Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In honor of Mel Gibson

From quite a long time ago, but still good...

The line in front of the cheese-shop in Warsaw is long and people are tired of waiting. Eventually the store-keeper comes out and announces "We are very low on cheese; all Jews must leave the line." So the Jews in line quit the queue and head for home, empty-handed.

Quite a lot later the same official reappears and announces, "We are even lower on cheese than we thought. All non-party members must leave the line." So all the non-card-carrying members standing in line begin heading for home, equally empty-handed.

More time passees, and the official reappears. He declares: "All Serbs and Croats must leave the line; we haven't enough cheese for you." Disappointed, they, too, leave the line and wander off.

Well, naturally, quite a lot later the same official appears and informs the remaining people: "Unfortunately we have run out of cheese entirely - you may as well all go home." He disappears back into the store, locking the door and closing the shutters behind him.

"Isn't that just the way it always is," mutters one old man as he departs. "Those damn Jews get all the breaks!"

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