Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More from NYC

Some pictures I took yesterday while visiting my daughter Melina in Manhattan.

I love this kind of advertising because it cleverly calls into question everybody else's product. For instance, is the Other Guy's food NOT reliable?? Another example is "The Original Gospel Church." Is the Other Guy's gospel just made up out of his heretical imagination?

Melina and I could not figure out what was being advertised, or warned against, here. Is this tongue-in-cheek? Is this supposed to look good? What, exactly, is the miracle of science?

When I investigated, I found these four restaurants appear to be owned by the same Chinese owners.

Almost all the Mexican restaurants I've seen in NYC have Chinese proprietors, whereas in North Carolina a fair number of the Chinese restaurants have Mexican cooks ... Curious, I ordered a steak fajita on what was advertised as including a "freshly made flour tortilla." Actually the "tortilla" was, I think, a pita of the kind one wraps a gyro in. It was ok. The only other guy in the restaurant was complaining because he'd ordered a "chile burrito" and it had ground meat in it. He was a vegetarian.

This guy was doing a little dance outside Baruch University. He was far happier than one might expect.

And this guy was playing a Peruvian tune right inside the subway train. In fact, he played it three times. Then he struggled toward the door between trains, sort of bowing as he went, and Melina suspected he was going off to the next car to play this, the only tune he knew. But he played it well so I gave him a buck. I was a busker in my day.

We went uptown to visit the Teachout museum and have dinner with Terry, and I saw this guy on the way. We didn't eat at SeƱor Swankies but I appreciated his portrait.

This was one of a series of ceramics, maybe, installed in niches at the train station.

We walked by this awful outfit for a Manhattan child every day. Horribly, the hat says something like, "you know you want me." ??

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