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Friday, March 31, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #29

This is a recap of the Univision telenovela Alborada. In order to read the whole post, you click "read the rest" at the bottom of this summary!

If you are new, please visit the recaps in ORDER - they are listed to the right under a picture of Doña Juana and Modesta. See the bottom of this post for more information.

My guest re-cappers and I, plus a few more generous souls, are considering continuing this project into the future, but on a different blog. We need a catchy title for our new blog, the only one on the web where telenovelas are recapped and discussed in English. Do you have an idea?

Wednesday: Ada finds it hard to believe that Diego and Luis are brothers! (Both are now supposed to be sons of the former count, Don Carlos.) She jokes with Rafael the stuffed boy, calling him "usted" and "condedito" (the little Count). She calls Luis handsome and a good person; her opinion of him has changed because he behaves well and loves Rafael. Hipólita: "I'm glad that, no matter what happens, Rafael can count on a father who loves him and will provide for him." "What do you mean, no matter what happens"??!


Marina receives the blessings and hugs of Isabel, Sara, and Victoria. Francisco's demand of a hacienda in his own name comes up. Isabel is furious: "It isn't fair caray caray!" but Sara and Victoria don't care, they have enough to give him a hacienda. Marina says Andrés should decide.

Wearing our favorite hat, Cristóbal rides home where Isabel is expounding on Luis's being the son of Carlos. Cristóbal doesn't think her "proof" (Juana's tears) holds much water. Still - Luis looks like Carlos, while Diego has the eyes of Doña Juana.

Victoria to her mother, Sara: "Why you want to see Diego?" "To see if he looks like Aurora." "Some kids look like neither parent." V still thinks Luis is Carlos's bastard. "If he's a bastard of Carlos, I'll have to revise the opinion I've had of Carlos through the years - that he was noble and responsible. There has to be another explanation." [They all must all be tired of acting so stupid about this. -- Ed.]

Felipe wants to see if Diego really believes Luis to be dead - he proposes breaking the business partnership and watching the reaction. "If he's sure you're dead, he won't accept my demand - and if Juana accepts your being replaced, then she's guilty too." "Why does he want to kill me?" Marcos thinks it's for money. Felipe says Luis better write a will. "I'll leave everything to Hipólita and Rafael. I also want you to put in some bequests." Looks fondly at Felipe and Marcos.

Modesta thinks Juana should tell at least part of the truth; it's absurd to deny Luis's parentage when he looks so much like his father. Juana is crying again, wanting Luis to have a proper Christian tomb. "What if he's in the morgue?" "Luis is so well known, if anybody had found him we'd know." "Well, then, did they throw him in the lake? I ask the Virgin for mercy, because I don't dare ask my brother, he'd never give it." It's a little late for this, Juana.

Decorously, fully clothed in bed, C&C think it's ridiculous and dangerous for H&L to run off together, even though they're desperate. Cris says it would be very difficult for Antonio to get a divorce, even if he wanted to. Hipólita could be charged with adultery. "But if we all testify that Rafael is not her son?" "We would swear falsely in front of God?" "You think God wouldn't understand?

Antonio comes to discuss the new job with Diego. Diego gives a long, long list of things Antonio would be in charge of "because business bores me." "How about Luis, I'm still worried about his return." "I told you not to worry, I have the right to a substitute administrator - and if he comes back, I have the right to keep you on, at least for my part of the business. Don't you trust me?" "Yes, but I don't trust Luis." Diego sends Mal out of the room and says "Don't tell anybody, but Luis won't be back because he isn't one of us. We made a deal we wouldn't tell anybody and would let him keep his name if he left and never came back." "And he accepted? .. and what about the money he has invested in the partnership?" "He'll withdraw it little by little, not all, just part." "And won't he be back to see his son?" "I doubt it, he never cared for that squirt, he just pretended so he could get into Hipólita's pantaloons, and when she went back to you he lost interest. So are you gonna sign?"

I guess so, because the next scene Antonio is happily and energetically telling Hipólita how much he will learn, and how much salary he'll get, as administrator. He says he'll visit all the business locations and burbles happily about vanilla. She mentions the possibility of Luis returning, and he parrots back the story Diego fed him and tenderly tells her he's sorry for her, because she still has affection for a wrong guy like Luis.

Hipólita is now convinced Diego ordered the murder. She tells Ada she's afraid for Antonio, who has been kindly and well-behaved. "Then tell him!" "Luis says I can't."

Modesta is back from jail. "I had to conslole Gasca because he's afraid and the trial is coming up tomorrow." "What will we do, are you sure your plan is going to work?"

