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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #22 (Guest bloggers)

Friends, I am having withdrawal pangs from missing so much of Alborada - I'm very grateful to my guest bloggers for keeping up with the show. I'll be back at it next Monday. Meanwhile, here are recaps by Sylvia S. and Ruth for Monday and Tuesday. Thanks!!!

This is a recap of the Univision telenovela Alborada. In order to read the whole post, you click "read the rest" at the bottom of this summary!

If you are new, please visit the recaps in ORDER - they are listed to the right under a picture of Doña Juana and Modesta. See the bottom of this post for more information.

Harpias, known in English as harpies: "Malicious fierce-tempered woman" From Greek mythology: "A fabulous, vicious winged monster, ravenous and filthy, having the face of a woman and the body of a vulture, with long claws, and the face pale with hunger." This is an EXCELLENT word for the telenovelas - there are harpies in each and every one!

Monday, as reported by Sylvia S.: Ada is playing with Rafael, letting him jump on the bed, when Hipólita enters, exhausted after her first day at work. (Remember she got in a fight with Perla and then got fired for having a son.) Rafael is unusually animated today.

Ada is shocked at Hipólita's scratched face and asks if her boss hit her. "Oh no, I just fell over some baskets at the market."


Ada asks how work was and Hipólita says her boss is nice and lives alone with her husband. Hmmm...she doesn't 'fess up about being fired. Even Ada doesn't believe all this hooey and keeps asking about the scratches.

Hipólita admits she fought with Perla out in the street because Perla insulted her son. Hipólita flops down, exhausted, and Ada says she is worried about what Hipólita told her, that she slept with Luis again ... "Yes, you have your pride and your will but if you love him..." Yes, Hipólita loves him but there are too many things that separate them, and later when Rafael is bigger what will he say about his mother who is some man's mistress? Ada points out that Luis is not "some man" but the kid's dad. Oh sure, says Hipólita, his dad with another wife and another house. "With Antonio as my other option it's just better to be single."

In the sickroom Luis enquires about Esperanza's condition. Cristóbal answers that her condition is delicate but pretty much what one might expect. Luis wants Cristóbal to go with him to talk to Juana but Cristóbal prefers to stay put. He is dragging Catalina around with him making her be all equal and it's simply marvelous.

Juana is big on the idea of Rafael becoming the Conde de Guevara, but Luis is in a funk and gets irritated with her, saying he doesn't care if his son is the conde or the king of Spain. The only thing he wants is for Rafael to be happy, to have a mother that loves him and worries about him and doesn't give him all the bad luck that he, Luis, has had (hint, hint). He stomps out of the room.

"Did you hear that, Modesta?" Juana gripes, "He considers it his bad luck having me as his mom." Modesta, not in the mood for this conversation, says she wants to visit Rafael tomorrow. Juana says she doesn't know where they live. "We'll find out," Modesta mutters while playing with some little silver charms that look like cowboy body parts. (Anybody know what these things are?)

Back in the sickroom Esperanza writhes in delirium while Isabel and Catalina gossip about her. Isabel is shocked to find out that Hipólita is living "alone" in a bad part of town. All of a sudden Esperanza declares that she wants to confess all and asks for Fray Dionisio. Mirtha says "better not" which makes Isabel ask "and why not, what's going on here?" Mirtha looks worried when Catalina runs off for the confessor.

Luis is working in his lab, grumpier than ever, and Cristóbal asks him what's wrong. Luis says he's worried about Hipólita, Rafael, his mother and his failed dreams ... his life is an utter disaster. Cristóbal tries to assure Luis that God will show them a way.

Possibly by way of perking himself up, Luis asks Cristóbal if Aurelio told him that the palace has passed into Isabel's hands. Sure, Cristóbal says, and I can only imagine that Diego took the news very badly. Uhum, says Luis, and because we signed an agreement he can no longer intervene in negotiations, only receive his part of the profits. (Wait a minute, did I get that right? Now how is this a bad thing for Diego?) "Who convinced him, your mother?" "Si si," says Luis, "I think she must have told him he's only good for drinking and whore-mongering." "And how are you getting along with your mother?" Oh, just as always, shrugs Luis.

