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Saturday, May 15, 2010

[Hannah]: Wedding Photography

Since $3,000 is about the typical rate for a wedding photography package these days, it is not surprising that brides feel they need to do things of extreme visual interest to make the expense worth while. I have helpfully provided captions for some of these brilliant concept photo shoots. Like this one, which I call:

"Wedding tragically ruined by terrifying invasion of bats."

oh god, look at those bats hovering above the white centerpieces in the last pic. vomit!

"Bride and groom spend hours hiding from marauding parents in ice cream parlor, accidentally get locked in and miss own wedding."

"Bride decides to blow off wedding, spend evening doing heroin alone in hotel room"

"Bride and groom decide to go ahead with wedding in spite of bride's tragic head growth"

I cannot even make fun of this picture because I do not understand how it relates to a wedding.


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