Marina tells Andrés her mom and grandmother agreed to give Francisco a hacienda, but he suggests Francisco be not the owner but the administrator. Then: "I don't know how I'm going to feel about marrying such a rich woman. And I can't get over what a jerk I was. I love you so much. Can I kiss you?" It's a nice kiss.

Francisco is furious to hear: "Marina and I are willing to put you in charge of a hacienda." "As your employee?" "No, as my father." "And I'd have to consult you about every little thing?" "No, you could behave as if it were yours." "But it won't be?" "No."

Francisco flounces out and complains to Asuncion: he had things all worked out with Sara and Victoria that he would have a hacienda in his name, and now his lousy son has wrecked it. "Las Tunas wasn't yours, and you were happy." "The Guevaras owned that - Andrés will own this, it's different." "You never stopped reproaching me for not being a virgin, but with Marina it doesn't matter?" "She isn't pregnant, and you were carrying that misbegotten Hipólita." "Whom you were willing to install as a rich man's lover so you could live off her." He almost hits her.

Luis tells Carmela, at the farm, that his pain is receding faster than expected. He asks how she's doing. "I think about Martin every day but I'm resigned to the will of God." "I haven't had a chance to tell you I'll never forget him." "Thanks, and *I* want to tell *you* that I felt so much pain at the death of my son, I had to blame it on somebody..." "... and you chose Hipo -- but we were all guilty, me first, because I should have told Martin from the beginning, and I'm sorry." She says maybe nobody is to blame.

Asunción visits Juana. She hasn't been at the Guevara's for a long time. She says Andres and Marina are marrying. "I'm surprised your husband didn't seek something better." "The dowry is insuperable (heh), her mother and grandmother have tons of money." Juana is struck to hear the names of Sara and Victoria come up again. They decry Francisco's deterioration - and blackmail - and drinking. "Men are a disaster." Juana tries to get info from Asunción about how much Catalina and Cristóbal know. Asunción lies, badly.

Mirtha is telling Sara about Esperanza, the love potion, Diego, the baby, etc. "The rich never go public with their sins." They discuss the fire on the chalana and Mirtha is struck to hear that "Diego," miraculously saved by an old man who took him to the river's mouth, has a burned leg. "Was Don Luis also in that fire?" (One step closer...)

Felipe rides up (damn he looks good on that horse). Diego is woken. "So early?" "It's not so early, Excellency." Modesta toddles through and reports to Juana on Felipe's arrival with his stack of papers. "Get me dressed quickly." Juana wonders if Asunción knows something, she seemed nervous. "All of Cuencas knows something."

Disingenuously, Juana asks Felipe for news of Luis. "There isn't any, but I'm here on his behalf to discuss business with Diego." Diego arrives. Felipe has instructions from Luis. "When did he give them?" "Before his trip." "And where is he supposed to have gone?" "To the capitol."

At Felipe's news, Juana and Diego gnash their teeth in tandem. "Break the partnership! No way!" Felipe: "It's what he wanted, and he gave me the power to act on his behalf." "Right now it can't be done, and his money can't be withdrawn either." "Those were his instructions." Diego: "Have him come and tell me to my face." Juana: "It will cause Diego a lot of trouble if Luis withdraws his money, better to wait." "Sorry, Doña Juana, but those were his instructions." Again Diego says slyly, "Well, have him come tell me himself."

Felipe leaves and Juana asks Diego: "Don't you understand how serious this is? Since there is no declaration of Luis's death, Felipe has the right to do this. If they take their money and break the partnership, we'll be in ruin." "Well, my clever request that Luis come in person buys us some time to think of something, not that I have anything in mind ... Something will come up."

Diego tells her about hiring Antonio and again she hits the roof. "Do you want the whole world to know Luis is dead? When he doesn't come back they'll be suspicious that you knew from the start! Why are you so impulsive?" "Everything has been done in a cool and calculated manner! So don't worry, ma, and you should rest, because you don't look so good. And by the way, are you dealing with Gasca?"

Antonio visits Perla to tell the good news about his new employment and give her the monthly allowance. "It's enough for you to live well, and to hire somebody to help in the house and keep you company." He burbles about vanilla. He tells about Luis's journey, and that he himself will be on business trips and looking at the vanilla plantation. Burbles more about vanilla. [Dang, now *I* want a vanilla plantation. -- Ed.]

