Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More gems from the folks at Caray Caray!

Some of these were collected by Marycelis. They are from the recappers and the people who leave comments at Caray, Caray! my telenovela blog.

Puny, moribund Angel snoops around Don Max's office and I must say he looks dreadful. He looked better when he was about to die. At least Sexy Nurse Susi used to wash his hair.

When Angel and Emilio are alone Angel whips out the incriminating red folder. Emilio looks at it and shows no emotion whatsoever, but the background music tells us that he is muy impactado.

The 2 person recap reminds of two runners collapsing and helping each other across the finish line.

Ok. So, Rod has been sexually repressed--talk about feeling someone's pain-- for nearly 3 years now. I would say the dam should be about to burst if Gavi ever makes it back to the DF. Caveman style would be my guess right now, unless the scriptwriters are all metrosexuals and/or Sofia types.

Evidently, becoming a psychiatrist in Mexico involves a process similar to entering the Miss Universe contest. I'm pretty sure that there must be height and weight restrictions. And I think that Sophie should go to the local community college, get some training, and get a job. [Perhaps the ever-groveling Elvira could point out to Sophie that this is how the rest of us non-Montalvos pay for life's necessities [twinsets, hair products, tequila, CFM boots, etc.].

Three minutes later, and back to Lety in the parallel universe. She's wearing a light green gown with what I believe is called a keyhole neckline showing a bit of cleavage; flaming red (almost purple) hair; enough makeup to kill an Avon lady AND a Mary Kay lady; properly tweezed eyebrows; a hairless upper lip; and a fur coat. Her glasses are gone - I don't know if they just happened to have her contact lens prescription on hand, or if her vision is better than we had been led to believe, or if the tension on her braces had been so tight that it strained her eye muscles and now they're all better now.

Emilioooo and Alina finally stop praying and sit down. Emiliooo asks her if she loves him and he wants the truth. Um, hasn't this been covered? LIKE A MILLION TIMES? Cripes these people can't remember what happened five minutes ago. She doesn't answer in .005 seconds so he says "Answer me!" Yeah Emiliooo women LOVE that.

After the commercial, we get to hear Angel's deep inner thoughts. "She thinks I'm dead. I'm not. Alina is suffering." It kind of sounds like a Mexican Incredible Hulk. "rrrRRrr Hulk not dead."

Wow, nothing like an ultimatum to completely freeze up a hopeful mother's ovaries. Doesn't Aaron know that stress is very bad in this kind of situation? I hope he's shooting blanks and when he finds out he becomes so emasculated that his pitito will shrivel up and blow away in the desert wind.

Also – this window has crossbars made of balsa wood. Elias couldn't have attached THAT with his mighty +1 pickaxe of excellent escaping? No, he has to go after the one part of the barn made of steel. Soledad herself could just kick out this window and be on her way.

Out in the night, all the servants of la Rinconada and apparently some workers too, are running around with lit tree branches, as Chris pointed out, like the villagers looking for Frankenstein's monster. These branches must have some special property since they only burn at the tip and never consume the wood, as if they had their own fuel supply inside.

Yes, it's Santos the wimp! He knows how to lasso! He's on his white horse and he drags Castulo around behind him. But wait, what the??? He actually allows Castulo to stand up and get free. Santos you magnificent dumbass, you complete and utter asshat! You're a wimp and now Castulo's going to kick your skinny behind.

Haaaa Orlando says he's tired of looking everywhere for her, "I'm going to take a bath." What is he a woman or what? Calgon take me away. A man would typically say "I'm going to go find something to hit" or "I'm going to go get drunk." I'm not sure "I'm so irritated, I'm going to take a bath" really pushes up Orlando's reading on the macho-meter.

Thanks , Margaret. Exactly why is Emiliooo going after Loco NOW ? He's been just kind of ignoring him since the show began many, many moons ago when dinosaurs still roamed the land....or does it just seem like this telenovela has been droning on that long ?? And, THE BOTTLE of unnamed potion looks like a bottle of Prell to me. It is the exact same color as Prell. Maybe Luba shampooed the guy's son to death.

Aiiii! i just made a note to myself if ever i am to drink a bottle of Luba's Prell I will make sure she has the antidote ready AHEAD of time .... it's not ready, no one else knows how to make it, and she doesn't have all the ingredients, and then she decides to have her final fight with the ugly smelly guys ....hey Thelma, can i borrow a cup of herbs?

Also I have decided that Lety & Aldo belong together and I am quite happy about fact I think they would make great neighbors ... kinda like Ned Flanders is to the Simpsons ... you know, Aldo would cook all kinds of awesome stuff and invite you over, you could probably dump the kids there for six months at a time, I bet Aldo would even mow your yard ... And no matter how you let yourself go ... Well, you'd still look better than the neighbor lady ...

About the secret sign-in letters. Exactly how secret are they if you look at them and ... there they are? What is the point. As someone mentioned the only ''secret'' part I've noticed is that I sometimes am not sure if I am looking at a secret ''i'' or a secret ''j''. I suppose they would be useable to anyone who does not know the alphabet. Oh, and let's keep this a .... secret ... okay ???

People sure like to lay down and die in this show. Maybe disorganized, stoned Luba put a spell on them, or maybe they got a hold of her pakalolo and got too high, that's why they just let themselves sink to the bottom of the swamp. At least there are no pesky bodies to dispose of like with huge Castulo.

Advance for tomorrow: The doctor says Duhlina is dead. Soledad slumps to the floor and Duhmilio practically gets a hemorrhoid trying to look anguished.

Thanks to Univision. There's no other language we can all learn just by turning on our tv subtitles and kicking back and watching gorgeous people shag and stab each other while spouting off helpfully repetitive speeches.

Cut to DonLoco spewing blobs of whipped cream out of his mouth. The guards restrain him as he foams and shouts "that bastarda is not mine!" Dra. Loca rushes in and tranquilizes him. I think his white frothy sputum is yogurt, not whipped cream, it's getting runny and dribbles down his chin. Dra. Loca orders the nurse to draw his blood and then thought bubbles "only the truth will cure him." The truth never worked too well before. She's in for some nasty surprises.

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At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Judy B. said...

All priceless gems. These should be in a nationally sindicated magazine somewhere. I feel sorry for all those who do not know about this site...they are missing a real pleasure.
Did I miss "que the hell"? Beckster has coined a new recurrent phrase that we look for along with "impactado".

Judy B.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Ferro94 said...

Great stuff. I love reading one and laughing and then suddenly realizing it was written by me. This is a great way to get some snippets from shows that I don't follow too.
I love the bit about the tag team recap, that's hilarious.

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Margaret (not recapper Margaret) said...

I loved this:

<"Thanks to Univision. There's no other language we can all learn just by turning on our tv subtitles and kicking back and watching gorgeous people shag and stab each other while spouting off helpfully repetitive speeches.">

Absolutely wonderful! And it applies not just to any one show but to the whole caraycaray site. It should become the motto.


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