Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Congressional cockroaches

This morning on NPR I heard a wonderful quote about congressional earmarks (aka porkbarrel politics or just pork), it went something like this: If you have cockroaches under the sink, and you have a big birthday cake down there, and then you ask, "how do we get rid of the cockroaches?" is the answer to build walls? No, you get rid of the birthday cake.

I tried to google it and this is the closest I got, a comment by Grover Norquist at Espressopundit:
We have a huge fight this spring. Well, two fights that are the same. How to limit runaway spending. How to tamp down bribery to get at that spending in Congress.

They are the same fight. Less money being thrown around means fewer "lobbyists" trying to get their hands on it. If you leave a birthday cake under the sink you will have cockroaches. If you have billions given away in earmarks, people will figure out how to get it.

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