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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Telenovela Alborada #23a (guest bloggers)

I'm posting this early because I'll be on the road tomorrow. Will post Friday's entry later Saturday or on Sunday...

This is a recap of the Univision telenovela Alborada. In order to read the whole post, you click "read the rest" at the bottom of this summary!

If you are new, please visit the recaps in ORDER - they are listed to the right under a picture of Doña Juana and Modesta. See the bottom of this post for more information.

Wednesday: My guest blogger had technical problems, but coincidentally my son had to study tonight so I was able to watch the show. No tape, and no dictionary, so this is on the fly. Sylvia S. was then able to weigh in later and added comments in red.

After Cristóbal revealed to Sara that he knows all her secrets - and her daughter the Pirate Queen's secrets as well - he said they don't have anything to fear from him. "Even though I spent years in the seminary, I'm not a fanatic; and I'm not going to judge your daughter, that's God's job." He just wants to know if she has any ideas about why Juana doesn't love her "son" Luis, and why she treats Diego more like a son than she does Luis.

Antonio has gotten very high-handed. He tells his new assistant, Andrés (Andrés sure knows how to pick a fine boss): "If Luis comes don't let him in." Andrés says he has a personal matter he wants to discuss but Antonio doesn't have time for it and leaves.

Immediately Andrés's mother and sister, Asuncion and Catalina, show up to visit with Hipólita. This seems very minor, but could possibly be indicative of Andrés finally getting cojones: They see Andrés, and Asunción asks him if his father knows he's working for Antonio. Andrés says his father's opinion doesn't matter.

Asunción is grinning ear to ear that Hipólita has finally done the decent thing and rejoined her husband. Hipólita looks haunted; this certainly wasn't her first choice... Catalina does an interesting thing here - she more or less stands up to Asunción, sounding more like an equal than a daughter, and argues that Hippólita loves Luis, not her husband Antonio, implying that Hippólita moving back in with Antonio is a mistake. Later Asunción explains her hard line on matrimony: "I've paid all my life for loving a man who wasn't my husband."

Luis visits Esperanza, who is quietly bleeding to death in bed under the worried eye of Mirtha, and only Mirtha, because as Esperanza points out to Luis, nobody except he has come to visit her. "They all want me to die. I want to die." She doesn't eat, doesn't take her tonic. He is tender with her and tells Mirtha to try harder.

On his way out, Luis sees his aunt Isabel, bustling out of the palace on her way to buy a divorce for Hipólita. Luis says Antonio is not that kind of man. He asks her, instead, to look in on Esperanza and cheer her up. He rides off. That man may
sulk and fume a lot, but he looks simply topping on a horse.

Diego is giggling to Gasca about "Luis's prostitute" (Perla) having sex with both Francisco and Antonio. Gasca says he has found out nothing about the mysterious widow whom Diego has his eye on and whom we know to be Victoria the Pirate Queen.

Antonio enters, asking Diego to keep his promise and go to the regidor and testify, with Rodrigo, that Antonio and Hipólita are, in fact, married. Diego says it will be his extreme pleasure. He wants Rafael the baby gone and if Antonio succeeds in procuring new and improved traveling papers, he'll take the pesky baby away - never, thus, to be the future Count.

Victoria is pressing Marina's suit with Andrés outside Antonio's rented house, asking him to come to La Poderosa's digs tonight. (He looks so confused. He was never very smart.) "If you don't come tonight, I'll choose her another husband..."

Luis rides up and brushes imperiously past the ineptly fussing Andrés. On the back patio, Hipólita is discussing with her mother and sister the "ta-ta revelation" (that Rafael calls Modesta 'ta-ta' and acts like he's been on vacation with her,
therefore it was Modesta who was sequestered with him while he was supposedly kidnapped, therefore the whole thing was engineered by Juana).

Luis asks to see Hipólita and is playing sweetly with Rafael when she enters. He hands Rafael off like the sack of potatoes he is, and the two thwarted love-birds have their usual conversation. But she adds the ta-ta revelation and then said: "your mother tried to kill me."

The regidor has received Antonio, Rodrigo, and Diego. He doesn't doubt the marriage of Antonio and Hipólita, now, seeing as how the august Count of Guevara has attested to it - Diego even says he attended the wedding. A minor point but I wonder if this lie could ever come back to bite him? However, he points out, when asked to add Hipólita's name as mother to Rafael's birth registry, that this would label her and Luis as adulterers and that the Inquisition would not pardon this. Diego likes this even better. Antonio is stymied.

