Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An unexpected visitor breaches the deer fence.

Last night I made dinner for Zed and a friend of mine who'd kindly fixed Zed's computer.

As I was proudly showing our visitor the acres I recently weed-whacked, a little tiny dog came skittering out of the woods and kow-towed at my feet.

This was very unexpected - my deer fence keeps out most unwanted critters - but he was so tiny he just slithered under the gate. I carried him back to the gate and discovered two not-much-bigger adult dogs looking in.

I tried pushing this little one back under the gate a couple times but he kept creeping back to me. He's evidently a people dog.

The other mutts skootched under the gate too, but they soon got bored and left. This one refused to leave. Luckily, he had a tag with his name and phone number. Dog owners, this is a VERY good idea!

So, his name is Tucker. Zed called Tucker's parents, who live down the hill and across the railroad tracks, and they said they'd come get him in a while.

So I tied Tucker to the picnic table and we enjoyed his sweet company during dinner. He didn't do the things dogs do that make me hate them - he didn't bark, he didn't scratch, he didn't poop or smell bad, and he didn't beg.

Zed's been after me to get an animal for ages - he thinks I need the company - but I've told him I don't want to become one of those eccentric old ladies who coo to their animals and hold inane conversations with them. If I want company, better I should spend time with a human or two.

But I must admit Tucker was very cute. He was in fact all tuckered out after his epic trek through the woods and first fell asleep in my hand as I was holding him aloft and then collapsed on the patio.

I have to admit I fed him (Zed made me) a few pieces of chicken out of our curry. He liked that quite a bit. Then his humans came and took him home.

Thanks to my friend John for fixing the computer, and for taking these pictures. And for bringing me perfect presents - safety goggles (so juicy bits of poison ivy don't fly into my eyes when I'm weedwhacking), work gloves, and chocolate. This is a friend who understands me.



At 4:00 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

Ahhhhhh...what a cute visitor. Loved the photos !


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