Thursday, October 09, 2008

What did I buy this week? #8.

This was a big week for purchases, I'm doing my part to shore up the economy. First, my Sholom Aleichem bobble head doll. I admire it happily every time I walk into the kitchen. It was absolutely worth it.

I also bought two books on doing woodcuts and wood engravings (which I didn't draw because they just look like books).

I did a lot of re-stocking at the hardware store: jigsaw blades, latex gloves, chip brushes, sandpaper, a drillbit guide (because the guys in the store DON'T HAVE ONE and can't help when I say I need a drill bit for #10 screws), utility knife blades, replacement pilot hole drill bits with hexagonal ends, and new Gorilla glue and carpenter's glue.

Also two nice big clamps because (1) you can never have too many clamps; (2) I want a way to hold a sheaf of paper (to be perfect-bound into a booklet) together while I hit it with a glue gun - and my current clamps can't accommodate a big enough bar.

Or maybe I can just use this wonderful press which Bob is building for me. I haven't seen it yet - he just sent this picture. It's gorgeous!

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At 8:29 PM, Blogger Scott Davis said...

Your drawings really add a lot. What are you making with all the things you bought at the hardware store?


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