Friday, November 23, 2007

My Thanksgiving blessings.

I was so so happy to have Hannah and her swain here for Thanksgiving. We made a great dinner, took walks with the donkey, tried to catch chickens (occasionally with success), and listened to music. The weather was fabulous. And we're still above ground.

Here you see Hannah crocheting herself a hat. She would make four stitches, put it on, say "it's not long enough yet," take it off, and crochet four more stitches. Her swain was helpfully holding the floss and untangling it when necessary.

And here is the finished product, modeled by the satisfied artisan.



At 5:31 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

Hannah looks cute in her new hat. Now, she needs to make one for her mommy. She reminds me of my Renaissance Woman younger daughter who has tried her hand at baking, papermaking, crocheting, painting and decorating furniture, etc. One Christmas, everyone she knew received long, crocheted scarves. I love mine. I made no less than 20 afghans in the 2-year period when my dad was sick. Everyone I knew received kids, my friends, my kids' friends. Now, I can't bear to think of making an afghan...I guess that in my mind I connect it to my dad and his suffering. My sister is always crocheting or knitting something...afghans, baby hats and sweaters, etc. There is something special about making something with your own hands.


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