Thursday, February 02, 2006

Comic strip seeks artist.

Scott Adams has been helping helping Mike Belkins, writer of a comic strip called "Unfit," find a new artist for his strip.
Earlier this month I told you that Mike Belkin was looking for an artist to take over the drawing of his syndicated comic strip Unfit. More than 80 people submitted samples. I’m amazed at the level of talent. I was expecting most of the submissions to come from toddlers and the criminally insane. I was very wrong, at least about the toddler part. The criminally insane are well represented, and their artwork is spectacular.

Now comes the interesting part. You can see the submissions for yourself at the link below. Pick the one you think would make the best artist for Unfit and let me know your reasons in the comments on this blog. Use the artist’s name so we know who you’re talking about. Remember that what constitutes "best" for comics is the one that works with the subject matter and is the funniest. You’re looking for the best COMIC art for this particular material, not the best artist in general. More.

I've been looking at some of the samples and they fascinate me: take a look.

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