Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Conservator's Center has an art sale.

Mark got me to go to this wine tasting and art show, a benefit for the Conservator's Center, a "nonprofit organization that preserves threatened species through rescuing wildlife in need, responsible captive breeding, and providing educational programs and support worldwide." He is a donor and contributed two paintings to their fundraiser.

He told me the event was in Chatham County, but it was actually in Morrisville at this Chatham Hill winery. I guess the name "Raleigh Durham Airport exit winery" would not have had much panache.

I got there early, there were a lot of people sampling wine at the bar (I hear the Merlot was wonderful), but the artists were standing in a knot, protecting their paintings

I took photos of Mark's two paintings. Hopefully somebody bought them.

If you'd like to support nice folks who are taking care of rare animals, some of them rescued from euthanasia, there is a gift shop at their site.



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