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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #28

This is a recap of the Univision telenovela Alborada. To read the whole post, click "read the rest" at the bottom!

If you are new, please visit the recaps in ORDER - they are listed to the right under a picture of Doña Juana and Modesta. See the bottom of this post for more information.
In case you haven't seen them - I painted a set of four scenes from Alborada and reproduced them as a souvenir of this blogging experience! You can look at them here...

Monday: I had another VCR disaster so when I got back from rehearsal I'd missed half the show. So Jean nicely blogged the first half for me. Here's Jean's half:


Jean: Modesta returns from seeing Gasca in prison and reports to Juana. They discuss springing Gasca from prison. Money isn't a problem but to bribe that many guards - someone might talk. Modesta says she will try and think of a plan.

Andrés tells Antonio he's spoken to Sara and Victoria and has agreed to marry Marina in two months. He needs to tell her, though, and asks permission to go talk to her. Antonio congratulates him and says he'll be sorry to lose such a good assistant.

Hipólita comes in to says that she's going to to visit her sister and mother. She looks a little guilty but Antonio doesn't seem suspicious. She also congratulates Andrés, who runs off to see Marina.

When they are alone, Antonio says he doesn't want to be fighting with her all the time. Hipólita agrees. Antonio asks about Rafael visiting Juana. Hipólita says she doesn't understand why Juana is interested in seeing Rafael since she isn't really his grandma, but she agrees - provided she goes along to make sure nothing happens to the stuffed boy. Antonio then says that Hipólita looks especially lovely today. Hipólita thanks him awkwardly and miracle of miracles doesn't start to cry.

Juana is making the most incredible mess of wool with her spinning wheel. Modesta comes in. She has been thinking in the laundry. Gasca will be sentenced to death for the murder of Victoria's husband; until then, he won't say anything about Diego because he believes that Diego is trying to free him from prison. A plan occurred to Modesta in the laundry but we don't know what it is ...

Hipólita gives the good news about Andrés and Marina to Catalina and Asuncion. Catalina is ecstatic - Asuncion is not so pleased. She doesn't want her son to marry into a Jewish family. Francisco comes in, helps himself to a drink from a locked cabinet without offering any to anyone else. When told about the engagement, you can see the dollar (or peso) signs in his eyes. He wants to speak to Andrés as soon as he gets back from the Palacio. Hipolita tells Catalina about visiting Juana with Rafael while the kid is yakking away in the background. Once again Hipólita discusses with Catalina her latest decision to run away with Luis. Catalina is doubtful.

Cristóbal in his hideous hat goes to see Sara and Victoria to tell them Gasca has confessed. They thank him for his help in bringing Gasca to justice and Victoria can't wait until he is executed. Victoria passes on the news of the Andrés/Marina engagement to Cristóbal. He points out that now they will be related by marriage.

Luis is stting up in bed giving orders to Felipe and Marcos. He wants his clothes and his horse. They plan his strategic withdrawal to Cristóbal's farm. Luis wants Marcos to go with him but they end up deciding that Marcos, Felipe and Carmela will all go.

Felipe tries to get Luis interested in his business dealings but Luis persists in his plan to give up all his money because he isn't really a Manrique. Felipe gets fed up and leaves while Hipólita and Rafael come in. Luis assures Hipólita that everything will come out ok and to trust in him.

Juana is talking to Diego who is in his underwear with hair unbraided. He doesn't understand what the delay is in getting Gasca out of prison. Juana says that it is dangerous for Modesta. 'So what,' says Diego, 'she's only an Indian.' 'Don't call her an Indian,' snaps Juana, 'You're going to owe her your life.' Juana wants Diego to not do any more stupid things. He agrees. Juana notices that he is walking in a funny way. Diego shrugs it off saying it is a result of his fight with Luis. 'But it was the last of his cursed life.' says Diego. WHAT DID YOU DO? demands Juana. 'Luis didn't leave on a trip,' says Diego, 'I sent him - on a voyage to eternity.' Juana staggers back to Modesta and tells her that Diego had Gasca kill Luis. 'Where is his body? Did they throw it in the lake?' she sobs. Modesta says maybe Diego will calm down now. 'I didn't want that at the cost of Luis' life,' says Juana.