Modesta, lurking in the hallways, sees Fray Dionisio enter the sickroom; she tells Juana and Juana wonders if she will confess about Diego. "I wonder if she already told him? Even if it gets out, he can't disclose the secret," says Modesta. "Yes, certainly" says Juana, then adds (I think) "Thus it is and thus it shall be."

The scene in Esperanza's sickroom opens with Mirtha listening outside the door and Fray Dionisio asking "But when did all this happen?" Oh, about 4 months ago, says Esperanza. "And why didn't you tell me before? You've confessed numerous times. You lied and and don't you know to hide a sin like this is a sacrilege?" Well yeah, says Esperanza, that's why I'm telling you now, I have to get God's pardon or I'll go to hell. "Don Diego will also go to hell if he doesn't repent (fat chance!), still, even this isn't enough and to get absolution you have to confess to Don Luis." Esperanza freaks out and tries playing the pity card, "My child died and I'm going to die too" but it doesn't work and Fray Dio leaves. He passes Luis in the hall and gives him "the look" ... then the poker face.

There is a brief conversation between Antonio and Rodrigo where Antonio admits he's unhappy about the Hipólita situation. Rodrigo says something like "for God's sake why aren't you doing anything, she's your wife and you can make her." Antonio doesn't know what he wants to do.

Hipólita is walking aimlessly around the marketplace, as people do when they have lied about being laid off. She looks at paintings then applies for a job as a cook. She admits to having a little boy and the patron insults her, saying because she has a son she is "neither clean nor accommodating." (My friend Maria says this is some sort of old, insulting saying). She calls him stupid and leaves, ending up at a bar where a barroom brawl erupts. We see that she is still being tailed, presumably by Luis's man? Perhaps she was going to apply for a job, but she wisely leaves. The tail follows, and sticks with her the rest of the day.

Modesta arrives at Cristóbal's place, where he and Aurelio are discussing the odious Francisco. Cristóbal wants to know if Aurelio has had a chance to discuss Francisco's "job" with him yet. Aurelio reminds Cristóbal that he had to deliver important papers to Isabel, as Cristóbal had requested. "Oh, right" sighs Cristóbal. "And last night he come home late and had been drinking," Aurelio adds hopefully.

Modesta interrupts with her basket of provisions for Hipólita. Cristóbal and Aurelio squirm when she asks where she can find Hipólita and Rafael. I guess they tell her because in the next scene she is at Hipólita's new place (where Ada is telling Rafael his mother is crazy for walking around alone). Rafael runs to Modesta and calls her Tata. "You're Tata?" asks Ada, incredulous. "Yep, that's what he calls me," Modesta says. Even the dense Ada takes note of this turn of events.

Modesta is particularly creepy in this scene and reminds me of a gigantic toxic spider as she creeps around the room cooing to Rafael, calling him "my boy" and making nice with Ada. She tells Ada that the room is no place for her mistress, "you should convince her to accept Don Luis's offer." "Which offer, to be his mistress? Have you forgotten she has a husband?" "Ah, but I heard the papers are lost." "They are married before God, we don't need papers." "We'll see..."

Back in the sickroom Mirtha is feeding Esperanza soup and imparts the happy news that Hipólita and son (and Ada) have left the palace. Esperanza asks about Diego and is bummed to hear that Juana has decided to throw a party to find a bride for Diego. Esperanza cries "He's going to marry?" Mirtha asks why she cares and Esperanza replies "because he's an ingrate, he didn't come to see me, oh it's not important anyway!" (Typical Esperanza logic, she must be feeling better.) Mirtha feeds her more soup.

Luis pays Antonio a visit at his new place and asks him if he's thinking of staying on. Antonio says for now, yes, he has no papers and has to dedicate himself to the Vanilla Plantation. Luis tells Antonio that yesterday he and Diego signed an agreement. Antonio asks if this has anything to do with HIS contract with Diego. Si si, says Luis, it stipulates that Diego can get his part of the profits but he can take no part in the decisions or negotiations. "And you're telling me that I have to deal with you? I'm going to break the contract," Antonio retorts. "As you wish, excuse me" says Luis as he departs. His day is looking up but Antonio's is looking more unfortunate.

