Friday, April 06, 2007

What they're saying over at 'Caray, Caray!'

The folks at my telenovela blog (on which I now have a team of about two dozen recappers and many enthusiastic commenters) like it when I post some of their "good ones" over here. I haven't had the time to choose any lately, so this batch is mainly courtesy of Marcelis.

[About an obscene painting of a conch shell.] I will never be able to look at that painting again without imagining 1920'ish lacy giant bloomers covering that gaping pink whatever it is. And I can just see Luigi waltzing in wondering if Lety will let him borrow them.

Nurse Susi's outfits just keep getting tighter, shorter, and lowercut. Evidently, as long as she wears that tiny white nurse's cap, ANYTHING passes for a uniform. I am expecting to see Good Nurse Susi in a white bikini in tonight's episode. That poor actor who plays Angel must be damaging himself with all the fake coughing. It's like when you call in sick to work when you are actually as healthy as a horse and on your way to the movies/beach/baseball game. ''I can't ... COUGH ... come in today ... COUGHCOUGH ... because I have .... COUGHCOUGH ... this really bad cough ..... COUGHCOUGHCOUGH.''

Meanwhile, inspired by George W. Bush's manhandling of Angela Merkel at the G8 Summit, Aldo continues to grope Lety about the arms, shoulder, and neck. Why doesn't he just pee on her to mark his territory?

NN is in the background and she looks concerned (because she's the one hiding the slave inside the convent). They ask if they can check the pantry (perhaps they are hungry?).

Bernardo meets Diego in the Bat Cave and gives him the key (don't even get me started on where did he get this done, this time of night….I guess we can assume that Bernardo has some excellent metalworking skills…..I suppose we all need skills to fall back upon in hard times---or maybe the Los Angeles blacksmith gets to pull in some overtime, helping out Zorro at all hours of the night)

Also I gotta say, these actors with agave machetes are not believable. Are you guys remembering to hold them with the sharp side down? You look like you're dabbing at those plants, not hacking at them. Well, maybe the props guy said "Be careful, don't wreck them, they have to last all week, agaves don't grow on trees you know."

Sylvia~~`About Gav's headress [what is up with that??? Was she like ''Miss Agave 2005''??]--Anyway, would you settle for one of those foam Statue of Liberty headpieces?? - I could pick one up for you the next time I am in NYC !!^^^susanlynn, always trying to help make dreams come true

Also, it seems that our hunk of love should've given his fiance a little more than a watch before he left for a year. I mean, a phone number, phonecard, or even preposted envelopes would've been thoughtful. You know, in case of emergency, or pregnancy. For being so smart, he couldn't figure a method of communication with the love of his life -- just see ya in a year. Sheesh....

We open with Gaviota singing a good song and Rod gazing at her with intimations of impending turgidity. "What I feel for Gaviota is LOVE!" he explains to himself. Heh heh. Where was he when he was 16 years old?

He tells them he will marry Tropy Whore Barbie very shortly. They are just totally gleeful at the thought: she is their kind of people, rich and vapid.

You can see an anvil falling: the Nun has one of those "You're so cute, but good luck with that marriage thing..." looks on her face.

[About a cast member suddenly replaced...] What is the deal with this new Hugo, anyway?! I have enought trouble telling apart the servants on this show as it is. I was pleased to have figured out that Hugo was the guy who always wore a bandana. But New Hugo doesn't wear a bandana! How am I supposed to recognize him now? Plus, old Hugo was 20 years younger and 20 feet taller than New Hugo. He reminded me of Bluto. The new Hugo doesn't even look like Popeye! This is a travesty!! OK, back to the recap.

Whoaaa...he has a fuzzy white fantasy that they are getting married. He gives her a gross lamprey wide-mouth bass kiss. Oh wait, no...It's Flor's dream. She mumbles his name. Bleh.


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Loved them all! ROFLOL


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