Andrés shows up at the Palacio Guevara and finds Isabel walking with Marina. Andrés goes off with Marina and Marcos shows up. Isabel tells Marcos he's lost his opportunity for a rich wife. Andrés assures Marina that he loves her and is not marrying her for her money and they finally acknowledge their love for one another.

Vincente passes on to Isabel and Marcos the news about Gasca's imprisonment. Isabel says she doesn't like to see anyone tortured but Gasca deserves it. Marcos then says that he has come for Luis's clothes and explains about Luis going to the farm. Then in a very funny scene Cirilo appears and Isabel says she wants some of Luis' clothes. 'Why?' says Cirilo. 'Um, to give to the poor' says Isabel, thinking quickly. 'To give to the poor?' says Cirilo, very confused [Cirilo is very cute - I wouldn't mind having him for my body servant -- Jean]. 'Yes, to the poor,' says Isabel, exasperated. 'But Luis isn't here,' says poor Cirilo, 'it doesn't seem right..' 'I'm his aunt,' says Isabel, 'how can it not be right?'

Cristóbal returns from his errand and is told that Ramon and Arcadio have disappeared. Once again the news about Gasca's confession is passed along. However, the disappearance of Ramon means there is no proof against Gasca for the murder of Augustin.

Melinama staggered home and continued: Marina was bouncing up and down with happiness as Isabel and the ever-gallant Marcos were congratulating her on her upcoming wedding.

Leaving, Isabel and Marcos came upon Mirtha, Esperanza's mulatto servant (or slave), who bursts out saying: "I was only obeying orders." She's afraid the Inquisition will burn her up for being a negro.

Marcos is sympathetic and says nothing was Mirtha's fault, but Isabel snaps: she was responsible in that she slyly carried out Esperanza's shameless plans. Marcos reminds Isabel: servants who don't obey their masters get sacked. Isabel says Mirtha should leave the country, tells her how to find La Poderosa and ask for help, and says "I'll pay the bill later."

Mirtha then asks the location of "Consentido (Spoiled)," Esperanza's fluffball dog. Evidently he's been slumming in the stables. Isabel says she doesn't want him - he'd fight with her cat - so she lets Mirtha take him.

Mirtha takes the dog straight to Sara's hideout with her! As she arrives Victoria is saying she wants Marina to have a splendiferous wedding while mother Sara is saying it would be better to keep a low profile since they're Jews. "But my daughter was raised as a Christian!" "Nevertheless..."

Sara likes the dog ("Did you steal it?"). She and Mirtha pat it as they discuss getting Mirtha out of the country.

Andrés and his father Francisco have another argument. "I hear you're getting married." "Yes, in two months." "What about the dowry?" "We didn't talk about it." "Good, I'll take charge of that." "No, dad, I don't want you asking for anything." "Are you crazy? There are things you don't know [that Marina's people are Jews]." "I do know, and I don't care." "Well, I do! You're my only son, and if I'm going to agree to this marriage [with Jews] I'm going to get something in return - some of the dowry, and a hacienda in my own name!" This ends with slapping and Andrés saying "Before I let you get your mitts into this, I'll renounce any dowry entirely" "Then you won't marry." Andrés stalks out.

Finally I get to see Diego's intended! The families and lawyers are around a table signing a marriage contract. The woman is kind of silly and wears a hideous brownish dress of no particular century or cut. She giggles, "I was born to be married." Juana (who rolls her eyes continuously through this scene) replies: "Marriage is the best state for a woman of childbearing years." "I was so sad to be widowed, now I'm so happy and excited that Diego has chosen me!" "The most important thing is that Diego have a male heir." "Of course! I want lots more kids, as many as God sends. Also, I want you to know I will carry the title of Countess with dignity." (Giggles.) (Diego and Juana roll eyes at each other.)

