Friday, February 03, 2006

Melina illustrates glamour

Hi all,

Today's picture is devoted to a woman I want to dislike, but can't quite manage to. It's the same way I feel about Rachael Ray. I try to be annoyed, but I actually just think she's adorable. Her name is Melania Knauss, and she is most famous for being the most recent bride of Donald Trump.

She married him wearing a fifty-pound, $100,000 dress that took 28 seamstresses 1,000 hours to make. They told her not to diet on her wedding day, because she wouldn't be able to tow the dress down the aisle if she was feeling light-headed. (This is no weak-willed woman.) She was on the cover of Vogue in this dress, and that's the photograph that inspired my picture.

(Yes! I have secret girly dreams! I like drawing pretty dresses! Shut up!)

I actually kind of like this dress. And I think the woman knows what she's doing - marrying this guy, she will have the chance to wear many more dresses like the above. I think the two of them are very well matched! They look exactly alike, did you notice? same shiny orange hair-do, same snobby, squinty scowl.

Perhaps the Alborada fans out there share my secret admiration for this kind of excess? It's so awful ("!No puede ser!") but don't they just deserve each other? Isn't it actually kind of cute?




At 10:38 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

Very nice dress (even though I am not a fan of dresses!) I like it!

At 3:33 AM, Blogger zordis said...

They do look alike as you mention. Very glam and clever people! I think they deserve what they go for as for you and me!!!!! We are what we do and with a magic of science of mind we can be everywhere we choose! Your dress is very pretty and glam!


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