Thursday, April 13, 2006


In the morning I painted; went on the elliptical trainer (my current movie, Autumn Spring, is a wonderful movie but falls into the "not good for the trainer" category); watched the bluebirds moving into their house.

The first hummingbirds arrived a couple days ago. This weekend the temperature will go into the 90s. Hello and goodbye to spring.

In the afternoon Menticia and I did algebra (she's getting better and better) and then she helped me translate Duncan and Dolores into Spanish. I've painted nearly all the pictures for the book; as I did last time, I'll print the text out on cardstock, paste the pictures on either side of each piece of cardstock, press them till they're dry, and use my comb-binder to make the book.

Later I tore off to my dear friends' wonderful seder. Some excellent topics of conversation, other than the Jew's departure from Egypt of course, were:

1. The African catfish, newly discovered to be able to walk up out of the water on its fins and snatch food on land (a researcher had left a bowl of food near the fish and observed this with amazement);

2. Upcoming trips by the two well-traveled teenagers at the seder - to New Zealand, Croatia, and Malawi. One of them recently spent a month or two living on a brigantine;

3. The ancient sun-god Sol Invictus, who shared an uncanny number of characteristics with a later fellow who eventually became far more famous. Sol Invictus appears to have some contemporary followers, and even his own rock band;

I came home and, of course, had to watch and blog Alborada (next week is the end).

Finally, I stayed up till 3:30 am revamping a friend's website using (for the first time) a css stylesheet. Anybody know how to do dot leader in css? The three methods I found were awful and didn't work well for me. This is the task:

Item....................................Item cost

It's something that used to be so easy! In her current page, this was achieved by pushing the period button lots of times. Like this.......

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At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have such a full life, I've attempted to blog, but I can't quite get the jist of it.

Thanks for sharing all that you do, maybe you can share some ideas about how I can get blogging!!

I'm at


At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Your blog recaps on Alborada were excellent, have you seen Alondra? Also produced by Carla Estrada who produced Amor Real & Alborada. I bought Alondra, all 80 episodes on DVD from ebay after i fell in love with Amor real and Alborada, I recommend you try obtain it if you havn't seen it, i think you will fall in love with it too, it is also a period piece in the same style & class like the Alborada + it also stars Fernando Colunga and many other actors that acted in Amor real and Alborada, the costumes are excellent in Alondra, the Balls and dancing is breathless, the storyline is just as gripping as Alborada and intense Amor Real was.

Have you seen it?

Sorry, got carried away, just thought i'd drop a message to say i really enjoyed reading your Alborada recaps.



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