The marriage contract is signed, Diego tickles his fiancee with the quill and swats her bottom.

Isabel and Luis are glad Gasca confessed and Victoria will finally be free after years of hiding. Isabel: "See, there can be justice." "Not always." He asks after Juana (formerly his mother) and Isabel says she's worried, Juana has not looked good since her illness. "Something's tormenting her - something beyond what she's already confessed to..."

Isabel tears up a bit over her supposedly dead nephew, buried with her brother. She wants to go visit them in the cemetery and then - speaking of visiting - asks Luis if she can visit him when he's hiding at Cristóbal's farm. "You don't need to ask, aunt." "Never stop calling me aunt!"

Marcos and Felipe have been preparing Luis's horse and clothes for his country retreat. As Marcos is leaving, Carmela comes hustling in: "I'm going to the market, can Marcos come?" Felipe tells her about the upcoming retreat and invites her to go there too, since he and Marcos will be there with Luis and she doesn't like to be alone. She loves this idea until she hears Hipólita will be visiting too. "Don't make that face, it wasn't her fault what happened to Martin."

Gasca's trial will be coming up soon because the case is so important to the Inquisitor (being as how it was his own brother who was murdered). Santiago is distressed to hear that Ramon, the man who can link Gasca to the death of Santiago's father, has disappeared. He says he and his sister are leaving town, say goodbye to Luis (I think we've had this scene about five times already). Cristobal and Felipe agree: There has to be something very important behind all this, something which involves both Diego and Juana, something big enough to make it worth assassinating Agustín!

Modesta takes her picnic basket to Gasca in prison to the sound of menacing music.

I love this next scene, of Antonio burbling happily about vanilla cultivation to Hipólita. We've never seen him this animated. He wants to buy his own land, near Diego's, and have his own plantation. When Hipólita suggests he see how the first one works out before buying a second, he dances about saying: all Europe craves vanilla! and the best vanilla comes from Mexico! "I never saw you so passionate about anything in Santa Rita." "Well, my mother thought I was a good-for-nothing and the land I inherited from my father was barren..." What is bitacora?

Diego shows up uninvited and falling-down-drunk (of course whatever mysterious ailment he has which causes his knees to buckle doesn't help). "I've come to celebrate my engagement" (falls on floor under table). Hipólita bolts and in the back room complains: "He barged in as if it were his own house - as a Count he should have some manners. That poor woman he's marrying! She may think she'll enjoy being a Countess but life with that lout is gonna be hell."

Diego asks, what's to drink? and Antonio says: water. Diego wants to hire him to be his administrator general: "Malaquías is a number cruncher, I need you to do what Luis used to do." "But his aunt says Luis is coming back." "Luis isn't coming back." "How do you know?" "I know."

Antonio says he's honored, but he doesn't know anything about Diego's many operations. "Malaquías will show you the ropes." "But why me?" "Because I trust you." Scene ends with, I think, Diego unable to get his wine into his mouth. Is that what happened?

Juana is sick in bed. She asks Modesta, home from her perhaps-malign errand: "How's Gasca?" "Better. Trusting."

Tuesday: I got back from a rehearsal at 11:30 pm and was watching my tape by 11:40. Now it's 1 am...

There is out-of-tune singing and anachronistic guitar playing (I bet the natives weren't playing seventh chords in folk songs back then) as Francisco comes to visit Andrés. "I'm just a little tomado, not drunk ... (He's had a few.) ... I started to drink when I had to leave Las Tunas, it's my only consolation." "But dad, you have work..." "As an employee of my son-in-law who can barely tolerate me. I used to be the boss. See how low I've fallen ... living all squished in ... locked between four walls in this reeking city when I always used to be out in the fields ... my pride's gone, you've no idea what it costs me to stay here. I feel humiliated, I'm so unhappy - help me, Andrés!" OH NO. Now they're trying to rehabilitate FRANCISCO? Let him burn! Let him be crushed by goats! I don't want him to survive!

