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Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Durham Chapel Hill Complaints Choir

What a day!! Four performances and then a recording session. Hot, too. I'm going to lie down now.

This is what I packed in the car today, starting at upper left corner:
Extension cord
Power strip
Easel (for the sign)
Tripod (for movie camera)
Extra batteries
Recording mics and their special clips
Amp (the actual one we used was much bigger and already packed in the trunk)
M-audio breakout box
Laptop and charger
2 copies of the song in notebooks
Video camera and charger
Extra string
Duct tape (no musician ever goes anywhere without duct tape)
Mic cables
Performance mics and clips

Inner circle:
Cough medicine for allergies
Music glasses
Music stand
Clothespins (to keep music on the stand)
XLR-to-quarter inch jack adapter



At 9:31 AM, Blogger Cap'n Sylvia Sharkbait said...

You look fantastic in that red dress.


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