Friday, July 28, 2006

Serendipity Strikes...

Tonight my posse and I headed out to Brooklyn. THe plan was to catch a movie in Prospect Park. This event was the following. First, the Balkan Brass band "Slavic Soul Party" would play. Then, they would screen a movie on a giant screen with a projector as thousands sat in the grass in the park and watched. The movie was Dracula - the real, old version with Bela Lugosi. Instead of the film's origianl soundtrack, the Kronos Quartet would play, live, the original score for the movie.

This was a fabulous event for about 15 minutes. Boy was this some fabulous acting. It's all in the eyes. Dracula, man, what drama. What heavy-handed foreshadowing. The crowd of thousands broke into cheers basically any time Dracula's face showed on screne. However --- after 15 minutes it started to pour rain and thunder and lightning very close by. The poor musicians, of course, had to stop. For safety reasons they stopped the movie and forced everyone to leave the park.

I always end up in brooklyn in times of extreme weather - snow, rain, floods, fires - it's always something, and I always end up having to walk for miles in uncomfortable circumstances. Luckily this night was different - we stumbled into a local bar, not two blocks away, to get out of the rain. And it just so happened that in this bar a super sexy Brazilian band was playing beautiful samba tunes all night long. The locals were handing out slices of watermelon and dancing dancing dancing. We were soaking wet but we loved the samba and it could not have been a better evening.


At 7:06 PM, Blogger novelera said...

So descriptive! This definitely made me want to be in New York. Darn shame about the rainstorm in the middle of Bela's emoting! But the Brazilian music and the watermelon are perfect examples of serendipity. Similar things have happened to me so many times in my life - starting out to do one thing and having something perhaps even better fall into place.


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