Andrés says he'll help and they hug.

Isabel tells Marina she'll visit Victoria tomorrow and they'll plan the wedding together. She winks and says "I would have preferred Marcos for you." "Yeah, I like him, maybe if I hadn't met Andrés first..."

Juana cries in bed. Modesta: "You're sad because deep down you always loved Luis." "I loved him, yes, but it also hurts me that Diego did this." "He'd already tried a few times." "Yes, but now there was no need... Where's Luis's body, what have they done with it?" "Wherever one dies, wherever one is buried, we become dust. I'm sure Luis is with God." They expound upon his virtues: he was noble, generous, without rancor, people really liked him. "My brother will never forgive me." "If Rafael is here, he's of his bloodline, that'll do it." "But now with Luis dead..." They decide to go say a mass on the morrow.

Luis is READING! in bed. Cristóbal comes in, he's been cleaning up the farm so Luis's wound won't get infected. Luis asks if he can be godfather to Cristóbal's first son. "Who else would I choose?"

Some joshing about Cristóbal going off to Catalina prompts his actually knocking on her door! She lets him in, he says he doesn't want to wait any more, this time she's ready. There is new VERY bad nuzzling music, morphing into the old (also bad) martial nuzzling music. The nuzzling continues all the way through the commercials. In their robes in the morning they look pretty cheery! Cristóbal tells his wife to consider his room as hers. "What will the servants think?" "They'll think the boss finally did as God directs." Both tuck into breakfast.

Hipólita and Antonio discuss Diego's offer of the administrator's job to Antonio. "But that was Luis's job." "Diego assures me Luis is not coming back.... I guess they talked about it before Luis left." He's pretty excited about this opportunity. The vanilla plantation thing will go on as planned.

When Hipólita tells Luis: "Diego assured Antonio your "voyage" was permanent," Luis is indignant and says he now will not renounce a penny of his money. "How could Diego be so stupid as to offer my work to Antonio without even being sure I'm dead? Antonio was a fool to accept the job, it wouldn't be easy to straighten out Diego's business messes."

Cristóbal says it's time to go to the farm. Luis takes a minute to nuzzle with Hipólita and tell her he will never leave her side, it's a sacred oath. "Come visit often with my aunt." Then he leaves her side.

Diego greasily assures Fray Alvaro: "Esperanza lost her wits long ago and lied about me being father of her fetus, no, no idea who it really was or where to look next, sorry I can't be of more help. Oh, and you've no idea how SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED I was to hear I'd been working side by side with an assassin these ten years past! Shocked. Just shocked. I hope this won't stain my reputation." Alvaro sucks up to him, beaming, and says it won't be a problem.

Malaquías: "You can't have a new administrator until after Luis gives up the job! It's so complicated." "Well, make it happen. That's why I pay you." "Have you talked to Doña Juana about this?" "I'm TIRED TIRED TIRED of this question. My aunt has no voice nor vote in my affairs... Suppose my cousin died, what would happen?" "I know he has no will, so everything he has would go to his mother and the business partnership would be dissolved. But not to worry, he is in good health." "But he's gone and we don't know when he's coming back! I need somebody to carry on right now." "I can do it ..." "NO YOU CAN'T. Can't I have an interim administrator? I want Antonio, draw up a contract." Malaquías, doubtfully: "You think he's up to it?"

Isabel, who's come with Marina, whispers to Hipólita that she'll be visiting Luis tomorrow, they should go together. "Tell Antonio you're visiting me, no, better, tell him I'm planning to buy a farm and am going to look at some and asked you to come with me."

Andrés enters and all are pleased to see him, especially Marina. "Now that you two are getting married, you should get closer." They smile and slip out.

