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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A satisfying visit (part one)

Back in early November my blogfriend Terry Teachout came down to this area and we went to see Swan Lake. We planned back then to meet again for another ballet. He came yesterday, a day early, so we could visit and I could show him what it's like around Pratieville.

So, after Spanish class yesterday morning I rushed home to finish cleaning up and make some bread. Then I went to the airport.

It was a glorious day, we were out and around in our shirtsleeves. I took him for a tour of my rustic spread and we walked on the railroad tracks.

Then we sat out on the porch and watched the birds fight over sunflower seeds in the feeder. A herd of deer rustled by, safely and satisfyingly on the OTHER side of the deer fence.

We talked and talked of course, and I read him a few of my favorite children's books: Space Case, Ox-Cart Man, Arnold of the Ducks, and Prince Cinders.

Then we ate delicious chicken stew, homemade bread, and yuppie salad from Weaver Street Market. We finished off the evening by singing and playing a lot of tunes. I hadn't known Terry could play the piano!

Our greatest success was the following song, found in my huge fake book. Surprisingly, neither of us had heard it before. I'm not sure, exactly, for which occasion this will be the perfect song, but because nothing is wasted, the opportunity for us to perform it together will come along eventually.

Here are the lyrics:


"One Step Closer," that's what Exxon people say.
One step closer at the end of every day.
'Cause we're dedicated to finding energy for you,
Energy For A Strong America

From the sunshine and from deep beneath the sea
Ever searching for tomorrow's energy
For the children on the way it'll be their world some day.
Energy For A Strong America

Here at Exxon we pursue a long range plan
Here at Exxon 'cause the future just began
It's a goal within our reach that can help our fellow man
Energy For A Strong America

After that we ate some oranges.

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At 8:25 AM, Blogger Paul Franklin Stregevsky said...

I remember this song fondly. Somewhere, I have it recoreded on an audio cassette. I'm pretty sure, though, that the line
"Here at Exxon we pursue a long range plan"
actually went
"Here at Exxon, people work and people plan".


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