Marcos visits Perla with a rough and mysterious air. Walks right in. She says: "I hear your boss is on a trip." "Antonio tell you that? I just saw him walk out of here. He must be a very special client." "You gonna take this gossip to Hipo?" "No." They go over the Guevara gossip. He lies that Esperanza was never pregnant. She says Antonio is a good lover and she's falling for him. "Now I'm his alone. He understands me and treats me like a lady." "He maintains you?" "Now who you going to tell?" "Nobody, thanks for the water. Can I come to visit, with no special intentions?" "As long as you know you're not my type, and I'm exclusive, come when you like."

Happy campesino music as Isabel, Hipólita, Rafael and Ada come to the farm to visit Luis. Isabel talks at Luis and Hip about his being Carlos's son. The only new thing is Isabel's comment: "I don't know where that wretch Diego came from. Maybe *he* was the one plucked out of nowhere." Hipólita tells Luis that in time he'll get used to his status as bastard - she's lived with it all her life. "But I want to know who I am! What hurts is the lying - for more than 30 years I was Juana's son, now it turns out not to be true! You, at least, knew the truth (of your being illegitimate) from the beginning. I've been living a lie." She flatters and nuzzles him.

She says again" I'm worried for Antonio and want to warn him - he's a good man." "Have you told him anything?" "No, I promised not to." Luis doesn't want people to know he's alive until he's determined whether the murder attempt was Diego's.

Thursday: Felipe takes Luis's instructions (to dissolve the partnership and "retire his capital") to Malaquías. "Here's the power of attorney, look it over and see if it's in order, and here are our account lists, compare them to the ones you have." Malaquías hadn't heard about any of this but has a note that Juana wants to see him - he wants to put off this discussion till afterwards. Felipe: "They may oppose it, but if they don't agree we're going to court."

Luis apologizes to Hipólita again for boinking her in the dark in Santa Rita. "I swear I didn't intend to. When you called to me, I kissed you so the guy outside wouldn't hear. I began to feel something I never felt before, soon I realized I had a special woman in my arms, sincere and spontaneous... and as for you - you had no doubts that I was Antonio?" [One has to wonder - Antonio is quite a bit softer and rounder than Luis - Ed.] "I thought you were a 'different' Antonio [Hee hee - Ed.] and after that I didn't think any more."

"I'm not irresponsible, I swear - I'm so sorry I hurt you, and I bless fate that I found you again. Are you sorry it happened?" "I wish it had happened differently, but when I think of Rafael, I feel that night was a gift from God." "For me, this whole voyage has been the best thing in my life. I found my woman, across such a great distance, and I have my son. I swear to God, I'll love you till my death ... and I desperately want to make love to you." Nuzzle.

Antonio runs into Felipe leaving Malaquías's office. "I thought you went with Luis." "No, I stayed behind to do some business for him." "Then it's true he's not coming back?" "Who told you that, Diego? Well, I really can't say."

Antonio asks Malaquías what Felipe came for, but doesn't get an answer. "Is there a problem?" "Oh, no, but I'm hurrying out just now to see Doña Juana." "When can I visit the properties? I want to leave as soon as possible."

Juana is playing the harpsichord when Modesta arrives to report that Luis's body is not in the morgue. Juana then tells Malaquías: "Diego insists on hearing the news from Luis personally." "But Felipe has valid papers and threatens to go to court." "It's your job to protect the Count's interests - don't let this happen." Malaquías says he'll try, and says Antonio wants to visit the properties so he can take administrative control. "Don't tell him about this." "He already saw Felipe, but I just told him blah blah blah." "Send somebody with him." "Last time Gasca went..."

Antonio gets a note - he can leave tomorrow. He asks Andrés if he'd like to go along - Andrés says sure, it's his job. "Even though it's for a month? And with your wedding coming up?" Andrés says he's worried about marrying a rich woman but is happy with Marina and hopes God will send children quickly. Antonio: "Children ... I'd like a son too..."

In the square Perla tells a friend she has a great new protector, sweet and delicate. The friend deduces that he's married with children. "Just one, and it's not his." "Do you use protection?" "Of course!" "Because if you get pregnant, your luck might change..."

Modesta has visited the jail so often she's chummy with the guard. He says Gasca's been tried but the sentence won't be set till next day. She asks Gasca, "What happened to the old guy?" "He died. ... I told them I was innocent and only confessed under torture. [cries] If they decide I'm guilty they'll burn me alive." "Diego has everything set for springing you." "When? When I'm cold [in death] already? ... I know a LOT about Diego, things that would send him to the gallows, so he'd best get me out."

Juana is very worried to hear the sentencing is next day. "This is the most dangerous time, when he knows he's going to die."