Isabel suggests it's time for Hipólita and Luis to flee; Hipólita fears Antonio will denounce them to the Inquisition and hound them mercilessly. "Well, find him somebody he will love more than he loves you, would he prefer a girl or a boy?" "He's not gay." "Oh, what a pity! ... wait, you haven't slept with him have you?" "Eew, no." Another discussion of whether Luis is Don Carlos's son.

Juana is still in bed, doesn't want to see anybody, tells Modesta to plan the murderous Diego's nuptials cause she, Juana, doesn't have the heart for it.

Jovial arrival of Luis at the farm, Felipe is no longer angry with Luis and will draw up the papers pulling Luis's money out of the family businesses (and date it to before his "murder"). Carmela feeds them, asking petulantly "but where's MARCOS?" her pet substitute for her dead son.

Team Luis laughs scornfully at the idea of Antonio (who didn't even know what vanilla looked like before he first visited his beans) taking over for Luis. They want Antonio to be caught in fraud with Diego, Cristóbal says it's undignified. I think they're trying to figure out a way to blackmail Antonio into giving Hipólita a divorce, they say they can't just take the indignity of all these lies and assassination attempts. "Shall we just offer our necks, like sheep, to be cut off?"

Juana is still in bed. Diego arrives, saying Fray Alvaro asked him about Gasca and Esperanza, "but I denied everything and all is well." "Aren't you worried about Gasca squealing?" "I'm sure the two of you will fix it." "What if we can't?" "You always can." He leaves and Juana says she wants to kill him. From her, these are serious words.

Hipólita arrives at the palace with Rafael, and Juana, joyful, struggles out of bed; she enters as Modesta is trying to teach Rafael, who is COMPLETELY UNINTERESTED, how to juggle. When Juana sees Rafael, the spitting image of his purportedly-dead father Luis, Juana can't stop crying.

This kid can talk a little now but he seems autistic. Drugs? He will not be winning an Oscar for this work. He almost never pays attention to anybody or anything. He's always looking off into the distance (at cameramen, probably). How come his mother doesn't notice he has a serious problem?

Isabel comes in and sees Juana tearfully promising stuff to Rafael, who is ignoring her. Marina, in her wake, whispers cheerfully to Hipólita (now that she's engaged, Marina is very pro-marriage): "Oh, your husband seems so nice." (Wearily:) "Yes, that's how he seems with other people."

Meanwhile, Isabel approaches for a kill. "Juana, Rafael looks SO MUCH like his father Luis, doesn't he?" Juana agrees, still crying. "And Luis looks SO MUCH like your brother Carlos! Tell the truth, sister-in-law: Isn't it true that Luis is Carlos's son and that this child is your nephew? The three are identical." (Wait, wouldn't Rafael be Juana's grand-nephew?) Juana gasps and bolts. Isabel smugly feels she has confirmed her hypothesis.

Modesta tries to console the sobbing Juana. "Don't worry, nothing will happen to Diego. Just say Luis is Carlos's illegitimate son and everything will be fine." "I'm so afraid." "Luis isn't here, and nobody will question your word. Diego may be angry but he'll just have to deal with it."

Isabel and Marina visit Sara and Victoria at the hoodlum hideaway. La Poderosa vehemently denies that Luis could be an illegitimate child of Carlos - she remembers how Carlos adored his wife Aurora. Isabel: "Maybe it was just a - slip." "In that case, Carlos would have told Aurora and they would have taken the child in and given him their name. Luis is not Carlos's bastard! I want to see Diego!"

New updates Wednesday and Saturday. The list of Alborada recaps is to the right - below the picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers in order!

You can buy (cheap) souvenir cards I painted in honor of our Alborada adventure
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At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These recaps are so important to so many of us that it's wonderful others are willing and able to support this little community when our generous hostess is prevented from blogging in her usual entertaining manner.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger UniqueMonique said...

