Friday, October 03, 2008

The first ever, revolutionary, stationary 2D Sarah Palin bobblehead doll.

So I spent so much time on the internet looking, first, for Sarah Palin bobblehead dolls. I thought they would be good for Paul to sell on Uncle Shlomo's pushcart. But turns out, it takes 90 days to get them made (and shipped over here from China) and we hadn't heard of her 90 days ago.

There is one Sarah Palin bobblehead doll on eBay, and it's really a cute one (right), but it's very expensive.

So then I looked into making them myself but that was too hard. Resin, molds, etc.

So then I thought up the idea of a two-dimensional bobblehead doll - it would be a stand up cut-out cardboard figure with a head on a spring. Except that the spring would fall over and you wouldn't be able to see the face.

Then I thought about trying to put the head on a stick and have it come out through a slot in the picture and maybe have a pulley and a counterweight so it would sway back and forth. Doable, but not in mass quantities.

So instead, I did a painting, and I'm making a postcard. See it in the next post . . .



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