Luis, trying to reel Hipólita back in, is finally tender instead of brusque and bossy. Good move! I think the scene where he holds her in his arms here is one of the sexiest, most romantic we've seen. What do you think?

Just then Antonio gets home, finds out Andrés failed to keep Luis away, bursts in and shouts and grabs Hipólita and after lots of testosteronic horn butting Hipólita shouts "Stop! You're both making me feel like garbage!" She runs away. Will there be a duel, she wonders? She's never seen Antonio so aggressive...

Diego is delighted and crows to Rodrigo - if Luis and Hipólita get nicked for adultery, maybe they'll have to go to jail! He pumps Rodrigo for info about what happened in Santa Rita between Hipólita and Luis but Rodrigo brushes him off. However, Rodrigo seems to have forgiven Diego. Why?

Discussing the possibility of Juana's involvement in the kidnapping, Luis says he hates to think his mother capable of such evil. But he has to know the truth. He wants to visit Modesta's pueblo in order to interrogate her family. Isabel is reluctant to discuss with Luis the possibility that Modesta was the abductor. "It's true she was gone, but she was said to be visiting a relative. Let me ask her." I think what's going on here is that Isabel agrees to help Luis out by volunteering to try to extract information from Modesta. She's going to try to find out the location of the pueblo for him.

Much repetitive conversation while Cristóbal examines the ransom notes and decides Juana wouldn't have used this kind of paper to write them. Another very minor thing but possibly of note, Catalina enters and tells Cristóbal and Felipe about the Tata incident. Of note because: 1) the men have renewed interest in Juana's involvement and 2) it is another example of Catalina behaving more as an equal and of becoming more entrenched in the Luis camp.

Then Sara and Victoria have a repetitive conversation, the only comment of note being Victoria's: that Andrés seems quite the weak reed to her, but if her daughter wants him... (Marcos would be a better bet, in my opinion, than the dim and waffling Andrés, if only he could be pried away from Carmela's enchilada bar.)

Higinio, disguised as a peddler, comes to the estate. He and Gasca try to wring info from each other. Higinio reports to Sara and Victoria that Gasca is, indeed, the evil Gascon of yore. Victoria wants to see Gasca that very night, but her mom reminds her there's already that appointment with Andrés. In truth, Sara is afraid to see Gasca at all.

All is ready for the matchmaking ball tomorrow night.

Antonio, brooding over booze, asks Hipólita to sit down. He wants to tell her what he's never told anybody. "All my life I've sought pardon - most of all, the understanding of my mother - I never got it... The result of my concealing it was that I could never 'get near' to you..."

"My father died when I was very young. I missed him so much, I was desolate, so was mother, she was angry he had abandoned us. It was his uncle Prospero who took them in. This is the same uncle at the beginning of the tale who had told Antonio's mom (Adalisa?) that Antonio would only inherit if he provided an heir, but who later reneged and said Antonio would inherit regardless. We didn't have money, but there was relief for me. I found consolation - I found another father! - he gave me presents, affection - he came for me two or three times a week in his coach, taught me manly things, I was so young! - (they held hands) - one day we were playing war in his study - I was happy with the little soldiers - he called me to his side - I was innocent, I trusted him - In that moment I didn't understand..." "He abused you?" "Yes! I told [didn't get who he told] Antonio says he told his "padre." Of course his father is dead, so I don't know if he means a father confessor or if he means "padre" in the sense of parent, i.e. his mother. - was told I was a bad boy - they rejected me - I felt guilty." Antonio says every time he saw the abuser he would run away from him, after a time he (the abuser) stopped inviting them to his palacio.

He ran away and there were no more episodes for a long time. "But I was very confused. And years later, when I was still quite a young man, at a party, with friends - again I ... - I - no, no, I can't!" He runs out, jumps on a half-saddled horse, rides away to an art market and there's Perla. He says he doesn't feel well, she offers her house, she looks like she actually cares.

Luis in his laboratory tells the usual gang he's hurt, upset etc.