Hipólita, still wandering around the town, gives one of her last coins to a young street urchin ...

Antonio pays a visit to Juana's lawyer and says he has found out about the new agreement and doesn't want to deal with "that Manrique." "Ah," the lawyer responds meaningfully, "he told me the same thing, he's an honest man." Antonio gets mad ... "Honest?? He's the guy responsible for that Cochinilla seed fraud that messed up my friend Rodrigo."

(He said seed, but we know what the stuff is, don't we?) "Uh, who said that?" aks the lawyer. "None other than the same Conde de Guevara, Don Diego told us. For this I wish to break the contract." The lawyer tells him the contract is for a year and Antonio can break it but the penalty will be high.

Isabel pays a visit to Ada and Rafael. She simply can't accept that they are living in this awful place. It's one thing if Hipólita wants to be a victim and a martyr, but she shouldn't obligate Rafael, Luis's son and her grand-nephew to live in this pigsty! (Great word, pocilga = pigsty.) Ada, who has complained about the place non-stop, says "Oh, it's not so bad..." "Good God!," Isabel is horrified, "it's not just this pigsty, but the neighborhood, the people. This child is a Manrique!" "Tell it to her, not me," says Ada.

Isabel blasts back to the Palacio Guevara to share this info with Juana. Juana says that, yeah, Modesta told her it's a dark and unhealthy place, but what can she do if Luis refuses to exercise his "rights"? Isabel wants to get Hipólita and Rafael back at the Palacio and is worried that Hipólita might return to her husband instead of to Luis. "What do you want me to say to you?" asks Juana, "Luis has become a sanctimonious prude who won't do a thing against her."

Isabel ponders (I think) that maybe Esperanza will follow her destiny and Luis will be widowed. Isabel decides to visit Antonio tomorrow and offer him money to divorce Hipólita. "Sure, try it," agrees Juana. Isabel looks determined.

Sad and mournful piano and violin as Hipólita wanders back to her pigsty. Ada wonders why she's home so early. "Oh, the boss let me go early," she lies, "here's some pastry." Ada reports that they have had a mountain of visitors today, first Modesta with a basket of food and then Isabel. Hipólita asks about Rafael. "An angel as always," says Ada, "remember the other day when he said Tata? Turns out that when Modesta arrived he ran to her and called her Tata. He smiled and responded to all her sweet talk."

Ada reminds Hipólita (who you surely recall had amnesia at the time!) that when Rafael was kidnapped Modesta was also away from the palacio. Hipólita asks Rafael who he was with, who fed him, who played with him... "Tata! Tata! Tata!" Hipólita is afraid Luis may have been involved but Ada doesn't believe it. Hipólita doesn't know what to think...but wait, maybe it was Juana's plan? Hipólita rushes out heading straight for the palacio.

Antonio and Rodrigo are at the cafe having a meal. Antonio is filling Rodrigo in about breaking the contract and having to pay a penalty. Rodrigo, feeling a bit guilty, tries to loan Antonio money but Antonio refuses; he knows the money is Rodrigo's dad's and he will need it down in Panama. Diego staggers in and invites them, in a loud whisper, to "shhhh.....a brothel!" Antonio rolls his eyes, says he prefers his house.

Diego tells him that a man has appetites and needs to relieve his bad humors. Antonio doesn't bite and goes home. Diego tells Rodrigo his friend is a big bore. Rodrigo says, "he has problems." "With his wife" giggles Diego? "No, with the fact that that you have a new agreement with your cousin and now he has to deal with him!" "Oh, that" says Diego, brushing it aside. Rodrigo tries to discuss Antonio's penalty with Diego but Diego just says, "Listen, let's go to the...shhhhhhh, (whispers loudly) the brothel!" He's such a naughty boy.

Hipólita arrives at the Palacio Guevara and asks to speak to Luis. The servant tells Juana, who of course wants to see Hipólita without Luis around. "Bring her to me, I want to know what she wants."

Of course when Hipólita enters she is suspicious because Luis isn't there. Juana lies and says they are looking for him, of course he's very busy with his new responsibilities and all, hasn't she heard? Hipólita says she'll come back tomorrow. "No," Juana says, "if you have a problem you can tell me "without pain", do you need money?"

