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Thursday, August 20, 2009

This weekend: learn to make huge puppets in Hillsborough

Horned God puppet made by Paperhand puppeteers at Hillsborough Handmade paradeMenticia and I went to see the annual Paperhand Puppet show last weekend and this coming weekend I'm going to their workshop. (Menticia prefers to go to the Mentor-Advocate Program trip to "Wet and Wild.")

I took this picture (and a bunch of others at last year's First Annual Hillsborough Handmade Parade.

In case you're interested, here are the details on the workshop.

From Concept to Creation: Costume and Giant Puppet Making for Adults
This will be the final comprehensive workshop before the parade on October 17th.
Only 6 weekends remain until parade day after this workshop!

Explore your creative side! Donovan Zimmerman of Paperhand Puppet Intervention and Handmade Parade Organizer Mark Donley from the Hillsborough Arts Council will lead this comprehensive two session workshop.

You will learn specific skills and techniques to create a parade ensemble with lightweight costumes and giant puppets. From concept to creation we will interpret scale and work with a variety of tools and materials including hardware, cardboard, paper mache, reed, bamboo and fabric.

You will learn how to construct both wearable and giant street size puppets using reed, bamboo and fabric to create very lightweight constructions...

This workshop is intended not only for artists and teachers but for anyone willing to learn new skills and then share those skills with others to assist in creating a giant puppet for the Hillsborough Handmade Parade in October.

After completing this comprehensive two session puppet making workshop participants are encouraged to share their new skills with their friends, family, neighbors or social groups to create their own parade ensemble.

This is a hands on workshop. Tools and hardware will be provided.



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