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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #21 (Guest bloggers)

Hello all, as you know I'm on the road (at the moment, I'm typing quietly on the futon at my daughter Melina's apartment - there are several other people in sleeping bags on the floor) and unable to recap Alborada. Several kind readers volunteered to help while I'm gone, and this is the beginning of the summaries done by guest bloggers.

The guest bloggers put tons of work into this and they're doing a great job. PLEASE COMMENT AND LET THEM KNOW YOU APPRECIATE THEM! They put tons of work into this and I'm really grateful. OK, here we go...

This is one in a series of recaps of the Univision telenovela Alborada.
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Wednesday, as reported by Jean B:Isabel goes to visit Cristobal and Catalina. She has just come from drinking chocolate with the Regidor's wife and hearing all the gossip. The main topic of discussion was Luis' public quarrel with Antonio. When Antonio threatened to tell Hipólita everything, Luis had said to be sure and tell her about the husband substitution to produce an heir cooked up by Antonio's mother. Gossipy old women heard this, told the Regidor's wife and now it's all over Cuencas. Cristóbal and Catalina are dismayed at this news.


Busy about her business of preventing Hipólita from leaving with Rafael, Juana goes from the archbishop to the Regidor. In response to the Regidor's questions, Juana acknowledges that Rafael is Hipólita's child and the Regidor points out that gives Hipólita some right to say where the child goes. Juana reminds him that according to the law, Rafael is solely registered as Luis' child and plays the sympathy card of her hard life raising her son and that of her dead brother, the count.

She then addresses the Regidor's mercenary interests by pointing that if the line of the counts of Guevara dies out, the estate will go the Church and they don't pay any taxes so the Regidor stands to lose a big source of income.

The Regidor points out that Diego could marry again and he has heard Luis' wife is pregnant. Juana brushes off those arguments with the uncertainty of the future and her devotion to the family name of her dead brother. The Regidor says that if Hipólita goes to the archbishop, there will be trouble with the church. (We know that Juana has already scotched this by telling the archbishop that Hipólita is crazy). Juana feigns humility and says that he puts her trust in the Regidor and he says that he will help her and that she is a 'grande mujer' a "great woman."

Luis impatiently awaits the return of his mother and Hipólita. 'Did they go out together?' he asks Cirilo. Cirilo says no, they left separately.

Juana is very busy today. Her next visit is to the convent to see Sor Teresa and get her to support her version of the Hipólita story. She tells Sor Teresa that the archbishop might ask her about Hipólita and she would like Sor Teresa to limit her answers to what she knows personally, namely that Hipólita is a 'recogida' [I'm not sure how to translate this in this context. I've heard it used as an insult. The dictionary says that it means an inmate of a household or institution] of Dona Carlota (her grandmother), that Asunción might be her mother and that (most importantly) she has no children. Sor Teresa says that, on the contrary, that is not what she knows. Juana says, 'Did Asuncion tell you that Hipólita is her illegimate daughter? Did Hipólita tell you she had a child?' Sor Teresa says no but Cristóbal and Luis told her. Juana says, 'They might have lied.' Sor Teresa respond, 'I doubt it.' Now, Juana tries a threat to stop being the largest benefactor of the convent. Sor Teresa says that would be too bad but she isn't going to lie to the archbishop. Juana gives her a dirty look.

Isabel continues to deliver news to Cristóbal and Catalina. She tells them what Sara told her: that when Sara asked for Juana's help before her family were burned at the stake, Juana told her to get out of town or she would denounce Sara as she had her parents and brothers. 'Juana did that?' asked Catalina. 'That's what Sara said.' Responds Isabel. They can't believe Juana could be that bad. 'Maybe she had another motive?' suggests Cristóbal. But what? Puzzled looks all around.

Cristóbal's housekeeper announces that Felipe is here and Luis will arrive soon. After being on the receiving end of Isabel's gossip delivery, Cristóbal is exhausted but of course, he will see Luis and Felipe.

Sara tells Victoria that she understands wanting to see her daughter married and well established, but then what? Victoria says she understands that she can only see Marina once and a while because of her situation. Sara says she is sick of being stuck in the house all the time but they are 'marked individuals' so long as the mysterious Don Ignacio lives. Victoria says, 'why are you always so faithful to that bad old man?'

Hinginio arrives. Victoria says that Gasca was rude to Marina and was asking about Victoria. Victoria wants Sara to see Gasca. Sara agrees and Hinginio is ordered to do whatever he has to set it up. Victoria also wants Higinio to find out all he can about Andrés.

