Friday, December 07, 2007

The Seven Deadly Arts (according to Goines)

Found this on David Apatoff's Illustration Art.

Fond memories: I used to have this Goines poster on my wall way back when.

Goines opined:
Just as there are Virtues and Sins; just as the Letter killeth and the Spirit giveth life, so are there Arts that prosper humanity and arts that are a pain in the neck.

The Seven Deadly Arts are:
  1. Mime
  2. Science Fiction Poetry
  3. Performance Art
  4. Bell Ringing
  5. Liturgical Dance
  6. Experimental Film and
  7. Decoupage
Anybody care to add to that list?




At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Lin B said...

Ouch. I play in a handbell choir. I grant that it has occurred to me that it's probably a lot more fun to play bells than to hear bells being played. But surely there's some "art" involved when it's done well? Think Raleigh Ringers. In fact there probably could be art in everything on that list, even though I'd agree with the listmaker that there usually isn't. But I hear and see a lot of other "arts" that don't have much of that in them either.

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

I agree with everything on the list except decoupage and bell ringing. My girls loved being on the bell choir at church and I love to listen to bell choirs. Also, I've done some decoupage , and I like it and think that it does involve some creativity in putting the images [colors and shgapes] together.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Alma said...

Blue Man Group. Not Art.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger Gene van Troyer said...

Since I'm feeling in a knee-jerk mood:

Looking at the list, I can tell that Goines must feel that these artistic pursuits take up time or space that people ought to be devoting to his own work so that he can make more money.

He might add the following to his list:

The Idle Thoughts of Goines
Taking Goines Seriously
Anything Created by Goines

He can put them on his list in the place of Science Fiction Poetry, Bell Ringing, and Decoupage.

Perhaps someone will do him the great favor of producing lines of toilet paper, diapers for babies or incontinent adults, and tissue paper for nose blowing that are imprinted with the images of his own work, so that they might receive their proper due.


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