Now that the end is rapidly approaching I realize how much I'm going to miss Alborada. Over the years several series on HBO have hooked me and I always mourn the end of each... I'm already feeling more then a little sad that soon I won't have my evenings with Luis anymore. However, I'll always treasure this time, the fun we've had hashing the characters and storylines over and the community I was lucky to have been a part of.

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in NC and do not speak any Spanish but I adore Aldorada! I have written to thank you before for all you do to help me understand what is going on, however I want to say again how much I appreciate you.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What is bitacora?"


"Es un término marinero. En el puente de mando o en la cabina del capitán se lleva un "libro de bitácora" que registra el rumbo, las novedades, etc."

So, in sailing terms it would be basically a "ships log" or in everyday terms perhaps a journal.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact (to follow up on the above), in computer terms your site could be considered a bitacora weblog/journal/etc.

Last night as I was watching I had a sudden feeling that Modesta lingered an unusually long time as Juana was resting. She turned and looked at her (Juana) a moment and pondered a piece of clothing (a dress?) It probably wouldn't fit with the style of the genre to pull a surprise plot twist, but.... the thought sprang to mind, what if Juana's illness (weak heart, inflamed "innards"...) is not of natural causes? Diego has been in the habit of ordering the "trip to eternity" for several that would have known that he and Luis were switched.... what IF he's quietly contracted Modesta to slowly poison Juana (one of the last to know of the swap), in spite of the fact she's his mother it would seem to cement him as a truly evil character to arrange the death of his own mother. (I guess if I were writing.... it would come down to how loyal Modesta is to Juana?) My wife is beginning to think that there's at least room for this possibility.... long look at the drink that Modesta brought to Juana after the first sip. Of course, it probably isn't so, because they usually telegraph plot lines like this pretty clearly (not quite as subtly as this...)

Of course, it would give a literal meaning to "estas me matando poco a poco" -> "you're killing me little by little...."

Of course, I feel like they've worked most every steriotypical soap opera plotline into this - I'm almost waiting for the evil twin to show up.... Good luck to anyone trying to chart a family tree for these folks.... (or maybe it would be easier in a way since there was one person who was the father of ??how many characters?? I've somewhat lost count...

I'm relieved that (judging by the last scene and preview) Sara has FINALLY had the recollection that the true Count had a burn on his leg (and she want's to meet Diego out of "curiosity"...) I do hate to see things winding down (in a way - in another way I'm MORE than ready for them to "get thee to the point already"... My listening comprehension of spanish has improved so much over the last few weeks with this show... last telenovela I kept up with was Amor Real (which I enjoyed quite a bit more...) But my understanding was limited to "getting the jist"... this time around I've got to the point where I've been translating some scenes for my wife "on the fly".

Of course, I've enjoyed this site as well to catch up with the episodes I missed at the beginning of the show and for the nights I felt like my ear just was too tired to keep up. (It reminds me of "ear training" classes for my music major - sometimes listening fatigue sets in and your success rate seems to plummet.)

Anyway I've burned enough bytes with conspiracy theories and ramblings... thanks for the summaries....

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I so want to see Francisco get trampled by goats now. Actually, I think I could go for any of that lot being trampled by goats. It's just such a terribly warped idea. *Grin* (I suppose pigs might be more fitting, but goats, for some reason, are more amusing.)

The Consummation of C&C was kind of a letdown. I mean, we have to watch every time Antonio crawls on top of Perla, but those two go straight from bedtime to breakfast? Pff. I didn't wait this long for that!

At 1:42 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Anonymous: I don't think I'm going to put money on the Diego-poisoning-Juana theory. He just seems too dependent on her - hysterically dependent - remember him falling on his knees and crying in her lap? And saying "you two can fix it" ? Also it would break an ironclad telenovela rule (or at least I think it's ironclad) that there is a strong bond between mothers and sons. Usually if there's a problem between them, it's because they aren't really related! It's amazing how often the switched-baby theme comes up, why is it so popular?

Would be happy to be proved wrong - those more experienced than I can undoubtedly think of some exceptions...