Arcadio and the mute come to the hotel looking for Andrés. They offer him money for a job. He declines. They say that they have information to share about Gasca. They don't like him either and they and Andrés are in the same boat (limp with the same foot) and can help each other. In spite of himself, Andrés is interested. Arcadio gives his (Perla's) address and suggest a visit – under cover of darkness.

Antonio shows up at the hotel to speak with Andrés. He is looking for a house to rent. Andrés tells him about one. Antonio is grateful and offers Andrés a job as his personal assistant. Andrés is ecstatic to give up being a waiter.

Team Luis are discussing who can testify to what about Hipólita and Antonio. Felipe says that no one in Cuencas can testify that Hipólita is married to Antonio. Luis responds that Diego will testify to that. Hearsay, says Felipe. Unfortunately, since Luis encountered the family in Panama, he knows they are married and won't lie under oath. Lie, says Felipe, everybody lies. It's a good cause. Do you want to let Luis lose his son? Cristóbal doesn't have a son. He doesn't know how horrible it is to lose one. (Flashback to Martin dying).

Hipólita arrives and asks to speak to Catalina. She says that Antonio asked her to go with him but she declined. She asks Catalina to send a coach for her stuff tomorrow morning. Where are you going? asks Catalina. Hipólita won't tell Catalina because she doesn't want Luis to know. Ask the coachman afterwards, she says.

Luis is furious about Hipólita's plan. "She's going to work and live in some squalid hole with my son?" he fumes. "She'll be surrounded by delinquents and drunks." His friends advise him to cut Hipólita some slack and let her try and live on her own.

Back at the Palacio Guevara, Juana is having a bath in her underwear after a hard day suborning witnesses. While Modesta washes her, Juana complains that Sor Teresa won't lie, asks if there is anything new with Esperanza and worries (with reason) about Diego blabbing when he is drunk. Tomorrow she will talk to Isabel about Sara.

Mirtha sneaks into Hipólita's room and replaces the medicine. Apparently, she isn't doing this on behalf of Esperanza because she lies about what she was doing. Is this the same medicine or has it been adulterated in some way?

Esperanza accosts Hipólita on her return to the Palacio. 'Don't stay here with your bastard," she says. 'No problem,' responds Hipólita, 'I'm leaving tomorrow.' 'Don't ever come back,' taunts Esperanza. Apparently, this is enough for Hipólita. She hands off Rafael to Adalgisa and reminds Esperanza that they share a father. A father who created his OWN bastard (Hipólita herself). Esperanza then says that at least she is carrying a legitimate child.

Hipólita then says that her pregnancy was Esperanza's husband, Luis', fault. She then screams about how much she hates this immoral and shameless family and never wants to see them again. Meanwhile, Diego has come into the room. He applauds the performance as Hipólita leaves. He then grabs Esperanza, feels her up and asks how his bastard is growing. Esperanza slaps him and he strikes her back hard saying that no one raises a hand to him much less a whore like her. He tries to kiss her and she struggles out of his grasp and runs, crying, of course, out of the room. Diego then looks menacingly at a statue.

When Hipólita returns to her room, she sees the returned bottle of medicine. Adalgisa says that she found in a place where she knew she had searched before and suspects that it was taken and might have been returned with poison and advises Hipólita not to take any. Little Rafael now contributes to the dialogue. He says 'mama' to Hipólita and 'Ada' to Adalgisa. Then he says, 'Tata.' Hipólita and Adalgisa are confused. Who could 'Tata' be?

Catalina, ever practical, asks Cristóbal is she can lend Hipólita some furniture. He says ok. They discuss Hipólita's plan to be independent. They agree that she doesn't know what 'real life' is like. Francisco enters and dismisses Catalina in his usual brusque fashion. Cristóbal demonstrates that things will be different now and asks her to stay.

Francisco says that he doesn't want to be a dependant and offers to help manage Cristóbal's business interests. Cristóbal says that Aurelio already does a very efficient job. Francisco says that a servant isn't the same as a relative. Cristóbal says, ok, talk to Aurelio and if something interests you, you can do it. Catalina is ashamed of her father and Cristóbal says you can't pick your relations.

