Saturday, October 18, 2008

Menticia and I visit "Free Press Day" at 311 West Martin Street

Last week I endeavored to lure Menticia into enjoying my new hobby of printmaking. She chose a Sachel Paige quote in a modern incarnation and cut it into a linoleum block and we rubbed a print.

I was searching online for printmakers in North Carolina and found, at the North Carolina Print Network blog, that there was an open house and hands-on demo today in Raleigh at Judy Jones' 311 Studio, so Menticia and I went over.

I did an "intaglio" print on plexiglass while Mentica worked on a collagraph made from old embossed wallpaper and other found objects.

Here are some pictures of her manning the press, and the very helpful printmakers, members of Printmakers of North Carolina, who rent space from Judy Jones and who were on hand to show all and sundry how to do it!



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