Sunday, October 08, 2006

Still raining in the sukkah....

... see, what did I tell you? It started raining the night before Sukkot and has been raining almost continually since then. You can hear the collective "GRRR!" from the local community...

There was a brief lull yesterday morning, long enough for me to wipe off a chair and have a cup of tea outside. And last night, after I got off the elliptical trainer - I'm currently watching "Lost" season two, but not enjoying it much, I'm tired of people running through the jungle looking worried - I noticed it was cold and windy but not raining, so I put on my coat, plugged in a lamp, dried off a chair again, and had dinner (a banana) and another cup of tea. And it still wasn't raining so I read for an hour listening to the sounds of the night. It was lovely.

A sukkah is not really something you're supposed to sit in all alone - you're supposed to be sharing with friends and family - so I felt a bit morose, but still, I'd fulfilled the mitzvah so I was content.

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At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I lived near, I would pop over and share the banana and tea with you .I'm not Jewish, but I love to eat outdoors. Hubby and I live on our patio and deck in the summertime and eat all our meals there. Susanlynn, willing to bring her own banana and cuppa tea


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