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Friday, December 23, 2005

BadAunt goes to a dinner party

And this is why I love her blog so much:
M manages to simultaneously tell us a story, eat curry, drink beer, and explain to three fascinated small girls (one his own daughter) the correct way to insert straws up their nostrils. The story he tells us is scandalous (while being told in a way that does not interest small girls) and involves a teacher who has now left and can be slandered freely. (Not that M baulks at slandering people in the same room, but his stories become more elaborate when the victim is not there to contradict him.) As an aside he tells us that this teacher is now living in an obscure place and doing such an obscure job that I cannot mention it here because he is probably the only person in the whole wide world with this job and could Google himself and discover that I am exposing his naughty secrets. He gets lovely government grants from two governments, who both think of him as an asset, an impression he has carefully cultivated by exaggerating his talents wildly...

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At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am actually watching this cheese fest myself and laugh at the costumes, houses, servants and even the dog Don Luis' wife has. It has been a trully enjoyable expirience for me. I am glad others are enjoying it.


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