisition, "and Juana, she's expecting another child by Luis! When he gets back there will be no pity for you or your son!"

New updates Wednesday and Saturday. The list of Alborada recaps is to the right - below the picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers in order!

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At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cristobal says el hombre propone y el Señor dispone, (man asks and God provides)

I've usually seen this in English as "Man proposes and God disposes", meaning, I assume, that we humans can't have it all our own way, no matter how much we might like to.

I can't believe we have so few episodes left! There's a LOT to tie up...should be fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work, humor, and love you've put into synopsizing Alborada. It's been a pure pleasure.

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say but sometimes Lucero is a pitifully weak actress when it comes to tears. Just scrunching up your face doesn't count..I actually started to laugh when they were dragging her through the streets. I have read what they did to people back then and you would think she would be fighting harder because shes in store for some major ouchies. I'd be kicking and screaming. By and large the acting is good but I have trouble believing her sometimes. Maybe I'm just jealous she gets to smooch with Luis. I hope they have at least on more smoochy scene because we all deserve it. In general, do the telenovelas end happily? I hope so. I will really miss this show. I am thinking of getting amor real so I can get involved with another perod drama because I really enjoy the period dramas. Las Feas mas bella doesn't seem that interesting to me. And no Fernando. Alborada has spoiled me.Thank you so much for this site of yours the recaps are a hoot. I love to watch and then read to see how much I actually got right. I am proud to say I'm getting much better. Thanks again!!! So the ending is this Friday? I've never looked forward and dreaded something at the same time before.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, THANK YOU, Melinama, for your hard work these past months. I'm sure it has not been easy. And thanks for setting up the new blog, I have already bookmarked it. I will miss this show so much and our little community here. I get a chuckle out of your recaps and the comments posted here--we seem to notice the same little things all the time! I was marvelling at Isabel's dress the other day, too! ;-)

I have to say I am extremely disappointed in how they resolved the Francisco issue--WHY oh why does he get everything he wants? He deserves to get the same end as Gasca, if you ask me! I can't believe that villian got to ride off into the sunset unpunished.

I am tempted to start watching Barrera de Amor, the commercials make it look like it's very similar to Dallas, a show I loved back in the day. However, I think my family will protest if I start watching a new one right away! ;-) I will most likely wait for the next period piece, and I hope you meet up with you all again then! Meanwhile I'll lurk at caraycaray...I say that phrase all the time now!

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, have thoroughly enjoyed all of your detailed recaps and the humor. Things get so serious sometimes, that the laughs are needed. I am also learning Spanish thanks to the inspiration provided by Senor Colunga. I am now a Fernando fan forever. I recently bought all of the episodes on CDs of Amor Real from a seller on Ebay (laprieta4you) for $75. Worth every cent. The picture quality as a whole was good. Armor Real was even more impressive than Alborada. The characters had more depth, I thought, than the Alborada ones.(Fernando has his shirt off quite a bit in this one.) Have enjoyed reading all of your comments. Will miss the Alborada people a lot. Thanks Melinama for a wonderful time! Quick Ques: On the card you painted of four men, who is the third one from the left? Thanks. SuzieQ

At 9:26 AM, Blogger UniqueMonique said...

I too look forward to Friday but anguish that it's the end. At least I have the last few weeks on video...

I wish they would show some "out takes/bloopers"... Rafael laying on the floor having a temper tantrum, serious moments breaking into laughter, etc. I know the actors work very hard but it must have been a lot of fun too. Must be hard to go back to their old lives once a show wraps.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger melinama said...

Picture: oops, have to admit in the photo I copied I wasn't sure who it was, either - but squinting at it, I decided it was a strange shot of Marcos.

Out-takes: are promised for the episode of Cristina which features the cast - didn't somebody tell us when that was going to be? See this advance on the Cristina show sent by one of our readers:

Also, about Barrera: I've been thinking about it and - maybe it would be even more fun to recap a really over-the-top standard show. however, it seems daunting to start 4 weeks in. I will NOT watch Fea, that's for sure, I can't even stand watching the 20 second previews....

At 9:42 AM, Blogger melinama said...