Isabel coos and flatters Modesta over a complicated beaded gown she's working on for Juana's grand appearance at the matchmaking ball the following night. While complimenting Modesta, Isabel asks: "how's your sick relative?" "My what?" "You know, that sick relative you went to see." "Oh yeah, better, thanks." Isabel extracts the information that Modesta had 18 siblings but only four are alive, that they all live in a small collection of huts up in the mountains. Modesta describes the location and even coughs up the name, "El Coyuco."

The episode ends with more repetition, this time between Juana and Diego, and while mocking Antonio for being an efeminado Diego holds up a white mask with red, red, collagen-enhanced lips and titters away.

Thursday, as reported by Sylvia G.: After her clever manipulation of Modesta, Isabel enters the office where Cristóbal, Marcos, Felipe and Luis are talking. She tells them Modesta's pueblo is El Coyuco, just a few huts in the mountains. Felipe says they must find it - he knows there are some small indigenous villages there, a day and a half away.

They decide to send Marcos to find out if Modesta was there during the days Rafael was missing. Cristóbal says that the only person who knows what happened when Rafael was grabbed during the journey by coach is Adalgisa, apart from Antonio. If the blow on the head seemed accidental, then there wasn't an order to kill Hipólita. Isabel volunteers to ask Adalgisa about this.

Antonio is in bed, with Perla kissing his back, obviously after sex. Antonio says he can't stand Luis being so highhanded, coming into Antonio's house to see Hipólita, as if he had "rights." Perla says perhaps he does have rights. Antonio gets indignant. "What do you mean - that they're sleeping together?" Perla says "Of course, why else would a man be so besotted with a woman if nothing was going on?" Antonio says "No, she's a decent woman!"

Perla tries to put some poison in his head. "You wouldn't think so if you'd seen her flirting at Valverde." (This is when they all were staying together after the escape from the convent, when the guardias were after them.) Perla says: "You never told me how Luis ended up sleeping with her in Santa Rita." Antonio looks shifty, waffles, and then says "He got into her room one night and..." Perla is astonished. She doesn't see Luis as a rapist. Then she lures him back to bed.

More long hashing over the issue of Luis's parentage with Isabel, Felipe, Cristóbal and Luis. Isabel says she was in Peru when Juana gave birth, but that Juana was pregnant before her husband, Isabel's brother, died. Felipe thinks maybe she lost her baby and pretended to be pregnant. Isabel says that even if Juana cuckolded her brother, the child would still be hers and she ought to love him. Someone else says maybe she was angry at the lover and took it out on Luis. At this point Luis can't stomach the sordid speculations and stalks out.

Isabel asks Felipe if he can find out where Sara de Ovieda (La Poderosa) lives. She says Sara was in Valverde during this time and maybe she knows something. Dramatic chords of music!!

Cristóbal goes to Luis' room to apologize for talking in such a cold way about his parentage. He knows that it hurts. Luis looks him in the eye and says, "What are you thinking? Tell me the truth." Cristóbal responds, "We think Juana is not your mother." Luis: "But she was pregnant". Cristóbal: "Maybe she lost the baby?" Luis: "And then recognized me? Well, then, where did I come from in the first place?" Lots of pain here.

Antonio pays Perla and says goodbye with lots of kisses. Something seems to be happening between these two. After he leaves Perla asks herself how come every man I like is married. (Things haven't changed too much since 1800!!) [I caught part of this episode and I must say, Antonio was quite sexy. Who'da thunk it? -- Melinama]

Andrés apologizes to Antonio for not having kept Luis out of the house. Antonio forgives him but says, "put a pestillo (bolt) on the door." Andrés says he has to go out on personal business, Antonio doesn't care.

Since he's just back from Perla's, Antonio washes up, changes, and sniffs parts of himself like the classic unfaithful husband before he encounters his wife.

Adalgisa tries to find out what's bugging Hipólita, no luck. Antonio enters and kneels at Hipólita's feet, asking if she was horrified by his revelations. "No, it was very sad, how could somebody be so cruel to a child? I was thinking of Rafael..."

Antonio tells her Rafael will always be safe while he lives.

Antonio says his secret had prevented him from touching his wife, and that his life with his mother was an "infierno". But now he's a pleno hombre, complete man, without problems or weaknesses (Uh, oh!) Then massaging her abdomen he says he wants to have children with her. He starts to give her a passionate kiss, thinks better of it and kisses her on the cheek. "I won't put pressure on you." As soon as he leaves Hipólita bursts into tears.