Back in their room with Asuncion, Francisco is offended. Cristóbal should have just turned everything over to him. Asuncion suggests that Francisco not get so irritated with Cristóbal considering all he has done for them. Francisco then demands that Asuncion find out what is going on with Hipólita. Asuncion begs Francisco to stop demanding money from Juana but he wants to repay all the humiliation that the Guevaras have heaped on him and refuses.

Finally, Hipólita is in bed with Rafael when there is a knock on the door. It's Luis and he is furious. He drags her to another room and she asks if he going to rape her. Luis says that he has never used force on her, not even the first time. He then reads the tender note that Hipólita left for him when she left with Antonio. He says that, regardless of what happened in Panama, they have fallen in love with one another. There are obstacles to their happiness that have poisoned their relationship. He says that he will never take Rafael from her. Luis says he can't take any more. He loves her and begs her not to abandon him. She says that no matter what she will always love him. Placido Domingo starts to sing and they kiss in slow motion so you can imagine the rest. [This is where she got pregnant.]

Thursday, as reported by Sylvia G.: Hipolita awakes in Luis's bed. Immediately she's full of remorse: "How could we?" He replies because we love each other. He tries to keep her there but she can hardly wait to get out of his bed. What a waste! After she leaves he tenderly picks up her nightcap and smells it. After returning to her room, Hipolita again expresses her shame: "How could I?"

Hipolita, Adalgisa, and Rafael prepare to leave together in a carriage provided by Cristobal. Luis comes out and wants to speak with her. The reply is "another day." He asks to say goodbye to Rafael and tenderly tells him he's flesh of his flesh and that he will never abandon him.

Modesta creeps along the balcony to bring Juana the news of Hipolita's departure and that she left in a coach belonging to Cristobal. They assume she's going to be with her sister at Casa de Lara. Juana and Modesta begin to discuss possible wives for Diego, and that they will host a reception to bring some suitable candidates to the Palacio.

Isabel and Marina speak regarding the frightening encounter with Gasca. Marina tells Isabel that Andrés was furious about Gasca putting his hands on her. And when Victoria intervened, Gasca looked like he wanted to murder her. Marina is afraid that Gasca will come for her again to take her to Diego's bed. Isabel advises her not to tell Victoria of the rape as she can be "demonio".

While Modesta and Juana are continuing to talk about possible wives for Diego, Luis arrives. Juana tells him Hipolita went to be with Catalina, but he does not contradict her. Luis wants a meeting set up with Malaquias, Juana, Diego, and himself, regarding the business arrangements. When Juana inquires further, he says: Diego is not a man of his word, and if we can't get something straight, I will break off the partnership. When Juana says "Let me talk with him", Luis replies that Juana says one thing while Diego does another.

In their squalid new digs after the things have been delivered, Hipolita tells Ada she's going to change clothes, look for work, and will bring back food.

Andrés is seen leading Rodrigo and Antonio through the streets. He is acting in his new capacity as personal assistant to Antonio. He has keys to a suitable house for rent. After the decision is made to take the house, Antonio definitely confirms Andrés as his new assistant, and a wonderful smile of joy is seen on the face of Andrés.

Hipolita is shown walking through the streets of Cuencas in a very humble sort of dress. A man gives her a scornful look.

There is some discussion between Antonio and Rodrigo about how dangerous it would be to try to go buy land back to Panama. And the topic is introduced of Anibal (the waiter) asking for Bonifacio Gutierrez, a businessman of Santa Rita. If my memory serves, this is the man Luis was accused of killing in the very first episode.

Hipolita is shown in a job interview for a servant position. The woman is very haughty and says she would have preferred an Indian or a black woman. But she finally agrees, and Hipolita is to be there at 6:00 the next morning. But there is foreshadowing of trouble when the wife tells the "dirty old man" that he better keep his hands off this one.

There's a scene of lots of gossip and excitement as Hipolita returns to her new living quarters. The landlady tells her she has very important friends. Catalina is upstairs with a whole load of furniture for the place.

Catalina is describing the day's events to Cristobal. She tells him Hipolita is putting on a brave front, but there's a lot of sadness underneath. She also tells him Hipolita has taken work as a servant. After this, there's an awkward moment when they start to embrace, then part, looking embarrassed. I think it's going to take these two a while to get to bed together!

Asuncion (can't stand her) has another hissy fit when she hears what Hipolita is doing. "Today a servant, tomorrow a prostitute."