I AM FURIOUS TOO that Francisco, the worst of all, is going to get away with it. I would like to see him flogged and humiliated. I must say, he was the most successful actor in terms of making me hate him. I hate him more than Juana, Diego, Modesta, and Gasca combined!

Jean - who has volunteered to recap it, and her recap will appear on the new site, sends this about the Cristina segment:

On Univision here in NJ, the Alborada Cristina is being broadcast in two parts or at least so says my TiVo. One half hour after the finale on Friday and the other on Monday. I assume they don't want to preempt the news or whatever comes on at 11pm on Friday.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melinama, Thank you for posting the article I sent you of the "Cristina" show. I'm sorry you went through so much trouble translating word by word; thought you were only going to post the file. If I only knew, I would have translated the whole thing. Thanks for your time and dedication.

In Puerto Rico Alborada is approximately two weeks behind (I think). The mute and the bandit (can't remember his name) just started working at Cristobal's palace. Somebody said way back they looked hilarious in their uniforms. JAJAJA!! They look like they were attacked by a hair gel container. Melinama, thanks again and see you all in the new blog. Giselle

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think and hope that Francisco gets what he gets. At least for his wife stand up to him, and to leave him. So he can just be alone!!

On a better note....Did you guys know that Modesta is the Scene Director for Alborada. Talented lady!

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved alborada and fernando colunga. I think I will marry a mexican. I'm going online to find one. Thanks again.

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am disappointed to hear that fernando colunga has done porn flicks. i wanted to think of him as a little bit like luis. Oh well, i guess a ton of money is hard to turn down.

i hope another period film is coming soon.

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been reading about the Inquisition. Amazing that somebody could go to your house and punish you for adultry. This whole town would be empty. Of course it looks that they punish only women.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

I love watching period pieces, but am so glad that I live in the present. I wouldn't like to be in any of these women's shoes. Well, maybe Isabel's wouldn't be too bad.

Melinama, thanks so much for taking the time and having the patience do provide these recaps. I just decided to try and teach myself a little Spanish starting in January. I just happened to watch an episode of Alborada and found your website which has really brought the story to life for me. I like the way you put phrases or vocabulary in the little boxes and explain them. Plus your sense of humor is outrageous.

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fernando Colunga has done porn?! Quick! where can I buy the videos???

No, actually I've heard he is squeaky clean and still lives with his parents. A nice guy who only portrays nice guys...

But my heart did skip a beat...

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welllllll, now I'm even more tempted to start watching Barrera. I found Alborada when it was at least 4 weeks into the story (Catalina and Hipolita were at the convent), and I was able to catch up quickly (thanks in no small part to Melinama!). They do have recaps in Spanish on the site. And it DOES look like a hoot and a half!

Maybe if I tape it and watch it later, rather than watching it in real time like I do with Alborada, my family will not blow a gasket. ;-)

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Yo se pocito espanol, but I discovered Alborado a few weeks ago and the muy gauypo Fernando C....I did not understand what was happening...Then, I found this site. I will try to get the cds of this show and Amor Real.'' Thanks again...gracias, mi amiga. Susanlynn

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not understand why you all speak English if this show is in Spanish...

Oh, and I saw the link to this post on my Google Desktop. I was like, "What the heck is doing this on here? Why is a Spanish TV show (which I watch every afternoon) on Google Desktop?"

Anyways, take care.

At 3:56 PM, Blogger L. Juarez said...

For those wondering about Amor Real, I was able to rent the whole novela from Blockbuster so you should be able to find it for sale. With the popularity of Alborada I'm sure we'll be able to purchase that later on too.
Also, the other day as I was searching for photos of Colunga to show to my coworkers (who can't believe my decription of how good looking he is) I found a site that posted photos of the casting and rehearsals. There are photos of the guys going through training on the horses. As soon as I find it again I'll be sure to post the information.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger L. Juarez said...

Here's a video I just found (while doing my search) of one of the best scenes in the novela

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Did anyone notice that on Mon. and Tues. Hipólita's gown kept slipping off her shoulders? I agree with something Melinama posted long ago that Hipólita's gowns do not fit properly and I think the problem is the boobs. Lucero may not have had a boob job that makes them stand up on their own but there is such a thing as foundation garments. Contrast with Perla whose boobs are practically jumping out of her gowns. Hipólita has this droopy cleavage that I think affects the fit of her gowns.

