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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Gedeonis Area," free mp3

Today's song is "Gedeonis Area," learned from the singing of the Boston Camerata. I sang it in the show with Lisa Pickel.

The song was written, I just discovered via Google, by Philippe le Chancelier (ca.1165-1236). It's not a seasonal song:

Gideon's courtyard
is wet with dew from heaven,
the bush, with fiery flame,
radiates without heat;
the fruit and seed
comes forth from the dirty shell;
as a golden light
grain comes forth from the chaff,
the olive from the olive tree,
the rock is made liquid from liquid.

Lisa, one of the Solstice Assembly's songwriters (I'll feature one of her songs later in this series), suffered a serious accident just before the show: she was standing in her living room when her next-door neighbor, "cleaning his gun," accidently fired.

The bullet went through his window, through her window, through both her thighs, and finally into her living room wall. She was determined to sing in the show anyway, though, and hobbled out holding on to my shoulder. That's show business!

Gedeonis is on Three Log Night.

GEDEONIS AREA (free mp3)

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