Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"The New Laduvane Songbook" is ready to be fresh off the press.

Balkan Music Songbook by LaduvaneI've had it with having boxes and boxes of cds and songbooks in my attic. Then when somebody write to me and orders one I have to pull down the attic stairs and go up there, and wonder if there are any bats up there these days, and go find the book they want and bring it downstairs and put it in an envelope and write an address on it and figure out what the postage is (which is NOT easy these days) and put it in the mailbox.

So I'm putting my things on "print on demand" and just today approved the proof for the "New Laduvane Songbook." I wrote all about it: "The New Laduvane Songbook," balkan music arranged for a cappella voices, at Squidoo, so you can go see pictures of Laduvane and also a bunch of YouTube videos of people singing the songs in the book.

button to order Slavic music choral arrangements in the New Laduvane Songbook



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