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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Cuando el Rey Nimrod," free mp3

The fourth free Jewish song for Hannukah is "Cuando el Rey Nimrod" from Under the Drawbridge, the Solstice Assembly with the Band of Ages. It is sung in Ladino, the language of the Sephardic Jews.

When King Nimrod went out to the fields
Looked at the heavens and at the stars
He saw a blessed light at the jewish quarter
A sign that Abraham, our father, was about to be born.

Abraham Avinu, dear father
Father who blessed the light of Israel.

Then he told all the mothers
That every pregnant woman
Who did not give birth to her baby was going to be killed
because Abraham our father was going to born.

Terach's woman was pregnant
and each day he asked her
Why do you look so distraught?
She already knew very well what she had.

After nine months she wanted to give birth to her baby
She was walking on the fields and on the vineyards
Her husband will not discover her
She made a manger where she will have her baby.

Abraham Avinu, dear father
Father who blessed the light of Israel.


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At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo ! Bravo !
Terrific website, it brings me the old sephardic melodies -from my grandmother back in Cuba 30 years ago-.
Keep the good work.
Manny Alfonso Coromina


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