Monday, July 24, 2006

In which Melinama visits her second sporting event in two weeks!

Yesterday we went to Place de la Concorde (did I spell that right? I am still boycotting the French language, as my head is completely stuffed with the Yiddish that's being packed into it every day) and walked, stood, and sat around for many, many hours waiting for the Tour de France. It was worth it. The racers were preceded by an hour of what you might call floats if they weren't whizzing by so fast - cars built like ice cream cones and cellphones carrying busty girls jiggling in tight t-shirts as they do little dances while the drivers careen back and forth madly. Then there was a silent 45 minutes or so, then motorcycles, and then, finally, the pack of cyclists. Until yesterday I thought those skin-tight, brightly colored cycling jerseys looked idiotic but watching them whiz by in a rainbow pack (actually, most of the colors seem to be outside the traditional rainbow assortment) was dazzling.

After the race I was reluctant to get into the subway, sure to be packed, so walked the 1-1/4 hour home. A beautiful evening.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous alma said...

I do not understand the Tour de France.... It's a team sport, but only one guy gets the credit? And if they ride as a team, doesn't that mean that everyone on that team is just as fast as the guy who gets the trophy? I don't get it. But cycling is fun and I bet it was exciting to watch them whizzing by like that!


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