The meeting with Diego, Luis, Juana and Malaquias is FULL of drama. Luis tells Malaquias to inform Diego how much money they lose when the mine is not worked because the workers are striking. Diego behaves like a petulant child through the whole meeting. He even says there was no partnership. Juana barks at him that of course there was.

There is an interesting bleep when Luis tells him he doesn't know from what milk he drank to become the way he is; his parents were decent (the real parents of Luis). Apparently this is off-color in Mexico. Diego rushes him and is overpowered, as always, by Luis. Diego tries to tell him to leave HIS house. Isabel intervenes and is insulted by Diego. At this, Isabel loses it and calls in the note, telling them to pay up or give her the Palacio. Great shot of Diego's face as he realizes what his big mouth has cost him. Isabel says she'll put the Palacio in the name of Luis.

Antonio comes to the Palacio to get Hipolita to show her the new house, but finds out she's gone. Then he goes to Casa de Lara and has a meeting with Cristobal in which he finds out where Hipolita has gone.

There is a very interesting scene with Cristobal, Felipe, and Marcos. As usual, Felipe is right on about what happened with the disappearance of Rafael, that Juana was behind it all. He also says that the only answer is that Luis is not Juana's son. Cristobal says that Isabel conjectured the same thing. They decide to talk to some people who were around before Luis's birth.

Antonio arrives at Hipolita's place and is amazed by the crummy neighborhood. She tells him she already told him she wasn't going with him. She says he'll grow to hate Rafael in the same way he hates his father. She finally tells him she'll think about it. He leaves a purse with money and goes. Very bitterly, Hipolita tells Ada that he didn't even look at the child when he was there. He never lifted a finger to help when the boy was kidnapped.

Sara and Victoria's spy, Higenio, arrives with the two crooks (Ramon and Arcadio the mute). Victoria is very contemptuous of them, saying they've been paid and produced nothing about Gasca. Seeing that they're about to lose the whole deal, the smarter one pipes up that Diego wants to kill Luis, that they were paid by Gasca to attack him on the road to the mine. Sara and Victoria's shock and amazement are shown.

Friday, as reported by Ruth: Antonio is visiting Hipólita at her new apartment. He tells her she's a nutty for living on her own and not accepting his, Luis's or anyone's help. He gives her what seems to be a backhanded blessing (y que dios recapacites pronto – and you reflect on these things to God, right away?) and with that he says adios. Hipólita, now upset over this little lecture, does one of the funniest things I've seen her do to date… she imitates Antonio in his high brow way then breaks down because he doesn't give a squat about little Rafael and only feels a sense of responsibility for her. She notes that he barely glanced as he passed the escuincle (una mirada de ha lanzado) and he doesn't even care to hide his indifference. (¡qué ruso!)

= Higínio tries to keep up with his spy duties and asks Ramon and Arcadio about Andrés Escobar (on their way to see Sara and Victoria, a little late on the job imho, must have been out late the night before, lol). They say Andrés is gutless (no tiene agallos) that they offered him "a job" which he turned down out of fear. They call him miedoso – timid.

= Once in with Sara & Victoria they say they wanna help with the Gasca problem but he's peligroso (peligroso! Now who's miedoso!?!). Victoria reminds them that they are in for some serious dough if they do the job. They take the job and let Sara and Victoria in on the plot that Diego has to kill off Luis. This news is interesting to the Sara and Victoria. Ramon and Arcadio split, drooling over the moneda they just "earned."

= Higínio, Sara & Vickie chat about the situation between Luis and Diego. Vickie wants to know what he's found out about Andrés. Higínio tells her Andrés is the son of Don Francisco, the money-grubbing pig. She seems pleased by this somehow.

= Juana tells Isabel she'll give up the palace to pay off her debt but wants to keep the transaction on the down-low. Isabel says that keeping quiet is up to Luis since she's putting the palace in HIS name. (Tense music) and Juana looks upset.

= Juana visits Luis in his lab. He doesn't want to accept the palace from Isabel – Juana says it's his decision but she wants to keep the whole thing quiet for Diego's sake. So the poor dear isn't humiliated. Luis is OK with it as long as tía Isabel agrees… and he wants it written in the agreement that if a disagreement occurs during the management of things he want the money and his cousin can go to blazes (please correct me if I'm wrong in this, I had a bit of a time understanding exactly what Luis was saying here)

= Juana, who is getting her daily exercise going from one area of the palace to another meeting with everyone, visits Diego in his bedroom. Diego laments that Luis always wins. She tells him he has to sign the contract. He breaks down… the palace is being taken away from him, Luis is gonna laugh in his face and he just wants to die. They huddle together at the foot of the bed whimpering and sobbing.

