Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blogging every day for a month. April Fool's Day. Today's "big" problem.

For years I posted every day on this blog, every single day. I've just committed to posting every day in April via National Blog Posting Month.

April Fool's Day is a scourge for the gullible. I have a friend who is constantly trying out his jokes on me, and while (I think) the jokes are pretty bad, his delivery is so believable that I fall again and again for the set-ups. I'm a lousy liar and have the habit of believing what I'm told. I will hide, today.

Today's big problem (the theme for NaBloPoMo this month is "big"): My donkey and miniature horse have thoroughly chewed up their field, but I can't reseed it because my chickens eat the grass seed. I snuck out at night, after the chickens were in bed, when it was about to rain, and seeded a test area. I figured the rain would drive the seeds into the ground and the chickens wouldn't find them. Wrong! Next morning the herd was out there happily uncovering and devouring every seed.

I'm hoping to find plugs of orchard grass to plant in the muddy patches, but perhaps they don't exist.


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