Wednesday, April 07, 2010

[Hannah]: Wedding Weirdness, Cont'd

OK, here is my theory:

Women don't spend years knitting blankets for their trousseaus and stuff anymore, but the urge to prepare and plan and make pretty things and handicrafts for your wedding has somehow not died. Maybe it's instinctive, like pregnant nesting or something. Anyway. So I do understand the impulse, particularly for those who don't have particularly "creative" jobs or outlets in their lives, to throw themselves into a flurry of handicraft projects, gluing, printing, cutting, sewing, etc etc etc.

But I don't understand why this impulse, here, gets channeled into etting your picture taken with your significant other

1) with pastries
2) shaped like hearts, get it?
3) being served to you on a metal tray
4) by your fiance in a beret and suspenders
5) under a tree that you covered with TP


TO EACH HER OWN! (....?)


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