Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Shnirele Perele," free mp3

The third free Jewish song for Hannukah is "Shnirele Perele" from Some Assembly Required, the Solstice Assembly with the Band of Ages. The text is in Yiddish. I learned the song at KlezKamp, where it is a tremendous favorite.

Ribbons, pearls, golden flags
the Messiah, son of David, is above us
he holds a goblet in his right hand
and gives his blessing to the whole earth.

Amen, amen, this is the truth
the Messiah will come this year.

If he comes by riding, good years are ahead.
If he comes by horse, new times are ahead.
If he comes by foot, every Jew will be settled in Eretz Yisroyl.


Click here for list of all free Hannukah songs.

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