Hipólita gets home. Antonio tells her he's leaving next day for a long journey. "I'll leave you enough money." "Please be careful." "Diego says there won't be a problem. ... I'm glad you stayed with me, I love you, don't worry." He nuzzles, she resists, he promises never to force himself on her. "But you want kids! ..." "I'm patient. When you're ready, leave a rose on my bed." [This sounds like a final goodbye to me. I speculate that Antonio will not be coming back from this journey. -- Ed.] Hipólita tells Ada she loves Antonio like a dear friend, a brother, and that he's behaved very well.

Team Luis desides Juana's behavior implies she "knows" Luis is dead, though she was probably not complicit in the murder attempt. Marcos reports that Antonio is "maintaining" Perla, and knows nothing about Luis being dead. Luis: "Hipólita says Antonio is well-intentioned and is being manipulated by Diego." "If that's true, too bad for him." They agree to go ahead with suing Diego. Felipe is embarrassed he's been named a beneficiary in Luis's will. Luis: "Well, you two and Marcos have worked for me for many years, it's fair." I didn't understand Felipe's final remark.

Marina is sad Andrés is leaving. "You don't need that work now." "I will so, until we marry, and I'll work then, too. Or do you think you're marrying an holgazán?

Holgazán: "idler, lazy-bones." holgazanear = "To loaf around." holgado: loose-fitting, comfortable (clothes). viven holgados: "They're comfortably off." Great collection of words.

He says the trip will be 4-5 weeks, I'll miss you so much blah blah, nice kiss Andrés! I think this lad has a good future in the telenovelas... They toddle off to sign the marriage contract.

Meanwhile, Cristóbal's will is being signed - he leaves everything to Catalina. She says, "What about your sister?" The sister says she already got hers, not to worry. Catalina demurs again and her dad Francisco says "Shut up and accept the money." He'd probably like to kill Cristóbal as soon as the ink is dry.

Modesta and her picnic basket return yet again - Gasca has been sentenced to death tomorrow. "We have to hurry." "Don't worry, I have it under control."

Out in the garden, Diego is fencing and falls down. Antonio arrives and says: "Felipe didn't say Luis is not coming back, he just said he didn't know when ... is it possible Luis lied to you?" "With a pride like he has? No way. Let's fence." They fence all over and Antonio wins, flipping Diego's sword out flying over innocent defenseless heads.

Sara and Victoria cry at the signing of Andrés and Marina's wedding contract. Even the dwarf cries!

Malaquías tells Felipe the Guevaras want Luis present personally to dissolve the partnership, and Felipe says: "See you in court." "But it will be a scandal!" "They should have thought about that sooner. And remember, Diego's such a bum, if it weren't for Luis he wouldn't have a peso left." He ascertains that Malaquías is innocent of the Luis situation.

Francisco steams about not getting "his" hacienda, and Asunción, who is finally developing some backbone, points out that on this very day they've assured their kids' futures with very generous and wealthy spouses. "Cristóbal didn't even ask for a dowry! And all you think about is that there's nothing for you?" (She uses "usted" with this awful spouse.) He grabs her and points out it's her future, too - "we have nothing." "Cristóbal gave you work, and Andrés has offered you charge of a hacienda." "It's not the same - I want my own - should my son be my boss?"

Isabel to Marina: "I never thought Sara and Victoria had so much money! You're rich." Marina feels awkward about it but Isabel assures her she'll get used to it.

Catalina is happy her husband is so generous. "When I see him it feels like my heart will explode with pure love." Hipólita, on the other hand, is afraid her own dreams won't come true. [I don't want to have to write this again -- Ed.]

Juana watches Modesta mix poison. "Only that much?" "More will burn out his guts." She takes her basket off to jail. Gasca: "Are you getting me out tonight?" "Tomorrow you'll be taken out of here to receive your sentence personally from the regidor. There will be armed men in the plaza to rescue you; you'll be given money to start a new life in another city." "You're not deceiving me?" "No. Diego will take care of you, but your liberty depends on your revealing nothing about him. And here's some booze from Juana to calm your nerves." He gets drunk and reminisces, "How was I supposed to know he was the brother of the Inquisitor? And afterwards, that Jew whore, if she hadn't shown up none of this would have happened." Modesta fiddles with her little flask. "You're drunk, have a little water." "No!" But he does - and he chokes chokes chokes as Modesta watches quizzically. Nerves of steel, that little lady.

Antonio says one last goodbye to Hipólita. "But I thought you were leaving in the morning?" He gives a lame excuse and departs - perfumed and bedecked, as Ada points out. Hipólita says it's great if he has a lover, it will keep him away from her bed, but Ada points out men spend money on women and Antonio doesn't have much...

