Thursday, May 04, 2006

A quick note from Seattle

Melinama here, with a word of wisdom for those seeking to hike in the Cascades in early May: the guidebooks do not mention that one will find 6 feet of snow on the road to the trailhead, not to mention on all the trails. This is soft snow and one will make extremely deep footprints. One's sneakers will get very wet.

Melina and I are having a riotous time text messaging each other. She has informed me that from now on she intends to chronicle her life (or perhaps actually live it) in telenovela fashion. I pointed out to her that one single borracho is not going to get her in the league - at the very least, there must be a kidnapping, a poisoning, and/or an illegitimate baby (possibly switched at birth).

She says I'm not going my part, as I am not crying, "Hija, mi hija" frequently enough. I says, if you start to hang out with los borrachos you'll start to hear me sob ...


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