Saturday, April 15, 2006

Village Harmony on Tour

I have seven members of the Village Harmony year group bunked out on my floor - since they stayed up very late banging away on my guitar, vihuela, and gitarron singing folk songs of the Republic of Georgia and also Neil Young's Old Man, they're sound asleep.

Larry Gordon, who invented Village Harmony, is a genius (and a great, great bass) and his partner Patty Cuyler has brought, in particular, the amazing energy of South African and Georgian music to the group. I wish all high-school students could get an opportunity to hear Village Harmony - and to see how focused and inspired the kids in the group are by the music they're making.

Full disclosure: I worked for Larry last summer in one of the New England Camps (see Pictures from Larry's house, Sky Meadow, and Girls in Sarongs with Chickens for a few pictures from that adventure). And this summer, I'll be working at one of his Adult Camps. You, too, can come hang out with us and sing this excellent music! We have a very few more spaces in our session! See August 11-20 for more information!

Village Harmony is just great! An inspiration to kids and adults alike! In this world full of sorrow, they bring a couple hours' respite of extreme joy! The music is wonderful! Here's the rest of their tour, catch them if you can - there's nothing else like them, I swear you'll be glad you went:

# April 15, Asheville, NC
Warren Wilson College

# April 16, Asheville, NC
Haywood St Methodist Church, 7:00

# April 17, Kernersville, NC
First Baptist Church, 401 Oakhurst, 7:00

# April 18, Bon Air, VA
St Michael's Episcopal Church, 7:30

# April 19, Coatesville, PA
Coatesville Cultural Society, 7:30

# April 20, New York City, NY
Broadway Presbyterian Church, 114th and Broadway, 8:00

# April 21, Morristown, NJ
Minstrel Coffeehouse, Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Rd., 8:30

# April 22, Hamilton, NY
Hamilton College Chapel, 7:30

# April 23, Rutland, VT
Grace Congregational Church, 4:30

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