Antonio goes to Perla to get complimented and kissed and I hope that was the end because it's where my tape cut off.

No show Friday.

New updates Wednesday and Saturday. The list of Alborada recaps is to the right - below the picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers in order!

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At 12:48 PM, Blogger cristy said...

I cant but laugh at your recaps it makes me laugh as you make your little comments and use words as boink and kill as soon as the ink dries. Yes I see ansusion is getting backbone she always use to cover her head when he is going to hit and he sees that she is longer afriaid of him anymore i know the ending but ill keep reading your recaps.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Cecy said...

Hi I had a couple of questions. Hopefully someone can answer them for me.

Who is Diegos father?
Is Juana's Maid her mother?
Will asuncion kick her husbands behind for being a jerk?
Will Anna (La Poderosa) get revenge with Juana?


At 1:33 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Thanks, Cristy!

Cecy: Diego's father was Juana's husband - who was Isabel's brother. Diego, sadly, is Isabel's nephew. How displeased she will be to find this out.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Modesta is absutely incredible. She is a lawyer, she knows how the Inquisition works, she is a chemist, she is a psychologist, she can read people, she is a lady's maid and she is a loyal friend, she is even going to prepare the wedding party for Diego. Between Juana and Modesta there is a strong friendship. She gave Gasca, enough liquid to burn his vocal cords. She made Gascas's last days berable. She is not toally evil, neither is Juana. Their greatest sin was to change the babies, but they do not kill. They could have killed Luis, when he was a baby, they could have killed Agustin to stop the blackmail, but they did not. They take very calculated risks and they great liers. Their other great sin is to allow Diego be such a monster, they are enablers. They spoiled him rotten.
She is really suffering with Luis death. What we do not know is how Diego's father died. Was is that muscular problem Diego is having. Some kind of neurological disorder? I do not believe that ANtonio is coming back from this trip and I have a feeling that Andres is not coming back either. Diego probably told Antonio to change everything at the mine, and the miners are a very difficult crowd to control. Sad for Perla with her baby. I imagine that Hipolita will give her her vanilla plantation share.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Jean said...

To MTW: I don't think we need to speculate about an inherited neurological disease for Diego. We know that Diego is dissolute and likes prostitutes. His lifestyle would suggest a venereal disease, like syphilis, as the most logical (and fitting) source of his symptoms. Advanced syphilis also makes you crazy.
Also, if Antonio doesn't come back from his trip, Hipólita is free to marry Luis. No more problems for them. The law of novelas says that one of the main plot lines of the story can't be resolved that simply.
Although Antonio is an interesting and somewhat attactive character, his main purpose in the novela is to act as the plot device. The writer needed to get Hipólita to Cuencas with Luis' son without having sex with any one but Luis. Enter Antonio, the afeminado husband, who can't consummate his marraige. Once Hipólita is in Cuencas and in love with Luis, enter Antonio, no longer afeminado, who won't give his wife a divorce but won't exercise his marital privileges either. Trust me, Antonio has to die for Hipólita and Luis to get together but it won't happen when he off on some trip to a mine.

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean, you are so close to the truth about Antonio...if you saw the scene last night between Diego and Antonio you must have some idea what will happen to Antonio if you know anything about novelas and the story line....esgrima anyone?
Yes, you are also right about Diego's disease, in those day's "sifillis" was a very prevelant and deadly disease.
Mixed with his drinking, it's a wonder he's not suffering more than he is.
Who asked about Fernando being married? He is single, lives with his mommy and daddy in D.F. and keeps his private life private.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cecy, that's a loaded question cause really Diego is really Luis Manrique Arrelano and his father is Don Leopoldo Arrelano.
The husband of Dona Juana and the brother of Tia Isabel.
Luis is really Diego Manrique the son of Don Carlos Manrique the previous Conde De Guevara and his wife Aurora, the condessa.

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone help....i am now confused... So who was Juana's husband....? He was not the Old Conde..cause He was married to Aurora... who are the real parents of Luis who is suppose to be Diego but got swapped with his cousin...Was her husband a brother of the old conde? and Isabel their sister....since Isabel is sister in law to Juana, Juana had to be married to a brother of the old conde...Si or NO????

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Jean said...