Hipólita starts to lose her temper, she says her problem is this: the other day her son spoke of some "Tata" and now her maid tells her that Modesta is "Tata." Juana, the master of excuses, says of course, Rafael met her at the palacio, when he was brought there after the kidnapping. Hipólita doesn't buy it and tells Juana she thinks that Rafael was with Modesta during the kidnapping, not after. No, says Juana, Modesta was with a sick relative.

"Well that's quite a coincidence, and here's another coincidence, explain to me how Rafael told me that he ate and played with Tata while he was kidnapped." Hipólita finishes with "I think you organized the attack on us, kidnapped Rafael and tried to kill me!" Knock on the door ... the cymbals have returned and with a crash Juana grabs Hipólita and runs into the back room to continue their conversation in private. (Isabel enters but they have already disappeared.)

The best defense and all: Juana goes on the attack. As Melinama says, she is magnificent when she shows all her teeth, which she does here. She tells Hipólita she is fed up with trying to placate her, and here she (Juana) was, still thinking about marrying her (Hipólita) to Luis. Hipólita responds with "all the time you were being nice to me you were just interested in my son." "I won't deny it." "Well you can't have him!" "He's not registered in your name." "But I'm the mother, and Luis said he would never get in my way."

Juana tells her that when a man is in the heat of passion he will say and promise anything. As soon as Luis gets annoyed with her he will claim "perpetual ownership" and take the boy. (I think this is what she said.) Hipólita retorts, "We'll see!" Juana, baring her teeth, "You bet we'll see. You're nobody, you don't have money, you don't have friends and now you're walking around as a servant and you think you can mess with me?" Hipólita answers yes, she can.

Juana tells her not to be stupid. If Hipólita returns to the palacio, she and her son will be able to live as they should. "So that you can raise him? I'll die first!" shouts Hipólita as she storms out. Juana fumes, then mutters ominously "Maybe you ARE going to die."

Tuesday, as reported by Ruth: Tonight we start off with Hipólita accusing Juana & Modesta of kidnapping Rafael and trying to kill her. They deny it but she is unconvinced. There is a knock at the door and Juana pulls her into another room. It's Isabel, Modesta tells her Juana is resting. Isabel leaves. Meanwhile, Juana is menacingly whispering to Hipólita that she's fed up; she's done everything to please her and get her hitched with Luis.

The conversation gets ugly quick with Juana telling Hipólita she'll take little Rafael away if Luis doesn't. Juana takes a breath, seems to get a little reason back and says that Hipólita should come back to the palace. Hipólita is beyond furious and storms outta there saying she'll die first.

= As Hipólita runs into the next room she shouts her accusations at Modesta who acts very calm, as always. Hipólita takes off saying she'll never let little Rafael live with a bunch of harpias. (I couldn't find a meaning for "harpias" in any Spanish dictionary but in the encyclopedia had the definition: hawks, vultures.)

= Isabel & Marina chat about Esperanza's condition. Isabel says "the poor thing" then realizes who she's talking about and corrects herself, "poor thing nothin'! She put the horns on my nephew!" Marina says it's still too sad to see Esperanza so bad off. Isabel relents and says "well, to be Christian, I suppose so." (LOL!) Juana knocks. Isabel and Juana chat about how Isabel should approach Antonio about paying him to divorce Hipólita. The fact he's an afeminado comes up. Isabel is shocked and wonder's why Hipólita would go back to him.

= Victoria stops by the front of Antonio's new house (in her carriage) to talk with Andrés. She wants to meet with him and they agree on the next day at 10.

= Hipólita gets to Antonio's. She and Andrés exchange meaningful gazes. (Maybe because they are both working as servants and are no longer Hidalgos?) He escorts her to Antonio's study where she tells Antonio she'll accept his offer. He's overjoyed. She breaks down crying.

= At Felipe's house he and Luis talk about business. Felipe says it seems an employee at the mine has been stealing from Diego. They need to take the agreement to the workers pronto so work can resume asap (I may have misunderstood what they were saying here). Carmela brings refreshments and asks about Esperanza & Marcos. Luis says he gave Marcos the night off. Carmela leaves and Felipe apologizes for not telling Carmela the about their surveillance of Hipólita. Luis says it's better. Felipe asks if Luis is gonna try to find out who the father of Esperanza's baby was. No. Felipe doesn't like seeing Luis so depressed. Luis says Cristóbal said the same thing but that's how he feels. Luis changes the subject back to work.