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, Sara's almost at the point of spilling the beans about who's who (the big Diego/Luis baby swapping). I can barely wait!

And could it be that Modesta is the evil genius? could she be poisoning Juana? could she be poisoning Diego? or is his lifestyle finally catching up with him?

I wonder if anyone thought of hiring Gasca to do away with Cristobal's hat? it could be his one good deed.

And one detail - I think it's lovely that Juana wears nothing but black - even her nightgowns and robes!
susan T.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I literally laughed out loud at the music they played during the big Consumation Scene. It was AWFUL! So cheesey. And, I noticed that right afterwards, they were both fully dressed again. I guess it will take them both a while to get up to speed in this area. LOL!

I will miss this show so much, I'm taping it every night and saving it. Unfortunately, I didn't think to do that until late January, so sorry I can't help any of you out with the early episodes! I only started watching myself in early January.

I will miss this board, too, and all of you. We should all reconvene here when the next period novella starts! We can even take turns recapping so it's not so hard on one person. That said, I do so love reading Melinama's recaps--you really have a gift for writing!

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Modesta is poisoning anyone, I do think she feels guilty about the whole baby switching thing since she has on occasion mentioned truth being their only way out.

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am very impressed by how many people watch Aborada. Spanish is my first language and been enjoying Televisa's Novelas since I was young. I don’t remember the last time I was so hooked with a Novela. I didn’t get to see Amor Real but I also heard great reviews.

Ran into Malinama's recaps by accident. I would try to get some sneak peeks in Mexican sites of what was going to happen.

Even though, Spanish is my first language...I like to come and see what Malinama posted. I find it very entertaining and great summaries. Wonderful Job! Also, some words from the colonial days I don't get. My older brother had to translate the word Alborada :)

Again, great job everyone for this great post. Shadowpup, I have to agree with you. I was very disappointed with C & C. Maybe because they are portrayed as very pure people, they didn’t want to mess that up. Who knows! But I have to agree with you on the disappointment!

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was disappointed with the C & C scene. At least they could have put Catalina in a more fetching nightgown instead of covered to the neck.

For info, I found a seller on eBay for the whole 21 DVD set of Amor Real with a great rating. I was thinking about buying it since you all say how wonderful it was, but there are no captions and I'm not sure my hearing would development enough to follow and, and then not being familiar with the storyline.
The seller is billed as greatnoveas (or was it great telenovelas. Anyway, you can't miss it. I'm trying to find out if he has Alborada.

I too can't imagine Modesta would poison Juana, but she sure did have a funny look fingering Juana's dress. Maybe she's wondering what will happen to her when Juana dies.

Does anyone know how old Fernando Colunga (Luis) is? My spanish speaker friend says he's not in the Spanish language magazines very often, and hasn't been rumored to have dated anyone since Thalia. Does anyone know any gossip?

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Well, anonymous, on Feb. 22, Lesa posted that Fernando Colunga turned 40 on March 3. I think she or someone else posted that he is happily married. Sorry. ;-)

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I want you to know how much you are appreciated. Recapping a telenovela was a great undertaking for you, and the other ladies that helped. These recaps have increased my understanding of the Spanish language. It has been wonderful to come here and get what I thought they were saying..confirmed. It has been a real confidence booster.

Thanks Again,

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diego's fiancee reminds me of the Spanish Infanta from the first _Blackadder_ series.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's just a shame that Cristobal and Catalina's "noche de bodas" couldn't of been just a little bit more passionate, I mean we've waited through their little kisses and hugs long enough that we should of gotten more. I remember that Amor Real was cut shorter here in the US in the about 8 minutes you don't think maybe Univision cut out Cristobal and Catalina making love? Maybe the censors said it was too hot to show on tv? It did seem like something was missing.
Someone wanted gossip on Fernando Colunga, your not gonna find much of that. Jean..your right Fernando is 40 years old. He was born March 3, 1966 and is an only child. No, he is not married, there have been relationships with other woman other than Thalia, but Fernando likes to keep his personal life private and he won't put up with the press or the paparazzi. I've followed his career for 8 years so I'm truly a fan of his and alway's will be.

