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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Art Retreat with Jane Filer at the Trinity Center

I picked Hannah up at the airport Friday morning and we drove down to Salter Path, to the Trinity Center. There were 30-some participants; we unpacked in our dorms-by-the-lagoon, then took our art supplies to our working room. Hannah and I shared a table and set up our stuff and left it there untouched for 48 hours, bliss!

Here we're listening to Jane Filer give a talk as she painted on her canvas-in-progress.

It's amazing that she can talk and paint at the same time. Sometimes the messages her canvas is sending her are very loud and she has to stop talking and listen to them.

Little zots of communication travel back and forth between her eyes and the surface. I guess you could say the paint she has laid already laid down is communicating back to the mother ship.

Below: Hannah at our station.

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