One more time: ;-)
Juana is the sister of Carlos, the deceased Count. Juana married Isabel's brother. Juana's baby is the person we know as Diego; Aurora's baby is the person we know as Luis. After the fire and the death of the Count and Aurora, Juana switched the babies so that her baby became the new count and took the name of the Count's child: Diego and Aurora's baby took the name of Juana's child: Luis. Luis is the true Count, which will eventually be revealed.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going to really mess things up with this news...coming from the Univision Foro de Telenovelas the novela that will replace Alborada will be La Fea Mas Bella staring Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil. The promo was shown today on Univision as coming soon and the only Novela near it's finale is Alborada.
La Verdad Oculta has been poorly received in Mexico so that may be the reason that it will not replace Alborada.
Also from Mexico come's the news that later this fall Carla Estrada and Maria Zaratini will again be together to start work on a novela that is slated for 2007.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Esgrima = Fencing. He wanted his fencing duds. Then when Antonio showed up, and Diego asked him to fence, Antonio said, "I don't have time to change [into my fencing duds]." So he wore his civvies.



At 7:00 PM, Blogger melinama said...

There are fourteen more days of the show, starting Monday.

At 6:20 AM, Blogger melinama said...

Reminder: let's not give things away which haven't happened yet - some people want to have the surprise as it happens.

At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cecy,

For the remaining questions: I doubt Modesta is Juana's mother. It is possible that Juana and Carlos' dad had a fling with Modesta and they adopted Juana, but it's unlikely they were that nice. Chances are Modesta has been working for Juana since they were young and is therefore quite devoted.

La Poderosa is actually named Sara, not Anna.

(Spoiler deleted by Melinama.)

I think truth and success are the best revenge. Chances are once the lid comes off on everything Sara might be more inclined to retire.

Take care,

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Jane,
I sent an email to you a week or so ago saying I was not able to
"blog" on the Alborada website. I discover that us eMac users cannot
access the blog login. I am, therefore trying via the good ol' email
Here in Ontario we are only up to the 11th installment of your
analysis of the the telenovela. My Spanish teacher gave us all CDs of
another telenovela which had English subtitles. I realized at once that
this was not conducive to learning Spanish, because I ignored what I
was hearing in favour of what I was reading. Your service is much
better. I read ahead of each episode, and find that if I know what they
are about to say, I can detect it being said. Also by taping and
listening twice, I am really progressing in my listening skills.
I struggled through Contra Viento Y Marea without the aid of a site
such as yours, but I am enjoying this story much more, because I am not
missing as much. It also helps that the characters are using proper
Spanish that is not peppered with street slang such as the character
"Veneno" used in CVYM.
The only thing I find disconcerting about Alborada is the lack of
attention to representing the proper time period with glaring costume
and prop mistakes. In the Friday episode, (your recap #10) Sara was
partially unveiling a glossy PHOTOGRAPH of, I believe, her dead
parents. If this is 1810.... come on! (first primitive pin hole cameras
- 1830's) A few weeks ago, Marcos lit a candle with a souvenir
cigarette lighter on a plastic coil keychain. The camera even showed it
in close-up.
I guess we are spoiled with our exposure to the heights of
sophistication re: accurate costume dramas, especially those of us who
watch any of the PBS and TVO British historical series. I live close to
Stratford, Ont. and have toured the Stratford Shakespearian Festival
costume dept. many times, so I know quite a bit about costume and
historical period. I have recently embarked on a hobby of creating Art
Dolls in authentic costume. I have made one of Elizabeth I to start off
with, and I am going to make Anne Bolyne next.
I do hope you will be able to read this missive. I assume your email
box is quite full.
Thank you for your recaps. They are VERY much appreciated.
Sincerely Shirley Fowley, Waterloo, Ont., Can.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Syphilis was my guess, too, and I meant to mention that last time, but I have a tendancy to forget what I wanted to say once I start saying it. ^^;

I missed the first half of Thursday's, but I'd thought I'd been taping it - turns out what I taped was an hour of the Weather Channel! *Facepalm* (They're one digit away from each other here.) Caught the end, at least. I think I want a Modesta! For what, I don't know, but I think everyone could use their own. XD

The only idea I could come up with for the new blog was 'Teleblogela,' which makes me want to ask that I be killed in a deservngly telenovela way. Ow. ^^;

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope the cast shows up on Cristina's program after it is all over. She usually has a cast program for most of the more sucessful novelas. It usually is very informative and entertaining.

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I read on the Univison board and another MB(plus someone said it here!) that they for taped Cristina in March. I think it will air the Monday after the finale.
I know Fernando, Lucero, LRG, Daniela, Carla Estrada, and Monica Miguel appear in studio. Ernesto taped a segment later for the episode. I don't know if anyone else did this.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

I am torn between syphilis and polio being the cause of Diego's medical condition. I also liked the possibility previously mentioned of a genetic disorder - which may have killed his father at an early age. It will be interesting to see!

