Friday, September 29, 2006

Melina's Life: El Comico Timido, El Yeshivabocher, El Productor

Three in a row this week. Whew. And all on weeknights. I'm going to have to get some sleep this weekend.

El Comico Timido seemed reasonably lively, observant, and sweet on his profile. I picked him because it said that he built his own loft bed, and I've been a little bit grumpy these days that neither I nor anybody I know is able to produce anything that is concrete and useful. When he showed up, he was a little bit tongue tied, and sometimes when I made a joke his eyes would widen slightly in alarm as he tried to figure out if I meant what I was saying. I liked him fine, but guy didn't come out of his shell too far. My male friends argued vehemently to give him another chance, but I might have scared him too bad already.

El Yeshivabocher was the one who asked if I was a mod or a rocker. Apparently it's a quote from a Beatles movie, and I should have maybe googled it before I started making fun of him for it. Oops. He turned out to be a solemn, stooped med student, with that pale yeshiva face (radiologists sit in dark rooms all day, just like their ancestors) but he had the spark of life. I liked him a lot, and he said the same, but people lie like crazy at the end of a date just to make things less awkward. So I have no idea if he's actually interested. Sigh.

El Productor I called because I had two tickets to a great concert last night and he said he liked the singer. He did, and he came bearing a CD of her earlier work and a package of gummy bears, which were both very pleasing in the eyes of Melina. Another great guy. Wow, so many great guys out there! He's just not a match, though - but it was nice to have the company.

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At 6:50 AM, Blogger melinama said...

Maybe El Yeshivabocher is like your brother, and will wait so long to get up the nerve to call you that you've decided already he's a jerk and moved on.


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