= Hipólita lies in her bed dreaming of the night of passion with Luis… (and who could blame her!!!)

= Luis is mesmerized by the flame of his candle. Suddenly the room is ablaze, he screams and then awakens at his desk, breathing heavy and looking unnerved.

= Hipólita gets up to go to work and is closely followed by Marcos. He follows at a short distance, sticking out like a sore thumb but she doesn't notice. (I would hope that I would notice someone following me so conspicuously)

= Francisco stops Aurelio on his way out the door to visit Isabel. Aurelio politely tells him he doesn't have time, he's got important papers to deliver to Isabel and that he'll meet with him later that same day. This does not appease Fransisco who is indignant about having to wait (surprise, surprise). Aurelio takes off and Catalina is unfortunate enough to walk by. Fransisco bellows about his indignation at the supposed brush off by Aurelio. He stops around a little and tells her she better respect him cuz he's still her father even though she's married now. He stomps off. Cristóbals main maid (*argh* I cannot remember her name, Aurelios sister I think she is) asks Catalina what's up and she says nothin'.

= The maid (for lack of her name) tells Cristóbal about the incident. He tells her to let him know right away when Francisco returns.

= Hipólita's new boss's hubby slaps her on the butt. This doesn't fly well with Hipólita and she tells him off saying she'll cut off his hand. He slinks away; his wife enters wondering what all the yelling is about. Hipólita says "nothin', just talkin' to myself."

= Andrés first official act as Antonio's personal assistant seems to be to carry the heaviest set of luggage Antonio can find for him. He drops them just as Ramon and the mute walk by... Antonio looks back disgustedly but continues to walk on... Ramon and Arcadio ask if he wants help and then proceed to grill him about what he's doing and who he's working for now. As Andrés staggers off with the luggage they ruminate about his new boss. Isn't that tal (so-n-so) Hipólita's old man? Ramon then steals some bread and menaces an unfortunate woman on the street.

= Aurelio makes it to the palacio and shows a giddy Isabel the papers.

= Juana readies for the meeting and tells Modesta she doesn't want criadas (servants) present. Modesta shows her the medicine bottle left behind by Hipólita. They deduce (*!*) that Esperanza may have tried to poison Hipólita. Juana says that girl is starting to alarm her... (Starting!)

= Meanwhile, Esperanza is having a major breakdown; she cradles a small statue of the Virgin Mary in her arms then grabs a candle off the mantle and proceeds to burn her hair off, lock by lock. (This seems very dangerous considering the amount of hair products they must have to put in the actors wigs!) Mirta walks in, freaks out, Esperanza hold up her hands, bloody, and is apparently having a miscarriage.

= Mirta runs to tell Juana about the blood and that Esperanza has gone off the deep end. Juana sends her off to get the "partera" (midwife) and wistfully says to Modesta that maybe this will be her "time" then sends Modesta off to let everyone know what is going on.

= Juana, Luis, Isabel, Modesta and Marina all are told by the partera that Esperanza has lost the baby and is very weak. Juana wants to know if she's gonna die, Luis makes a "tsh" sound, the partera says only God knows for sure. Luis leaves to see Esperanza. Juana warns him quickly that Esperanza burned off a bunch of her hair (yuk, stinky – Ed.). Isabel is shocked. Juana says that Esperanza is 52 cards short of a deck and uses the awesome verb enloquecer (to drive mad). The partera agrees with Juana's diagnosis. Isabel grimaces.

= Luis visits Esperanza, she's sleeping, Mirta is weeping. In a touching moment Luis reaches for Esperanza's hand and gently squeezes it as she sleeps. Ah! Qué Corazon!

= Hipólita's new patrona looks over the folding job Hipólita's done on some laundry. She notes that Hipólita seems more like a lady than a servant. Hipólita says her granny raised her right. "Oh, who's your granny?" "She lived in Panama, you don't know her." "Why did you come back here?" "My granny died." "Oh, go do my grocery shopping now." Hipólita goes off to the market. La patrona checks out the excellent dusting job on the mantle that Hipólita did earlier when she was slapped on the butt by la patrona's viejito.

= Hipólita finds Marcos outside spying on her. She is not pleased and tells him to get lost. He skulks off.