Andrés seems quite the fraidy cat as he approaches the digs of La Poderosa and Victoria. They greet him warmly (although La Poderosa is still behind her mosquito net, or whatever it is). They ask if he's thought about their request. He says he has affection for Marina but can't marry her. Victoria: "But we'll give you a fat dowry!" Andrés asks how they're related. Sara is vague.

Antonio says he wants the mother of his children to be only his. Victoria says Marina's a virgin. Andrés says no, she isn't, and tells about Diego "enjoying her" and Gasca's saying Andrés could have Marina when Diego was done with her.

Victoria screams she'll kill them both! La Poderosa says "You yourself told me it was against her will. She's a good girl".

Andrés says he doesn't want to end up being reproachful toward his wife as his father is toward Asunción. "But do you love her?" "YES - but......"

Asunción and the evil Francisco are dining. She's happy they were invited to the party Juana is having (to drag in some potential brides for Diego). Francisco says they were only invited so as not to insult Cristóbal. He asks her if she has anything to wear. She says she has something, but he tells her to get her daughter to buy her something. "Can't YOU buy me something?" "No."

Aurelio tells Cristóbal he took Francisco to see the "inmuebles" (properties) and told the tenants Francisco would be in charge of collecting rents from now on. Cristóbal hopes to God he doesn't mess things up with his "strong character". Then he goes to Catalina's room, knocks, and peeks his head around the door with a smile that would melt an iceberg in two seconds.

She tells him about the party. He wants them to go so he can show off his wife to everyone.

He tells her something about the tangled conversations about Juana and Luis, and the attempted assassinations about which she didn't seem very concerned... He's been so good to her, and she returns nothing. Even in the filthiest jails criminals have mothers who pray for their sons and try to help them. Catalina says you must delve into the past! Cristóbal is delighted with her intelligence! And, finally, a couple of real kisses! [I absolutely hate the music they have selected to be C&C music -- melinama]

At the Palacio Guevara Higinio is waiting to see Gasca. He tells him the meeting with La Poderosa for Gasca is set for the following night at 9:00. Gasca tries for the afternoon (perhaps to see her better?) Gasca asks if they'll meet alone, or with her daughter. Higinio laughs uproariously "What daughter?"

Cristóbal meets Catalina in the patio in the morning and gives her a purse of money to buy a dress for herself, and one for her mom, if she needs it. He says: "I want to ask another favor of you. It's boring here at the palace - make it beautiful, as beautiful as you are, to reflect the happiness I feel."

Hipólita and Ada are playing with Rafael in the patio of Antonio's house. Antonio comes out and says he wants them to go to Diego's party because Diego got him some sort of paper confirming their marriage is legal. Hipólita refuses, she doesn't want to see Juana. She asks when she will be listed as Rafael's mother. Antonio looks uncomfortable and tells her the Regidor said if she admits she conceived a child by Luis while married to another, she'd be confessing adultery and the Inquisition would probably intervene. Ada gasps loudly! Hipólita looks stricken. But if we don't do it, they could take Rafael at any time. She decides she has to go beg Luis for help.

Ada goes into one of her negativity spins telling Hipólita she'll go to jail and never see her son again. Ada suggests they all leave. Hipólita says they don't have papers. Ada says, no, not leave the country, just go elsewhere in Mexico, it's a big country, they could live on a far-away farm. Hipólita hates to leave her mother and sister but decides this may be the best solution; she says she'll talk to Antonio.

A messenger brings two notes to the Palacio Guevara, one for Luis and one for Diego. Diego is with Gasca chewing him out about the gossip that Antonio's been sleeping with Luis's old lover, Perla. Diego says it's not true, Antonio is effeminate and doesn't go for women.

Andrés tells Catalina about the marriage proposal from Victoria and La Poderosa. He's very confused. Catalina, who's completely recovered from her snottiness in the convent and is now a fount of wisdom, tells him he's nuts to reject Marina. Marina is good. It wasn't her fault. Francisco is lurking behind a pillar and smells something interesting. He horns in, demanding to know what they're talking about. He disparages the idea that anyone would want to marry Andrés, a nobody.

