Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was pointed to these sci-fi illustrations at "Dark Roasted Blend." All I have to say is, if I were that woman on the right, I would have a much more anxious look on my face.

Here's another lovely one:



At 2:32 AM, Anonymous stephe said...

If I were that woman on the right, I'd be one happy bunny. LOL

Very cool stuff. Thanks, Meli.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger fresca said...

I was browsing through blogs that list "Elling" on their Favorite Movies list, and found you!
Coincidentally, I had just been discussing in a comment on my blog what the difference is between a rocket ship and a spaceship, and I'd said I think of "rocket ship" coming from the era of great sci-fi pulp art. And now here's this great link!

Through DRB, which I'd never seen before, I also found a site with instructions to knit Dr. Who daleks.
I don't knit, but I'm hoping some knitting friend will get the hint for my birthday...

Thanks for an amusing blog!


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