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not want it to be syphilis, because I do not want Marina to have it. mtw

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear MTW. You said: "I do not want it to be syphilis, because I do not want Marina to have it. mtw"
NOT TO WORRY! He slept with plenty of women after Marina, so if it IS syphilis, hopefully it happened after her.

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to miss these conversations with everyone. I have been thinking of the economic part. The will (Leopoldo Manrique's will) if there is no child, then the money goes to Isabel, not to Juana (his wife), Luis will get his share, then if Diego dies, then Isabel gets the rest of the money and Luis will get everything. Now if they go to court, Luis walks away with everything, not just part.
Is there a certain type of plot for telenovela's? Are they typical, what an ideal way, you just eliminate anything that gets in your way. I need Modesta to do my filing, my office is a mess. She could also organize my day a little bit better. MTW

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say that Diego has syphilis because it is incredibly degenerative and is one of the few diseases in which the sores on the skin bore right into the bone beneath. Maybe for the sake of the drama they aren't showing him with any outward signs of the disease but this weaknes and backache. And another possibility may be that his kidneys are failing because of the amount that he drinks.

I, too, want to thank you Melinama, for your hard work in keeping this blog current. I enjoy the episodes all over again the next day by reading the blog and it helps me catch the things I missed.

Now, about the family money: Can another plot ripple be that now that Tia Isabel put her money into Luis's name, the real Luis (Diego) could find himself in line to get it? Of course, if Diego (really Luis) kicks off because of his dissolute ways, all will be well.

I have been wondering about Modesta as well. Gasca is standing there choking and gasping and she's looking at him with a kindly, interested look. She doesn't bat an eye even though he could be dying? From her poison?

About the relationships, as I see them:
Juana's husband and Isabel were siblings. Juana and her husband were the parents of Luis (our Diego); and Juana is the aunt of our Luis, the real son of the conde.
The Conde was the father of the real Diego (our Luis); his mother was Aurora.

What I can't figure out is how Juana's husband was related to the Conde--was he his brother? Was Juana the sister of the Conde? That would make the most sense.

I'm so sad that the series is ending. Was Amor Real any good? Was it set in contemporary times?

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, having a MODESTA or MIRTHA or Cirilo type hanging around us day and night, being as loyal as a puppy dog and only looking out for our best interest---and if our children, boyfriends, husbands, relatives say or do ONE bad thing to us ---they would come to our defense (at least privately) and then work behind the scenes to make things better for us. Wonder if we could rent these characters, even for a week!

At 10:08 PM, Blogger melinama said...

I don't think I'd like a Modesta or Cirilo because they know EVERYTHING. There are NO secrets. I'm too private for that. I'd rather empty my own chamberpot than have somebody else peer into it...

Rosie, I personally enjoyed Amor Real a lot - though I think Colunga is better in this one than he was in that one, I think the costumes and locations in Amor Real were better. One thing I didn't like about Amor Real was that the hero and heroine got only the briefest moment of pleasure right before the final curtain. They really beat on these protagonists - I'd like to see them have a little more joy before it's all over...

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so great to come hear and read everyone's comments - and the recaps with commentary always make me laugh.

I got curious about Antonio's vanilla plantation - I knew vanilla came from an orchid plant and was, of course, imagining something like what we get for corsages. So I Googled and found out that vanilla comes from a VINE. It's in the orchid family, but it grows on the ground. It needs to be supported and shaded. And, yes, the best vanilla came from Mexico. So those questions were answered.

Hipolita has some ugly headgear, most of it right out of the period. Some of them look like Victorian straw hats, more suitable to a young girl than an adult. I figure telenovela stars, like the English royals, have to wear things that don't hide their faces.

I was watching Gasca scarfing down his bread and wine - I guess it's a step up from the classic bread and water diet used as a punishment. I've never seen him get anything to eat besides the bread - you'd think Modesta would bring some cheese, or meat (or even a tuna sandwich).

And having a Modesta would be nice ... I think I'd like a Vicente! (Does anyone know why most of the manservants at the Palacio Guevara wear those scarf-things under their hats?)
Susan T.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for removing the spoilers! Half the fun is trying to guess what is going to happen and why. So dear blog friends, please go easy on the spoilers, especially with only two weeks left (sniff).