Offended, Andrés says he's been offered a huge dowry - Francisco wants to find out how La Poderosa is related to Marina.

Esperanza is well enough to sit up, but looks ghastly. Mirta tells her about the party and asks if she wants to go. No. Luis arrives and is again very tender with her. She asks him about Rafael and even says it must hurt him being away from Hipólita. Boy, there's been a change in this one's attitude! Luis impulsively asks her "who was it?" She answers: "un villano, un malvado; but he'll get his punishment in the end."

Isabel and Marina arrive at Antonio's house to see Hipólita. Later, Isabel will take Marina and Felipe to see La Poderosa. Marina is reluctant.

Isabel asks Adalgisa how the kidnapping went down. Ada: when they grabbed Rafael, Hipólita ran after them and tried to grab him back and that's when they hit her. Isabel: Then it wasn't intentional. Even if Juana planned the whole thing, we have the consolation of knowing she didn't intend for Hipólita to be killed. Isabel tells Hipólita Esperanza lost the baby. Hipólita says she wants to talk to Luis about Rafael, but Antonio doesn't want her to see him. Isabel says she'll work something out.

Diego, Rodrigo and Antonio are coming out of the office of the Regidor talking about the "constancia" of his marriage. My dictionary says this is a testament or evidence. Diego is full of himself and wants Antonio to come to the party. Antonio says Hipólita doesn't want to come and Diego chastises him for not making her. Luis arrives for his meeting with the Regidor and Diego runs up like a 5 year old to tell him that they just firmed up Antonio and Hipólita's legal status. Luis brushes past him as if he weren't even there.

Luis is in the Regidor's office and the Regidor asks him point blank if Hipólita is the mother of his child. When Luis says yes, the Regidor says "What can we do?" If the Inquisition finds out they'll accuse her of adultery." Luis swears he won't take the child from Hipólita, that he loves them both. The Regidor says that Dona Juana doesn't feel the same. Luis looks startled. "She was here?" Then he passionately tells this man that he will do everything in heaven and earth to protect Hipólita if his mother moves against her.

I post the new update every Wednesday and Saturday morning. All Alborada recaps are now listed in the sidebar to the right - below the small picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers (ONE TWO THREE ... ETC) to find them!

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At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi All! Sylvia S. here with a couple of corrections/additions. First, I think it's the other Sylvia who did Thursday's recap because it wasn't I, we must give credit where it is due. I was supposed to do Wednesday's but met with a little difficulty so luckily Melinama was able to do her great recap. Thanks for saving the day! Now, a correction (I think) for Wednesday: upon re-watching Antonio's outstanding scene where he recounts his abuse, I realized he was talking about his rich (prospero) uncle, not his uncle named Prospero. Also, it was his UNCLE who abused him. Very heavy scene and difficult to watch, but extremely well done. Finally, I can't wait to see what Victoria will do to Diego now that she knows he violated her precious Marina. I think considering what Juana and Diego have done to Sara and Victoria's family they may soon be added to the panoply of Dreadful Deaths. Can't Wait!
Sylvia S.

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the scene where Antonio recounts being abused as a child by his uncle, I think he said he told his mother, who refused to believe him and told him that he'd made it up, that he had dirty thoughts.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

I'm new to the blog and may this may have been addressed, but hasn't the character that played Antonio changed since the beginning?

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Lisa, From Lesa isn't that cute. The actor playing Antonio is what you mean, he is Arturo Peniche and that hasn't changed he's been Antonio since the beginning. I hope that's what you asked. The only Uncle that was ever talked about is Antonio's Uncle Prospero and if you remember how he stated in the beginning how he hated that Uncle and also at his mothers funeral if you go back there was obviously something between them that has taken place in the past, Antonio had a look on his face that spoke of great hatred and anger, since those scenes I knew there was something that happened between them, didn't know the extent of what took place. It's the same Uncle Prospero as in the beginning scenes of that I am sure. They would not have made the intent to plant the Uncle in there in the early scenes if there wasn't going to be more to come in the plot later. In novelas I have seen this alot, scenes that you say "why does he hate that Uncle so much? It's like he did something bad to him " usually you'll get the answer somewhere in the novela, it's called "setting the story" and you've all noticed it at some point in every novela you've watched. Arturo is a great actor, I've been watching him for years and he's alway's done a great job, and this was no exception. His emotional scene was excellent. Aplaudir por el, bien hecho Arturo.

