Saturday, April 03, 2010

Great offers from part one

I'm utterly entranced with Many of the offers are from children, but who cares? for five dollars? Until this site gets over-run with bots and spammers and corporate flotsam like craigslist, it's a wonderful way to get a peek at your fellow human beings. This is a screenshot from the "silly stuff" category...

I recently sent Hannah too many choices of typefaces for a project we're doing together. Hannah: "that's too many choices." So I sent her a link to somebody on fiverr who will choose a typeface for your project for five bucks. Hannah: "haha wow. If you give me 5 dollars, I, too, will offer you my opinion on any subject WHATSOEVER. That would be a good gig. I could fit lots of those into an hour and make a lot of money that way."

EXACTLY! there are many, many people on fiverr (probably some of them are thirteen years old) willing to give you advice on anything. for five dollars.

I've been a customer several times already. Yesterday's fabulous success: tentatio fixed, for five dollars, a glitch in my Weddings in NC blog which has prevented me from uploading pictures for almost a year.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

I suppose it doesn't matter that the guy can't spell vehemently. Only five dollars, after all...

I'm going to suggest this one to my son next time he can't decide which box of cookies to buy.

It's more expensive than getting Carl Castle to do it, but then, you don't have to win a quiz either.

Alibata? I'm tempted. And if the seller made the whole thing up, who's to know?

A very economical alternative to (1) a psychiatrist or (2) a 900- number.

What a cool idea. A typewriter, now such an ancient relic that a typewritten page is an objet.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Jean said...

I love it. If you run out of daily posts for April, you could buy the one that says he will make two posts to your blog for $5.


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