= Back at Antonio's Hipólita has just told Antonio her suspicions about the kidnapping. Antonio wants to go public with their marriage to make it more difficult for people (i.e. Juana) to say they aren't married. Hipólita worries about Juana's influence and money. Antonio says there is always a way. She asks if he'll love little Rafael. He says, in short, "Hey, I got problems, but I'm no louse! Anyway, all this is my fault (and my mother's)." She tears up, "How could you!" He hugs her and says they'll talk about it later. He's just happy she's back!

= At Cristóbal's, Francisco (a.k.a. The Pig) is going over Cristóbal's business paperwork. He tells Aurelio he wants more than a simple salary (sueldo) -- he wants an interest in the business as well. Aurelio says that's up to Cristóbal. Cristóbal comes in. They chat about the tenant of Cristóbal‘s rental properties not paying on time. Cristóbal believes in being lenient - not surprisingly, Francisco doesn't. Francisco also thinks it's humiliating to be paid a salary by his yerno (son in law) and wants an interest in the business. Cristóbal ignores this and changes to subject to Catalina. He lays into Francisco on how he's treated Catalina and says he doesn't care if he's her father or not. They are married now and he won't have him mistreating her in any way. Francisco looks like he wants to say something but is holding his tongue. Cristóbal then goes to see Catalina and lets her know not to take no crud from her father. He won't have anyone treating her bad! They share a touching moment hugging and smiling at one another.

= Hipólita goes back to the apartment and tells Ada to pack their stuff, they're outta there.

= Luis returns home. He checks on Esperanza. She asks him if he knows about the cinder-fella ball to find Diego a wife. Looking confused he says he doesn't.

= Modesta tells Juana that Luis returned. They ruminate that Luis must not know about her argument with Hipólita or he woulda come looking for her first. Modesta wonders if Hipólita has decided to take Juana up on her offer of living at the palace. Juana says it's unlikely as Hipólita is as terca (stubborn) as a mula (mule).

= Arcadio and Ramon lounge around Perla's house eating and drinking, wondering aloud why everyone is into everyone else's business, when Francisco shows up. Perla comes into the room and tells Francisco that Ramon and Arcadio won't leave. He kicks them out. They complain that she owes them money but they'll leave cuz they don't want any problems with Francisco.

Francisco presses Perla about why she owes them money. She mentions the Poderosa and in Francisco style he becomes overly interested. She asks if he knows Antonio... of course he's Hipólita's gay husband. Gay! This is news to Perla as she has recently acostado con él (slept with him). Surprised by the news she says, "I wouldn't say that!" Francisco looks curious.

= Hipólita, Ada and little Rafael are escorted out of her apartment by Antionio ... Andrés heaving heavy luggage, again, pobre.

= Back at Perla's place Francisco won't let anything drop and continues to push for info on the Poderosa – she passes the buck to Ramon. She asks about the job Francisco said he would get for her. He says maybe tomorrow or the next day, he'll let her know. She doesn't look happy. He wants to know about Antonio, was he really "able" to with her? Cuz Hipólita said he couldn't with her. Perla says maybe not with her but with me he did. Francisco wonders if she's lying. She smiles intimately and rubs her chest.

= Hipólita arrives at Antonio's (Luis's henchmen watching from a distance). It's late so he shows her, Ada & Rafael to their room. Hopes she likes her new room and says goodnight.

= The henchmen run to Felipe and Marcos to let them know about Hipólita's move.

= Luis is getting some fresh air near the stairs outside at the palacio when Diego arrives drunk. He attempts to pull his pants down to urinate on various items in the garden, then informs Luis he'll never be Conde, he'll kill him first. Luis said it was never something he aspired to be. Diego says drunkenly, that cuz you don't know. Calmly, Luis says, "What don't I know, cousin?" Diego lunges for him and says, Better move quick cuz I'm gonna pee on ya, and yanks his pants down around his ankles! Diego's "attendants" haul him up the stairs; he wails drunkenly all the way up. Luis shakes his head and walks off.