At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muchisimas gracias to the guest recappers and, as always, to Melinama. I can't imagine not going to this ALBORADA blog after mid April. Oh, how I dread the thought.
When that ULTIMAS SEMANAS comes on the screen the first time, after watching a telenovela for many weeks, I'm always like- HOW DARE YOU?!!!
Anyway---Do I remember correctly that Gasca is a Ladino, meaning he is Jewish? And Sara and Victoria are Jewish but no connection with him except that Gasca killed Victoria's husband? Something is odd there.... Just want to check if I have missed anything.
I'm glad that Antonio was getting a drop obnoxious with Hippolita tonight when she was venting her fears about Rafael and suggesting they disappear. I was finding it hard to be super sympathetic to BOTH Luis and Antonio. I wanted to dislike Antonio a little more- When he acts like he did tonight, it makes it easier for me.

At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, I am throwing out the question to you guys---DOES anyone know men like Felipe and Cristobol? I'm very curious. They should be bottled and sold!

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS. Forgot to add Luis......Carole

At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone in the last blog noted that the actor portraying Diego is a cutie. I have to agree, hottie!! I also want to mention the actor who plays Vicente, I hope that's his name (he's the black butler/doorman at the palacio), is guapísimo! He caught my eye first time I saw him!

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something has happened to Antonio since he slept the first time with Perla. His hair isn't hanging into his eyes, he doesn't play with it all the time and he looks more like a man.
His great scene was very impressive. Why can't they clone Luis, so we could all have one?

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Lois said...

Anonymous, I've noticed too Antonio's change. His hair is no longer in his face and does not look as shiny and perfect as it did before his encounters with Perla. Overall, I'm really enjoying the whole ambiguous nature of Antonio's sexuality. I think it makes the plot more interesting, and I don't think such a thing would have been done in an American soap since in our culture you are either gay or straight with no shades of grey in the middle.
I enjoyed last night's episode with the scenes of the cinder-fella ball. My only dissapointment is that I thought perhaps Esperanza would go hysterical and crash the party, confessing before all of the invited. How fun that would have been!

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word "ladino" has two meanings. As an adjective it means "atute" or "crafty." Used as a noun, it refers to old Castilian which was spoken in medieval times, and which the "sefarditas," the Sephardic jews carried with them when they left Spain fleeing from the Inquisition, and which is still spoken today. I have a feeling that "ladino" here means astute.

By the way, what did you all think of the singer at the soiree? Why couldn't they have gotten someone who knows how to sing in the style of the time instead of 20th century pop style? I don't know about the first song she sang, but the second one is definitely a Spanish song from the period. How strange it sounded, to me at least.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Hi folks. I am back from a week in Mexico in the Yucatan. It was great. I have sent Melinama the summary for Friday so it will be ready to post when she gets back. To Carole: We decided that "ladino" means cunning or sly, not being Jewish. The origin of the word has something to do with some language spoken by Jews in Spain. You may recall that Gasca didn't know that Victoria's husband was the brother of the chief inquisitor so I don't think there was any relationship between them. I don't think we have ever gotten any hint about why Gasca killed Victoria's husband.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Ah Catalina: Great minds think alike. You will see in my summary of Friday's episode that I had exactly the same reaction to the singer as you did. Very un-period. A singer in that period would have just stood by a pianoforte or a harpsichord and sung, not pranced all around the room. There should have been dancing too but I guess they didn't want to re-do the big ball scene in Amor Real.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too noticed a change in Antonio. I just figured they had a different makeup artist/stylist, whatever they're called, working on him. But he definitely looks better--more "macho".

Can't wait to read Friday's episode. Didn't have my normal "helper" in translating, and they were using words way beyond my abilities.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Great website for pictures of the telenovela!

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recaps - my tape got messed up Thursday, so it's good to find out what was going on.

In the scene where Diego's supporting Antonio's claim to be married to Hipolita, at first I thought he was saying he was at the wedding, but on rewatching, I think it was Rodrigo (who might have actually been there).

And I LOVE Catalina and Cristobal - they're just adorable together. He's so protective, and encouraging her to stand up to her awful father, and asking her opinion. Even with the facial hair, he's a cutie!

Susan T.


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