Monday, June 18, 2007

Or maybe I'm just selecting for squirrels that don't like peanut butter.

Now commences in earnest the quest to reduce the number of bold genius squirrels hoovering up sunflower seeds on my kitchen porch. Here is the latest, ready for removal.

The last straw: discovering that by scaling my screen door and jumping, HARD, he can attain the rafters of my porch roof and gorge on suet, one squirrel at least has made 100s of vigorous trips up the screen. Which is now completely busted.

In 2005, I caught 34 squirrels. In 2006, owing to Zed's lyrical, histrionic guilt-trips, I caught but three. I caught three in the last two days. I'm taking them to the same place so they can meet up there again and joyously say, "Ah, you've come to the New Land!" and ask the recent arrivals: "How are things in the Old Country?" and smoke and reminisce. It will be a fine life.

Is it really true squirrels can find their way home from miles away, or is this a paranoid delusion? How would you really know it was the same squirrel?

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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read, on a Web site that seemed legit, that this guy trapped and tagged squirrels, and that one squirrel made it back from something like 25 miles away (or maybe it was 40 -- details are hazy now, but it was FAR). So I hope yours are going far, far away. Also, according to that site, it's illegal to move wildlife - can spread disease. So do it surreptitiously.

After many years of trying, we at last have a birdfeeder set-up that's squirrel proof ... so far (about 6 months). It's on a pole, with a baffle above that's part of the feeder and a baffle below that we added. Ugly, but it works. And it does my heart good to see the little devils' frustration as they try and try again to get past those baffles.


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