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did notice that! But that wasn't as bad as one of Marina's dress. This was when she was crying to Doña Isabel. I think is when she was leaving to get married to Andres. Now that was way too much!!

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope Alborada gets picked up by blockbuster I will be in line for that. I did notice the ill-fitting gowns too. I have to say that the beadwork is really pretty though. I bead lace sometimes and I know how hard it is to do....I tried to do my hair like hipolita today and just wound up looking like Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie.

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found out that in Mexico in 1606 a man by the name of Francisco Monterroso Negro went to trial because he said that having sexual intercourse with him was not a sin.

A large amount of priest went to trial because they made proposed to women during confession. Several were brought to trial for bigamu and one man, Ignacio de Soto was charged with seeking sexual intercourse by telling a woman that God had ordered it. Another Diego.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Cecy said...

Hi everyone,

I just want to say that this site was great, I agree with eveyone in everything. I know Fernando will be my husband in the next life and hope to see another Novela of this period. This is Mexicos claim to fame in the acting department, the golden era died a long time ago but the novelas is what keeps us up there. (you know that is how Selma started) There is even the TVyNOVELAS award show for best acting and stuff. Thank you all for your great input and for letting me know its o.k. to endulge into some TV of my own.

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the show. I too am learning spanish. When I found this website, I read for two days until I finally caught up with the show. I wasn't to far off on understanding. I love the shirt scene and realized that I wanted to see more, what a body. I will hate to see the show end, and I two will buy the DVD if it is ever released.

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Wednesday's episode was amazing. Luis is a force a nature...I like to see him angry...I like to see him happy...I like to see him ride his horse...I like to see him get ON his horse...I like to see him get OFF his horse...I like to see him walk...I especially like to see him walk when he is angry...furiosa...Fernando really fills and commands the screen. What an hombre!!! Muy macho. Susanlynn

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Jean said...

In his plan to stop Ramon & Arcadio, Hinginio presumably didn't know that Sara was coming back to Cuencas with Luis and his entourage. If all the would be assassins hadn't run away when they saw her in the carriage, how was he going to stop them from killing Luis? I thought Hinginio had recruited fake killers but it didn't seem to be turning out like that until Sara looked out of the carriage. Just one of those niggling little things in an episode of BIG plot developments.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger melinama said...

Interesting theory, Jean! I thought Higinio didn't really know who was the target - just knew it was somebody Diego wanted to take down - got his suspicions when Isabel told him Luis was going on a trip - I think he was merely planning to foil whatever plot was afoot. (Remember when he asked Ramon, who are we killing, and Ramon said MYOB?) Maybe all he intended was to give Luis & company a moment's headstart in dealing with the situation?

That was a nice moment, wasn't it, when the call went out, Hey that's the Poderosa?

Ramon is another example of a villain on this show who seemed inherently likeable even though he wasn't. Only Francisco was consistently detestable - only for him do I crave a terrible death - and he seems to be doing ok. No leprosy for him.

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello-I have a question about Colunga and the bare chest scene. Was he this muscular in Amor Real?
There was a few bare chest scenes in that, I don't remember him being quite this ripped. Also would a man of that skin tone have no chest hair? I know that I might be alone in this but,I like when a man has a little chest hair (I said a little now..sometimes the hair can be a little out of control). I believe the men in Esposa Virgen had chest hair..that was nice.
Oh well, to each her own, verdad?

Viva pelo de el pecho!

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ARGH! You guys are killing me! My new VCR, which I bought just for this effort (because the old one crapped out) apparently has no battery backup against momentary power failure, lost it's mind, and failed to record Wednesday. Never mind that nearly every other piece of electronic equipment in the house still held their clock and programming settings. This is the worst VCR I've ever seen, I may never buy another JVC product again.

