Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New blog: "Everything is Flawed"

Everything is Flawed is my favorite new blog. It is written by the 11-year old son of Leif Peng, who authors Today's Inspiration. Here are some excerpts from Simon's brand-new blog, I hope he can keep it up!


On our "great" planet earth, we have good and bad things. You may enjoy the good things in life, but it is my soul mission to show you that your beloved life is not perfect. You are being fooled and I am here to open up you're eyes. For example I will use a beloved boston cream doughnut. Mmmmmm, we all LOVE our boston creams. So you buy your boston cream and sit down and take a bite. Now Duncan Doughnuts has thoughtlessly put in too much boston cream in the boston cream doughnut. So you bite into it and it blows up all over the place. You know, that SUCKS! Any ways that's what you will find here. ... and if you are an optimist then you may wish to leave now.

Sleep overs, very flawed, very flawed indeed.

Ok, just today did I get home from a sleep over. Man it was a blast but I felt like poop in the morning. That's what happens when you stay up untill 3:00 am at the age of 11 and then get up at 9:00 am. I don't really have much to say about this one because I think you understand. If you do somthing wrong then somthing wrong will happen to you. It's karma dude.

Movie Flaw Of The Week!

This week for the movie flaw of the week I decided to do a movie I saw in the morning at that stinky sleep over. "Fun With Dick And Jane". Boy was that movie funny, but at the end it went down hill. [Simon describes] ... Duh dum ching! What, that was it! That was the great punch line! You know what's flawed about this movie? The punch line. It doesn't make me want to laugh it makes me want to punch myself for watching a movie for that. Thank you and that is all.


When I say "Everything has a flaw" I mean "Everything has a flaw". Even the thing that hosts my blog... BLOGGER! ... Like the template settings. Ya that html code screws me up too. I mean what am "I" a 11 year old boy with moderate intelligence suposto do with that? Come on I may get good marks on my report card but this code is crazy!

... Some you can't get caps on the letters for your title some you can't get lower case and how in god's name am I suposto know what "Moderate comments" means. If you ask me it's all wigity wigity wak dude!

Next I go to post my post and it says at the bottom, quote "You have lost connection with blogger and may not save or post what you are writing". I am like "*#@&$!" (I am not sure what that is...)

So I coppy and past it into a word prosesing thing and then quit my internet browser and open it again and then the little message is gone! If you ask me it's blogger that's lost contact with me instead of me losing contact with blogger. You know this is one of many ways that I am angry at the computor world.

Thanks a lot Blogger!

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