Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Real Americans for Obama" campaign buttons

Hannah and I had our first election politics conversation tonight. We're trying not to get our hopes up too high about the election. I had planned to go far out of town, out of reach of the radio, and not come back till it was All Over. However, I just volunteered to work for Obama Saturday and Monday before election day so I guess I'm sticking around.

Paul (aka Uncle Shlomo) and I are going to the North Carolina State Fair tomorrow, to look at the crafts in the "House of Yesteryear." Remembering that the fair is a dishearteningly hearty bastion of Red State conservatism, I stayed up late making these buttons for us to wear as we promenade alongside our fellow Americans, ogling the blooming onions, deep-fat-fried Twinkies, cotton candy, and gigantic turkey legs.

(I finally found a news source I can tolerate - the Daily Show - and was incensed to see its clips of Sarah Palin talking about "Real America" and "Real Americans" and McCain's press secretary saying they would win "Real Virginia" as opposed, I guess, to "Commie Virginia," or perhaps, as Hannah proposes, "Real America" is simply a vile code phrase for "America where everybody is white.")

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