Regarding Colunga's body and body hair: I'm a big peruser of Fernando Colunga shots on the web. Yes he has body hair, I've seen at least one shot with a light coating on stomache and chest. Very nice actually. And I haven't dug into my Amor Real DVDs yet, but in the past he has been at least this big or bigger- there's a number of calendar type skin shots when he was younger. Don't expect any more of those, he's stated in a recent interview that he's not interested in doing photos with "torso desnudo" (a phrase I found funny) for magazines that are requesting that of him.

And just a side note on how cut these bigger guys look at any particular instant; it has alot to do with their routine a few days prior, how low they drop their hydration level, pumping right before the event and flexing during. It may be that they've just worked harder at showing him off for this show than in Amor. Also I suspect them of painting, it is TV after all, but maybe I should just stop there.

Frankly I'm amazed that at age 40 he is able to maintain that level of muscle while working on a telenovela, I understand the schedule is quite tight when they're shooting these things.


At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think Fernando is handsome, but my mexican son is even more handsome. No, my mexican husband does not have much chest hair. I think it is the indian influence. Personally, i don't like chest hair.

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little chest hair doesn't bother me, it's the back fur that creeps me out!! As he gets older, my husband is getting a little wolf patch right above his waist and refuses to remove it. When we got married he had seven chest hairs. We counted as a joke! If I waxed him in his sleep would he notice???? He is Cajun and maybe he would shout AAAAIIEE like Justin the chef on p.b.s...
I really was impressed with the acting last night especially when Diego learned of his syphillis. If this is the beginning of what's to come it's gonna be really great fun to watch.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lilian-Thanks so much for your comments on Colunga.
Catherine-I about fell out of my chair from laughter when I read about you possible wax job on your husband. You let us know what he says if or when you do.
Got to get caught up on my taped episodes of Alborada, I'm about 3 behind. I want to watch the final when all of you guys do, this is sad but exciting.

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marie- if I can sneak up and wax him I'll record the curses and use it as my ringtone on my cell. That would be something! "aaaiiee! my baby! what you did me?!!" That is really the way he phrases his words. He hollered that before one time. I laughed like a fool. Oh, one hour til Alborada... I'm going crazy!! I can't wait! Will Hipo stand trial? Will Juana fess up? Will Luis look even more edible than usual?? Arghhh! I have WAY too much time on my hands....

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the shot of the 4 amigoes striding into that terrible prison to see Hipolita. Felipe knew just what to do. Those are the guys I want to rescue me if I'm ever in a dungeon. Luis is lucky to have such devoted compadres who always have his back. Wonder what the team is going to do about Hip? Will they drag Diego in to recant his accusations? Only half an hour until the second last episode. Hope there is a happy ending. I'm so sorry that I missed most of this telenovela. reading about everything I missed makes me crazy. I want to see it from the very beginning. Susanlynn

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Rebecca.. To those interested in purchasing the Alborada series on DVDs- currently there are four vendors on Ebay selling the complete telenovela for around $100 What a deal!!!

At 11:12 PM, Blogger desertdancer said...

LOL, ladies, I just have to jump in there on the Mexican chest hair conversation. My husband is Mexican, and he definitely has chest hair (which I adore). He doesn't look Indian at all. Most people assume he is Italian, rather than Mexican. In the winter our skin tones nearly match (and I'm pretty pasty!).

Another side note: Someone (I think melinama?) mentioned that Luis and Hipolita are a, well, fecund couple. Maybe it is a Mexican thang. Despite two endocrinologists warning me I'd probably never have kids, we have three children (no medical assistance required) who are fifteen and eighteen months apart in age. Naturally, I blame my husband. (And he accepts responsibility gladly!)

And to the poster who said she's off to find a Mexican to marry -- I say, you go, girl ;)!

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I read somewhere that Higinio was a Greek god who takes care of people. I believe the writer was playing at giving Higinio his name.mtw By the way I miss the comments of the people who identified Sor Juana de la Cruz, etc.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I also saw the vendors on Ebay. I wanted to find the DVD's all cost. But after finding out how much Amor Real DVD's are selling for, $100 is way too much! I will wait just wait for the original DVD's. Shouldn’t be that long before they are out :)

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where r those videos of fernando colunga?
is there a site?

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




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