= Felipe & Marcos arrive at the palace and tell Luis about Hipólita's move. He's overwrought and wants to head over there right away. F & M try to tell him to wait until the morning when he's calmer. They also tell him Hipólita was at the palace that day but don't know who she talked with. Luis is practically hyperventilating and paces the floor. Marcos says Modesta had been to Hipólita's new place. Luis storms out. Checks with Isabel (hopeful thinking), but no, Hipólita wasn't there.

Luis wakes Juana up yelling angrily, "Madre, Madre!" She startles awake (intense music plays) Juana immediately asks, "Did Esperanza die?" Luis, incredulous, says, NO! He demands to know what Juana and Hipólita talked about. She gives him a toned down version of the event. Luis storms out. I think I hear Modesta coughing in the background?

= Isabel and Felipe are waiting for Luis outside of Juana's quarters. He wants to go see Hipólita right away. They convince him it's better to wait until the morning: barging over there would create a big scene. Luis wonders why Hipólita didn't come to him. Didn't she believe him when he said he would never take Rafael away from her? Isabel says they need to find out what more Juana said to Hipólita.

= Hipólita & Ada discuss the kidnapping. Ada says Juana is a bruja (witch). Ada thinks it was best that they came back to Antonio's since that's what God wants, Antonio being her hubby and all.

= Cristóbal, Felipe & Luis, at Cristóbal's place, wonder how Hipólita came to the conclusion it was Juana who arranged the kidnapping. Felipe says he agrees, he thinks it was Juana, too. He rattles off a laundry list of reasons why while Luis looks on distressed. Cristóbal asks Luis to forgive them for talking about his mother in this way. Luis says he's had the same thoughts but that it's his mother! He wonders if Juana tried to kill Hipólita in order to get Rafael. Cristóbal asks if Luis wants them to investigate further. Luis doesn't know; he's scared of what he'll find out. He looks sick about it.

= Ramon & Arcadio meet in a tavern with Gasca. Gasca wants info but all they have for him is gossip and he's not happy about it. He wants info on La Poderosa. Ramon says, that's hard to get. Those that know anything "corten la lengua antes de hablar" (cut off their tongue before they talk). Gasca loses it, pulls out a knife, stabs the table and says they'd better give him his money back! Then Ramon proceeds to rat out Higinio!

= Back at Felipe's, Felipe and Marcos look over the rescue notes and deduce that they must have come from someone in the palace trying to hide their identity from Luis by writing strangely. The letters are misshapen and odd looking.

= Morning: Antonio tells Hipólita he wants to make their marriage public knowledge. He also says she's not to see Luis when he tries to come by. She looks upset by this command.

= Cristóbal, Catalina & Asuncion meet in the foyer/patio area (I think that's what the outside area in the middle of the house would be called, someone correct me. I'd love to know the correct term for it.) Cristóbal has an errand to run and Catalina and Asuncion are headed over to visit Hipólita. Cristóbal gives Catalina a very loving kiss on the cheek goodbye and they make goo-goo eyes at each other. Asunción tells Catalina she's glad Hipólita finally came to her senses and went back to her husband. They head out.

= Luis returns the rescue money to Juana's room but she's not there, just Modesta. Modesta says Juana is in the garden with Diego's two daughters. He stops and looks at her menacingly, about to say something, then just stomps off.

= Cristóbal's errand finds him at Sara's. He tells her he knows who she is and all about her past. She asks what past. He tells her all about herself and Victoria (Judaism, Victoria's husbands murder, the burning of their family, etc), but she denies all of it. He says he's not come to judge but to talk about the Guevara's. He says that Juana doesn't love Luis and treats him badly. What's more, (Intense music plays) he thinks Juana is not Luis's mother but actually Diego's. Sara gasps and says, "Como ... como dice?"

I post the new update every Wednesday and Saturday morning. All Alborada recaps are now listed in the sidebar to the right - below the small picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers (ONE TWO THREE ... ETC) to find them!

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"Telenovela villains meet lurid, dreadful deaths"

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At 1:34 PM, Blogger UniqueMonique said...

Thanks for the recap!

