Monday, September 29, 2008

New cd arrives - get it for $10 through October! And a CD release party...

So finally, finally, the new Pratie Head cd is here. It's called "We Did It! Songs of People Behaving Badly" and it's a collection of murder ballads, with a few other deadly sins thrown in for variety, and some tune medleys, of course.

We're having a cd release party Saturday, November 1 - the night after Hallowe'en - at the BROAD STREET CAFE in Durham, 1116 Broad Street, 919-416-9707. Show starts at 7 pm. We'll be selling cds for $10 that night!

If you are reading this before the end of October, I consider you a "friend" and you, too, can get the cd for $10, NO SHIPPING/HANDLING CHARGE!

See this special page to order at the sale price!

This weekend, we'll also be playing for free:
Sunday, October 5, 11-1 am: Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough, Sunday Brunch

Visit Skylark Productions to hear sound samples.

  • What a Shocking World This Is for Scandal (Thomas Hudson, 1802)
  • Lucy Wan
  • Punch and Judy (by John Pole)
  • Marrowbones
  • The Downfall of Piracy (by Benjamin Franklin and Jane Peppler)
  • Cat in the Cradle medley (includes Carthy's March #2 by Bob Vasile)
  • Bowie Bowerie (aka The Two Sisters)
  • Martin Hayes' and the Rubberman
  • Gypsen Davy
  • Jesuitmont (Justamont), music composed by Bob Vasile
  • Lamkin
  • Slip Jigs and Reels (by Steve Tilson)
  • David's tunes (Flying Home to Shelley, Paddy on the Landfill, Music for a Found Harmonium)
  • The Creel
  • The Laily Worm
  • The Wizard's medley (Tamlin, Napoleon's, Wizard's Walk)
  • Fear No More the Heat of the Sun, words by Shakespeare, music composed by Penka Kouneva (of which this is the first performance recording ever)!



At 8:35 AM, Blogger Cap'n Sylvia Sharkbait said...

Hooray! I just placed my order! I'm excited, can't wait to listen.


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