= Back at the palace they're looking over the agreement. Diego notes that the agreement includes everything in the palace as well as the palace itself. Isabel says it's only fair. He looks distraught. Juana's big thing is that the agreement clause that says they're keeping the deal under wraps is missing. Aurelio and Juana's attorney (I forget his name) fix that oversight. Luis couldn't be more disinterested in the whole affair and has Felipe look over the agreement for him.

= Perla stumbles on Hipólita in the market place and can't help herself but taunt her about the situation with Luis and her "bastardo." Hipólita says she doesn't want trouble. Perla tells her the only trouble is her that her son has a crazy wench for a mother. That is IT for Hipólita – she tells Perla watch it, don't bring m'ijo into this. But, well Perla is Perla, and she makes fun of her being a criada. Hipólita retorts - better a criada than a ramera (whore). Well, the truth hurts and Perla grabs Hipólita: a brawl ensues. Perla slaps her, she falters then comes back with a hard left hit then throws Perla into a vegetable stand (carrots fly). Perla gets up covered in muck with her pretty clothes all messed up. Marcos comes running (apparently still keeping watch but from a bit farther away since it took him a while to get on the scene) and breaks it up. Perla keeps trying to get at Hipólita while Hipólita looks back menacingly.

= Back again at the palace, everyone signs the agreement and Juana, Diego and Lawyer exit. Isabel wants to sign the palace over to Luis who refuses the generous offer. She says sooner or later everything that is hers will be his anyway (I hope that is not some sort of foreshadowing, I LOVE Isabel!). She has a brainstorm and arrives at the decision to have the palace put in little Rafael's name.

= Hipólita returns from the market a mess from her fight with Perla. Her boss says she looks like she's been in a fight. No, I fell. (Yeah, uh-huh!). Looking over the veggies Hipólita brought back she notices an extra apple. "I didn't ask for that." "I bought it with my own money, for my son." "You have a son? How old?" "Three." "Why didn't you tell me?" (uh-oh – Ed.) The patrona complains: "Kids get sick all the time (cada rato) and I don't want you missing work." "I have someone who watches him, don't worry." Hipólita leaves to prepare the food (el guiso – cooked dish). La patrona looks annoyed.

= Luis tells Felipe about the condition of Esperanza. He says Cristóbal is coming to look at her and if he can't help then Luis is going to look for a "doctor de terreros." Does anyone know what that is? I couldn't find anything that made sense in the dictionary. Anyway, Felipe asks if he can do anything else. Luis asks if Marcos and "los demas" (the others) are watching over Hipólita. Felipe assures him they are. They say their goodbyes and Luis goes back to check on Esperanza.

= Ramon and Arcadio are chowing down at Perlas grumbling about Andrés not helping them and that it will be harder to find out what is going down with Diego. Arcadio says something about Gasca and Ramon "jokes" that they should get him drunk (emborracharlo). Perla bursts in all messy from the fight. She tells them she told ol' Hipólita off – what if her hubby finds out about it, asks Ramon. "Hubby, what Hubby?" "The dude you had in here the other day, Antonio de Guzman." Perla looks panicky, gongs crash in the background. She wonders why Hipólita was dressed as a criada. Ramon says maybe she's a criada for Luis.

= Luis looks in on Esperanza. She is sleeping and looking pale. He tells Mirta that Cristóbal may be coming then he leaves.

= Juana chats with Diego about whom he should marry – maybe a young viuda (widow). She names a few off a list. She says they can have a Cinder-fella ball when they're not in mourning. He asks - mourning? Yeah, Esperanza miscarried. Diego looks crushed. Juana says it's better and that the baby would probably come out crazy anyway. Isabel knocks, comes in and gives Diego a lesson in manners - You always get to your feet when a lady enters the room (I'm gonna have to tell my hubby about that one, lol). He sighs, lifts a red devil looking mask to his face, stands and bows. She says she understands their feelings; everything will remain the same as before. Juana asks if they have to ask Isabel for permission to do things around the palace like have their ball. Isabel says no, they just need to "inform her." (Hee hee!) Meanwhile, Diego is sticking something that looks like chewing tobacco up his nose, yuk and gross! No one seems to notice this disgusting behavior; he sniffs really hard and looks like he got a good head rush.

= Hipólita passes by her boss to clock out for the day. La patrona hands her a gold coin and fires her. Seems the new boss-lady is not so keen on employees with small children. She sends Hipólita off with the consoling thought that some other place out there may not mind the youngin'. Hipólita leaves looking troubled.