I can't remember how many more weeks we have left but I expect things will get worse before they get better.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The little things Modesta is playing with seem to be carved shell pieces for inlays on silver or wood. I saw somebody doing this kind of work once, and the inlays looked just like that.
When Juan tells Hipólita she can speak to her "sin pena" she means without embarassment. It's a common expression.


At 1:56 PM, Blogger maricruz said...

great recaps!

Since I discovered your place I enjoy the "Novela" twice, great job guess bloggers

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies, thanks for the posts--great work, and thanks for all the time it took you all to do it.

After all this time, and knowing some of the history of the inquisition, I don't understand why The Podorosa would still be afraid to go out. Is she really afraid of Juana? Was she suppose to die too that day her family were burned? Or is she afraid to go out because she's disfigured?

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like it is a matter of time for Luis to be shot. They are getting too close to the truth. Diego is not going to let Luis live.

There are 5 people who have to either, die or dissappear before this story ends. Francisco has to go somewhere, either to hell or to a farm outside of Cuencas and without Asuncion. Asuncion seems to be getting stronger.

Diego has to die, but how? Esperanza seems to be getting better, not worse. She is not even concern about going to hell. If she tells Luis, then Luis will kill Diego,but I don't think this will happen, I believe that she will tell her brother and he might fight Diego.

I like poor Antonio, but he either gets a divorce, or what? dies? He was rough pushing Hipolita aside.

Then Gasca has to confess that he is Gascon and killed Victoria's husband. How will they accomplish this?

Would Juana & Modesta end up living in Valverde? or will Juana die? I think they will retire to live in Valverde.

The area is a courtyard, or a loggia? It is the typical Spanish inside patio that gave houses a lovely garden and privacy.

When Luis walks up the stairs at night after seeing Diego's entrance, the sound of the steps where the sound of a person walking on wooden steps. Those steps should have been made of marble. I could just see a huge cardboard entrance and the wooden steps painted grey.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone agree that the background sounds, like running water from waterfalls or fountains, or horses hooves on the cobblestones, often overpower the dialog completely?

Who trained the sound technicians for these telenovelas?

With no sub-titles or closed-captioning available, I rely on the soundtrack to be clear.

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just to make things clear: Antonio de Guzman is gay, but in the first episode, as he spoke to his mother, he made the comment that he could sleep with prostitutes and have no problem, but could not touch Hipolita, he really loved her and respected her. He is not impotent either, Perla's satisfied smile proved so. I think Antonio might just have a perverted side, and Hipolita does not fit into the pattern. By the way, my main main is Felipe. Middle age and half way bold, he is my perfect manly man. Honest, decent, respectful and soooo sexy.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger melinama said...

You know, you might be right about Felipe. He's smart, calm, a mensh (puts up with Carmela and never loses his temper), competent (executes all orders sent his way). Luis fumes and seethes and loses it. Felipe is a straight arrow. I'd get him a haircut though.

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks to those recapping - great job and clearly, much effort was given. I'm so grateful to be able to share this interest with others who can think through it at several different levels.

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the area leading to the patio interior is the zaguan. Loggia is an Italian word for the porch surrounding the patio interior.

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard word much appreciated!

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done guest bloggers. We really appreciate your time and effort.

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After last nights episode I'm wondering if Antonio is not gay. It seems to me that the sexual abuse from his uncle caused him tremendous emotional pain so when he reached puberty he wasn't sure of himself. With a mother that didn't believe him and during a time when sex and sexual abuse was not talked about I can imagine that someone with Antonio's experience would be confused and possibly engage in behavior they wouldn't have done if the abuse had never happened.

I don't know what will happen to Antonio but my guess is he'll, unfortunately, die. This would free up Hipólita and leave Perla free for Marcos.

Also, I agree with melinama and Anonymous... Felipe would make an awesome partner!

Thanks for everyone's appreciation on writing the recaps! I didn't realize how much work really goes into it. I have a whole new admiration for melinama's hard work everyday!

