Friday, November 30, 2007

A donkey wedding in Texas

Lee Fifield writes about taking her female donkey to meet a swain. Donkeys are pregnant for about a year...

The Texas sky glowed and blue and pink and crimson colors were all about in the west and I stood next to JLo and said, "My herd, JLo is leaving in the morning to get married to Midnight. We all must say our goodbyes as she must be safe in foal before coming home - or, if she does not take, we will welcome her back as our own regardless.

Stash (gelded as he is), still flush with the courting play all afternoon, was interested. Gisele, who I think of as a little girl, well I didn’t want to go into detail with her about what was to transpire with JLo and the perils of field breeding, such matters should not concern a young jennet.

This is a great occasion! There will be another among us! I gave everyone a piece of black licorice and we celebrated in our own ways. A year is a long time to wait.

This is what Lee had to say afterwards:

Nuptuals / yucky

I got up, changed the batteries in my camera, loaded JLo up and entered into the fray, visions of white gauzy lace enveloping JLo's head as her betrothed gently plied her with grapes.

Well, it was a most business-like affair. She was unceremoniously tied to a fence. Her betrothed was led out, a strapping handsome fellow, black as his name, Midnight, In circles nearby, ogling her disrespectfully.

Jacks have a way of bellowing their intentions and he wasted no time. It was over before I was able to even begin the ceremony music, the text was left unspoken. He was led quickly away, a workman in a truck who had stopped speechlessly at the sight, shook his head grinning, and drove away.

Such is life, everyone seemed satisfied and pleased, even JLo. I began to immediately think of names.

Lee (the one at the donkey wedding in Texas)

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At 3:23 PM, Blogger Alma said...

Oh my! That is unceremonious! I have to wonder, what did Lee expect to photograph with the camera?

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

Slam , Bam, thank you, JLo.***Susanlynn


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