Sunday, March 05, 2006

Something good about a dial-up connection.

I'm writing to you from the Stanton House Inn in Greenwich, where our lovely hosts from the Bruce Museum put us up prior to the concert of Colonial Music we're presenting today as part of their "Benjamin Franklin" exhibit.

After breakfast I dragged my instruments down to Ken's room and we rehearsed a bit. I'm trying to memorize the factoids I've collected about Franklin (he had 16 brothers and sisters; he had only two years of formal schooling; he invented Daylight Savings Time).

Ken is actually more interested right now in his second Bowed Dulcimer cd which he'll be finishing up with his friend Harry after he leaves here this afternoon. (Here's a link to the first one. Ken invented the instrument and invented the demand for the instrument and has collected a group of devoted followers who created just for him.)

Ken's also building himself a "semistrunnoyu" (a seven-stringed guitar) as mentioned in the song "Those Were the Days, My Friends" and so he talks about that a lot.

A funny thing Ken told me today: at home he keeps his guitar right next to his computer. Because he has a dial-up internet connection, he can use the time while his pages and attachments load to play a tune or two! It keeps his fingers limber! A tip for you too-busy guitar players - get rid of your DSL.

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