Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking Menticia to the Paperhand Puppet Intervention show: "The Living Sea of Memory"

Tonight I took Menticia and her sister to the Forest Theater in Chapel Hill (on the UNC campus) to see Paperhand's 10th annual show. This year, four sub-shows:
  • The Living Sea ("our version of the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation epic) with fabulous huge monsters;
  • The Quest ("inspired by the tale "Iron John" and carrying forward gifts we all received from the passing of a dear friend and teacher)
  • Memory ("created by asking the cast to share with us their own family stories")
  • Beginnings ("from the Mayan writings of the Popul Vuh. We discovered these stories through our readings and travels to southern Mexico")

The girls and I were rapt. I am smitten with the epic, archetypal images these folks imagine and create, and with their cheerful young energy. The band was exceptionally good and I liked the music. All told, a complete success!

The show is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the Forest Theater through September 7 and then goes indoors for one more weekend.


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Good morning - didn't see an email link, so I'm posting as a comment - thought you might enjoy this video from a pop culture (among other things) website I read:



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