Friday, June 09, 2006

A good joke.

A rabbi and a priest are traveling together. The priest says to the rabbi, "I have a question to ask you. Why is it that everybody thinks Jews are smarter than Gentiles?"

The rabbi, who is not up for an argument, says, "I'm sorry, but I am just a simple rabbi and I'm not really able to participate in such a discussion."

But the priest insists. "Look, no harm meant rabbi, but I have a theory and I need to test it out in the form of a bet. I'll pay you $100 if you can ask me a question that I can't answer. But if I can ask you a question that you can't answer, you must pay me $100."

The rabbi replies, "But I'm a poor rabbi - I only have $10 on me."

The priest hesitates then says, "OK, rabbi, it's my $100 against your $10."

The rabbi realizes he can't get out of this so he agrees, but on condition that he asks the first question. The priest agrees.

"OK," says the rabbi, "what animal has scaly skin, the body of a cat, the face of a squirrel, the ears of a mouse, webbed toes and swims under water?"

Surprised, the priest admits that he doesn't know and asks the rabbi for a few more minutes to think about it. The rabbi agrees.

Two minutes later, the priest takes $100 from his wallet and gives it to the rabbi.

The priest then asks the rabbi, "So what animal was it?"

The rabbi replies, "How should I know?" and gives the priest $10.

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