Friday, October 17, 2008

[Hannah]: A conversation

Companionable Atheist: Some of the criticism I've been reading for my class this week is really lousy.

Hannah: Like what?

CA: These people can't get over the concept of reality.

H: There are two kinds of writers. Philosophers, who can't get over the question of whether anything "exists" or not, and everybody else.

CA: I have no patience for this stuff. They use all these murky concepts they don't define, and then worry that they can't prove anything.

H: Reality exists! Get over it!

CA: If Kant has a problem with everything, the problem is usually Kant.


At 7:33 PM, Blogger --Lisa S. said...

Dear Young People:

Wonderful that you have opportunities to ponder this stuff. I never studied it, only lived.

While I don't think I've sold out, I have over the years changed my view in that I no longer think there really is Reality, only Perception. Am I wrong?


--Lisa S.


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