= She meets up with Marcos outside who has been keeping watch. He apologizes but says it's his job and, anyway, it's not safe for a lady to walk the streets alone, Luis is very worried. They chat about Martín. She asks how long it's been since he died (she must be confused from her bout with amnesia). 40 days. She asks about Carmela and Felipe and expresses feelings of responsibility. Marcos assures her it's not her fault, just life and luck.

= Perla sees Luis riding by… she calls after him. He's still more than upset with her and chases after her with his horse while she tries to talk to him about Hipólita. He tells her to mind her own beez wax and stay out of it; especially when it comes to his kid. He backs her into a bush with his horse and tells her he's been more than patient with her but if she does anything else bad she'll see his other side and she won't like it (memories of the incredible Hulk pervade my mind) She looks horrified and he rides off. A lady from the crowd that has gathered asks her if she's ok. (Uh-oh, Perla has done it again!)

= Cristóbal and Catalina are in his office. Cristóbal is sitting at his desk with what I think is called an equal-arm balance scale. He's got miscellaneous papers on his desk. He says "Luis" and puts one of the papers on one side of the scale. He starts naming all the people who are "against" Luis (Juana, Gasca, Diego, Modesta) and puts a paper for each of them on the other side of the scale, which weighs it down in their favor, so-to-speak. Then he gets up and asks Catalina what's up with her. Why does she seem so worried? She says she's worried for Hipólita and her mom. Cristóbal asks about her dad. He just worries about himself – she says. Luis knocks and enters. Fills them in on Esperanza's condition and they all get up and head for the palace.

= Felipe and Carmela chat about Luis's situation. Hipólita is mentioned and Carmela breaks down saying, once again, that Hipólita is the reason for Martín's untimely death. They both mourn over Martín and express how much they miss him. Carmela can't believe it's been 40 days, she's still in so much pain.

= Luis, Cristóbal and Catalina walk into Esperanza's room. Isabel is sitting next to the bed. Cristóbal gives Esperanza a once over and announces she has... a fever. Asks if she's bleeding, Mirta says not so much and she won't eat anything, she only will drink a bit of water. Esperanza wakes up to see Cristóbal peering down at her... she asks if she lost the baby, he says yes... she breaks down crying. Everyone looks on sympathetically. Esperanza weeps.

I post the new update every Wednesday and Saturday morning. All Alborada recaps are now listed in the sidebar to the right - below the small picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers (ONE TWO THREE ... ETC) to find them!

Amor Real
Entre el Amor y el Odio
"Telenovela villains meet lurid, dreadful deaths"

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At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without prompting, I would thank Jean B, Sylvia G and Ruth for the excellent recaps they provided. Although I can get the overview by reading the spanish subtitles, I can't get the detail that the more experienced writers provide. . . . Thank you, thank you. More, I appreciate the sense of community I find on this blog - people sharing common interests and helping each other pursue those interests.

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit with Melina.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger UniqueMonique said...

¡Muchos gracias a cada uno!

Someone mentioned in a recent post how difficult the weekends had become... I too suffer "Luis withdrawl" on the weekends and dread the end of Alborada.

Has anyone else noticed his wonderful smile/expressions when talking to Rafael? He genuinely seems to love children. Don't forget... Fernando's birthday is Monday.

These updates have been wonderful and I've enjoyed reading all the humerous comments and observations. Thanks again for the great work!

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks "Guest Bloggers"
Good Job!
Comment: Friday, March 3rd was Fernando's birthday, not this coming Monday. Believe me, Lesa knows and she kept me informed.
Yes, he loves kids, I wish him many.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did I miss something, was Diego married and what happened to his wife.
also thanks for all who are helping out with the updates.

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also want to thank the Guest Bloggers for filling in. You all did a wonderful job.

Where, oh where is Fernando's Hideaway? Is he ever cute! He is so good in this period novela, I hope they do another set in old times.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I can't believe all of the WORK and effort you went to for all of us--but I am SO GLAD you did!!
Secondly, I have a question about the guilt trip Hipolita seems to feel about Martin (which is underscored by Carmela's acrimony towards her). Why doesn't Marcos tell her (or Carmela and Felipe) who REALLY cooked up the kidnapping plot-thus sending Martin to rescue Hipolita and ending with his death?? Why doesn't he EVER mention PERLA,for goodness sake?? Do you think he secretly has a thing for Perla-in spite of her being a "Ramera"???