Re: the Diego demise, here at work we think it is suspiciously coincidental that both Juana and Diego are becoming ill at the same time, but if foul play is involved then who and why? We have some theories and a couple of you have already touched upon them. However I also really like the VD theory, which we hadn't considered, because it is an absolutely appropriate demise for Diego. It's very interesting to read everyone else's points of view on these matters. Susan T., if I remember correctly Modesta brought Gasca some sausage the first time she visited him, she went on and on about it so I thought it might be poisoned. I would say he gave it to the old guy and maybe that's what did him in, except I don't see Gasca as much of a sharing kind of guy.

Shadowpup, your blog name is a scream, very tacky and hilarious, just like a telenovela. It also sounds slightly evil for some reason.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dona Juana was the conde's sister. Modesta did not kill Gasca, she just burned his vocal cords, so he can not speak. That is what seems to have happened. MTW

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Jean said...

What an action-packed episode last night! More interesting than Gasca's execution was Isabel's confrontation with Juana. Poor Juana - all painted up trying to look healthy. Isabel used a great expression- "Cria cuervos y te comeran los ojos," which I would translate as, "If you raise crows, don't be surprised when they peck you eyes out." I'm trying to think if we have an equivalent expression. 'Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas,' is doesn't have the same power. Is there some expression about vipers?

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's the "sharper than a serpent's tooth" about an ungrateful child (from King Lear, I think).

I was watching Juana playing with Raphael and thinking she's trying to repeat what she did with Diego ... now THERE's a scary thought!
Susan T.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Jean said...

Susan: The King Lear quote is closer but still doesn't suggest that the ungrateful-serpent-child actually inflicts physical harm on the parent as the Spanish expression does.

As for Juana and Rafael, I guess it depends on whether you believe in 'nature'or 'nurture'. Remember, Juana raised Luis too. Unless you want to suggest that there was something unhealthy about Juana's devotion to Diego, I think the worst she did is wilfully be blind to his faults and indulge him. I think he was a bad 'un from the beginning. Remember, we don't know anything about Juana's husband. Maybe he was a lazy, philandering drunk and Diego just takes after him! We know that Carlos was a good husband, loving father and all around nice guy and of course, Luis takes after him.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean. One english equivalent for "Cria cuervos y te comeran los ojos" might be "Breed ravens and they'll eat your eyes."

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Cria cuervos y te sacaran (o comeran) los ojos" is generally translated as "that's the thanks you get," or "biting the hand that feeds them," but that really doesn't say what Isabel means. That sort of translation faults the biter, not the bitee. Isabel is saying that Juana is at fault
because of the way she raised Diego. In effect, she is saying "you made your bed, now sleep in it," or "you created this monster, now suffer for it." The saying is so much stronger and more colorful than any English translation that I can think of. Kay

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Thanks Kay. I guess the English expression, "You reap what you sow" would be similar but I agree that the Spanish expression is much better.

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that Antonio doesn't die. It would be nice if he let Hipolita go (they could get an annulment based on non-consummation of the marriage though registering the child in his name might screw that up.) He could then marry Perla. But realistically (yeah, yeah, I know that we're talking about a soap opera) he wouldn't marry Perla because he is an hidalgo (nobleman or upper-class man) and wouldn't take a woman from the streets to marry, even if she had fallen through no fault of her own.

I am wondering about Modesta though; is she honestly devoted to Dona Juana or is she a villian that is going to come out of the woodwork at the end of the series?

Someone mentioned the way the cast interacts with that little Rafael. I really like the way that they continue to film when he's in the background making little kid noises. It's nice.

I am also amazed at Isabel's gumption. She may be my favorite character.

I don't really understand why La Poderosa had to maintain her position until the death of Ignacio. Does his death mean that she will no longer be "the Godmother"?

One last thing: What period is "Amor Real" set?

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosie: Amor Real is set during the Mexican Revolution which started in 1910. Try to get this DVD - it's great! By the way, I also think Tia Isabel is terrific!

At 4:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the original story which Amor Real was based on was indeed set in 1910, but Amor Real itself was backdated to the 1860s. Thus crinolines.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the recap of what happened to todays novela? I missed it and it ends tomorrow!!!

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know if Ipolita's husband dies...does Diego get to testify that she did not committ adultory?

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:24 AM, Blogger Victoria said...

I have now watched Amor Real, Alborada, and Pasion at least three times each and even knowing the endings doesn't take away from the pleasure of watching. All three times, I've learned and recognized new aspects of the characters and plotlines.
Fernando Colunga is so different in each of the three. I enjoyed Amor Real most of the three because here Fernando plays a man who overcomes a great deal to become the "hero". He plays a somewhat "flawed" man and Fernando does this character great justice.
Please do not watch the editted versions on DVD. Go to Youtube and watch.
I wish Carla Estrada would produce another historical telenovela since Pasion.


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