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, I am more inclined to think that Antonio referred to his property in Panama as a vitacola, a vinyard. V's and B's often sound alike. Spanish learned by ear is a different animal than that learned in school.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Hi Bob -
I read it out of the subtitles. I guess the people who write the subtitles can be perpetrators of misspellings, too...

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Yes, you have to be careful with the subtitles in any language especially if it is a word that isn't used a lot. I just leave the subtitles on all the time so I don't have to change back and forth for Spanish programs. I was watching a cooking show in English yesterday and they were talking about the 'fond,' a french word meaning the bottom of something and referring to the flavorful brown bits that stick to the bottom of a pan when you saute something. The subtitles, however, read 'pond.'It was rather amusing.

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Acctually, I am afraid it is a computer writing the sub titles. The next time you receive your voter information foleto, read the Spanish portion. It is always a mess. Darn computer. Better to tranlated ideas rather than words.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I, too, don't think Diego or Modesta are poisoning Juana. In the scene you refer to, I think they are showing us the very deep love Modesta (did you see the tears on Modesta's face as Juana cried?) has for Juana - maybe Modesta has an idea how seriously ill Juana is?
Re: The Consumation Scene - how very disappointing - they missed an opportunity for a beautiful, sensitive scene! Hopefully, before the end of the novela we'll hear that Rafael is soon to have a cousin!

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few of you were asking about "Ultimas Semanas", this usually means there are 6 weeks left. Annoucing "Ultimas Capitulos" there is 4 weeks.
Annoucment of the "Gran Finale" is with 2 weeks left. They do this to boost the ratings and get more people to watch, because the last weeks are the most crucial to the plot and the most happens in these final weeks.
Also this Friday there will be no episode of Alborada, and this is supposed to also happen on April 14th also, which is Good Friday.
For those of you interested in Fernando Colunga, one of his earlier Novelas, "Maria la Del Barrio" will be rebroadcast on Telefutura, the announcement on the date has not been posted yet.
This Novela is the one he did with Thalia, it has 93 episodes, anyone interested should check the Univision website under the heading Telefutura for more information.

At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I love this novela! In fact modesta does poison diego and juana. Sara isn't sure of the switch but does know of the leg. And I do agree with the hat thing. If you want to find out information on Fernando just go to the web site with his name in search. All gossip is there lol. Does anyone feel the same I do about Rafael? I this it's fernando's baby in real life. Happy bloggin!

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad to find these updates. I watch all the time and understand very little spanish. But beleive it or not I actually got a good idea what was happening. Thank you.

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I too was disapointed with C & C's wedding night. I didn't need anything graphic but, geez, a little romance would have been nice after all that waiting. Also, if you post spoilers, can you plaster a big warning at the beginning of your message? That way I'll skip right over it. Thanks.

There's something fishy about Modesta. There was THAT LOOK she gave Juana that made me re-consider her "devotion". I think there is a surprise in store here. Or, at least I hope there is (love those plot twists).

It's facinating how both Luis (gosh, could he be more good looking?) and Antonio have been adulterers and lain with prostitutes yet become ENRAGED with just the thought of Hipolita with another.

I love "novelas de epoca". Yay.

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, i'm new here.
I want to ask about Fernando Colunga and Thalia. I already browse any website, but i found very less website for Thalia, especially Fernando Colunga one. Average ppl who made the forum wasnt ol since 2002 >_<" Is that because latin celebrity is not famous as US one ? Btw i'm curious about Fer love story with Thalia. How many years they dated? Why they broke up? Who dumped who? Did both of them still frenz or talk to each other? Did they really love each other? To frenz who is fans of both of them pls share the story, Thx ^__^
~ Linda ~


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