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested in Diego's marriage status too. It seems in one scene awhile back, while Hipolita had her memory loss, she saw Diego's little daughter playing ball (or so the blog said) & she started to remember something. Does he have a daughter & was he married before?

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:
Fernando was in a period novela before Alborada,it is called "Amor Real". It is out on DVD.
Felipe & Carmela know that Perla is responsible for Hipolita being kidnapped, but Carmela is blind with grief and still blames Hipolita for her son's death because if he wasn't in love with Hipolita, he most likely would not have followed her and none of this would have happened to him.
Anynymous #2:
Diego was married and I believe has two daughters, not one, hense the belief that he only produces girls. Of his wife, I believe she died of one thing or another.
Too many plot twists to keep up.

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, you're dead on about Marcos having a thing for Perla. You know in novelas these "Rameras" always rehabilitate in the end and she'll probably end up with Marcos. Why he would want her knowing what a lowlife scheamer she is, is beyong me and him being such a cutiepie.

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want to Thank Everyone for the wonderful recaps! They always fill in the things We miss!
Thanks Again!

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! The synopses are great, and it's wonderful to see so many people are able and willing to write them up.

At 3:39 AM, Blogger A Dot said...

recogida is like the child you are just taking care of because s/he has no family no relations and no position. You would call them your protegida [like Isabel does to Marina] if they hold some position or if you care for them. A recogida would still get some of your protection, especially over an arrimada [watch for this word later in a discussion between Francisco and Asuncion] which is someone you just don't kick out [i.e. the homeless person you allow to sleep in your corral] or someone you are only taking pity on, not having care for. It is still derogatory. They're trying to make it seem like Doña Carlota just took some poor pitiful, penniless, orphan child in; instead of raising her own natural grandchild. [I use natural as oposed to legitimate]

The bleep heard in the partnership agreement scene with Diego, Juana, Luís y Malaquías is not due to Mexican censors but Univision's. de que leche mamas... the word mamas is akin to oral sex in some other latin countries.

...que recapacites... Here Antonio is telling Hipólita that he hopes she comes to her senses [praying to gawd that she does]. [Quite a cultural thing, but one never says things in certainty without invoking the hope that gawd wills it = ojalá.... si dios quiere]

Luis has called for a partnership disilusion if Diego interferes again and keeps Luis from keeping his word. Ah, and Diego's portion immediately payable in cash.

When Tía Isabel is having the papers drawn up for the palace, she tells them that oh, by the way, it will include all furnishings as well. And that they really should be more thankful since this means she's buying out their debt way too cheaply.

[I may have mis-heard, but I thought Luis was saying he was going to go to a larger town to find a doctor for Esperanza?]

[I thought it would *be* the 40 days since Martín died in three days' time?]

At the end of Friday's eppy Juana and Modesta talk about the possibility of Esperanza using Hipólita's leftover draught.

We've seen two little girls playing in the gardens before. Doña Juana intimated they were Diego's daughters.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the actress who plays Dona Juana had a bit part in Fredonia, a 2005 West Wing episode. She was a news anchor commenting about the live Matt Santos ad. I paused it to get a good look - I am sure it is her. Has anyone else spotted this?

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you all so much for the updates!!

I just recently became addicted to Alborada. My spanish isn't so great anymore and coming into a telenovela when it's this far into the story makes it more difficult to figure out just what is going on!!

I've come to the right spot though to get up to speed!
Thanks guys!

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your updates. I have almost 60 hours on the DVR. I watch then read, read then watch. I don't have the captions. I'm at the point where I'm copying to disc, so I can store more and save Alborada for a while. Thank you.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Bonifacio Gutierrez, the business man from Sta. Rita.
It was Don Facundo Pérez Pacheco that was killed. I believe Gutierrez is the businessman that Luis was asking for when he first arrived at the posada. The one that no one seemed to have heard of.

I quote the recap of the first episode:
"Luis está en la posada en Santa Rita, tocan a la puerta y es un teniente que le dice que queda arrestado por el asesinato de Don Facundo Pérez Pacheco, Luis le dice que ni siquiera conoce a esa persona, el teniente le pide que no haga ningún movimiento porque le dispara."

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Victoria said...

For all who love this novela, please watch Fernando in Amor Real and Pasion which are also historical novelas by Carla Estrada. His performance and the storylines in these other two novelas are beautiful


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