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Catalina, for your insight on "sin pena" and the small pieces that Modesta was arranging. After last night's (Wednesday's) episode I am now wondering if they weren't just part of the dress decorations that Modesta is making for Juana for the Cinderfella ball. Also, I thought Arturo Peniche (Antonio) did a great job with last night's scene, his admission of childhood abuse. Now here is something that seems very far-fetched to me but you all tell me what you friend Maria and her family seem to think that La Poderosa is somehow related to Luis, perhaps even his mother, as she is badly burn-scarred and has not left her sanctuary for many years. Could this be possible? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. Thoughts?

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to add that I too thought that Arturo Peniche did a great job acting out his flashback. I am also thinking that perhaps Perla will fall in love with his character Antonio. Perhaps, as two people "fallen" from society, they can see each other most clearly.

Secondly, don Diego may be villainous and a drunk, but wowee, what a hottie! He is such a good looking man. I would take either him or Luis any day!

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm loving the recaps. My Spanish isn't good enough to get the details ... and the closed captioning is unreliable; I keep getting strings of nonsense and solid blocks.

When Modesta was playing with the little pieces (of bone?) I thought perhaps she was using them for fortune telling.

And it occurred to me - it's probably a good thing that Isabel signed the palace over to Raphael. Can you imagine - she signs it over to Luis and, as must eventually happen, it's revealed that Diego (the rat!) is the real Luis and he gets the palace back!

Susan T.

At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Diego signs the document as a witness that Antonio is married, then Antonio has to die. Diego will tell Rodrigo, how Antonio and his mother locked Luis in Hipolita's bedroom.

Diego is going to die, he is not receiving any palace. It is getting very dangerous, because Luis does not act, he reacts. He is direct and honest and would go and he will confront his mother; who would probably tell Diego and Diego will order Gasca to kill Luis.

Now, Luis will have to survive and probably, he and Hipolita will go to hide at Valverde. Then we shall see them in that gorgeous bed. (The one in the introduction of the program.) They have to go back to Valverde, where the old man told Marcos about the scar on Luis leg. He was burned during the fire of the chalana. The old man said: "he was crying, he had his little leg burned".

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this is for Sylvia: I do not believe that La Poderosa can be Luis' mother; his aunt, Isabel knows her well. I believe she might have had a crush or something like that on the original Count, Luis' father, ergo, the closeness to the family. But there is something I cannot put my finger on, if Juana almost destroyed her entire family, why did she spare La Poderosa? And why, many years after, did Juana go after Victoria, killing her husband and making her look guilty? I hope we get answers to all these. There is something there that is not very clear. I love this soap...of all the soaps of the epoca, this is about the best. I believe everyone has done a wonderful job with what they have had available. Kudos to them. Oh, and if I were 20 years younger, I'd go after Marcos. He is so hot in his own quiet way!

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lois - I couldn't find the name of the actor portraying Antonio. Thanks to you, I know it's Arturo Peniche. He seems to portray his character with more depth. As much as I enjoy many of the other characters, including the leads - their portrayals are pretty much two dimensional.

Thanks again!

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only glanced at the small pieces that Modesta was arranging (I get so overwhelmed in trying to take it all in, especially in trying to understand the Spanish, that I miss some details), but they appeared to me to be "milagros." Those are the tiny silver votive offerings in the shape of arms, legs or other human body parts or animals, etc. that might be offered to a saint when asking for something or giving thanks. The idea that they could have been the decorations for Dona Juana's party dress also seems very plausible. Felipe gets my vote as the show's most underestimated appealing man. He's brave and loyal and affectionate with his wife. I think all the characters/actors are amazing, and I'm enjoying the show, the recaps and the comments immensely. My thanks to Melinama and everyone who's contributed to the blog!

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not believe that Juana is as bad as she wants people to believe. She just told Sara that she had turned her family to the Inquisition to get rid of Sara, so Sara would not realize that Diego is Luis, and the babies were changed. The strange thing is that when Isabel sees the Poderosa, the Poderosa does not tell Isabel that Luis looks just like the count. He did tell Victoria that the babies looked just like their fathers a few episodes back.

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good Dara! I Googled "milagros" and I think that's exactly what they are. I never knew of such a thing and wouldn't have guessed. And thanks, Anonymous, for your input about that Sara/Luis issue. I agree that she cannot be Luis's mother, especially after re-reading Ruth's recap and reviewing the Cristobal/Sara scene one more time.


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